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1770 1st St, Livermore, USA

Tastey food at a reasonable price

18 Mar 2013

Casbah is located in a fairly touristy area a bit outside of San Francisco. The menu was clearly marked with a separate vegetarian section. Vegan & gluten free items are clearly marked with great variety.

The food is medeteratian with all of the flavors you would expect. The menu specifically says no msg and no preservatives. Given the light flavors of the veggies, I don't doubt it!

It was a random Sunday evening and they had a really talented guitar player sitting in the corner playing quietly during the dinner hour. Great atmosphere

Definitely worth going off the beaten path to try.

1775 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, USA

Good variety of vegan options - try the root beer

29 Jan 2013

The food options were of great variety, including sandwiches, salad, moroccan bowls, desert, etc. Very reasonable cost. The outside dining area is really nice. It was about 50 degrees in January and they had heaters going to make it nice and comfortable.

It is in a bit of an odd place. It's not visible from the street. It's in a strip mall, but you actually have to go through a walk way and to the right, behind the strip mall to find the seating area. Once we found it, though, the food was really good. The deserts were particularly yummy.

My main thing would be that the menu is almost completely full of meat substitutes. It would be nice to have just straight up vegan food - veggies all the way!

2928 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, USA

tasty soul food at a decent price

29 Jan 2013

Really great food, fabulous people! If you're a first timer, ask to try a sample plate before you order. There's a juice bar, sandwiches, and sides. I have been here a half dozen times and have literally never eaten anything I didn't like.

Downsides -
It's on a really busy street and beware the parking! We ended up on the street surrounded by the broken glass of previous parkers.

Also, the sandwiches and meals are actually really average in cost, but the sides are kind of costly if you have to buy lots. Sadly, they're also so yummy you'll want some of each!

6144 Delmar Blvd, St Louis, USA

Really yummy vegan pizza

28 Aug 2012

The food was really good and the staff weren't thrown by vegan options at all (they were also all really nice). They have a separate menu for "meatless Mondays" where all the pizza & sides options are meat-free (meat still available). Vegan options are also available all week.

The pizza was really, really good. I wasn't excited about any of the pre-made vegan pizza options, so I did a build-your-own. It turned out really tasty, but at $12 for a small (more like a medium from somewhere else) and then $1.50 for the Daiya cheese and $1.50 per topping (large is $16, then $2 each), it can add up really fast.

I will say, they put a lot of each topping on, so you'd probably be good stopping at 3 or 4, which would make it pretty reasonable. They're all high-quality ingrediants, so the pizza is very high quality.

The only vegan dough they have is the thin crust, but the waitress did say that if you gave them a few hours' warning (like 6), they could do a deep-dish vegan pizza, they just don't keep it on hand.

If you do stop by, I'd also recommend the local root beer. Fitz's (I think....)

307 Belt Ave, St Louis, USA

Really great food & classes too!

28 Aug 2012

I was traveling through St Louis and went there based on Happy Cow's ratings. The downside is that they're closed on Mondays, which was the only day I was in town. The upside is that they are closed on Monday in order to offer raw food classes!

Monica was nice enough to let me crash one of her classes. The food was delicious! It was a four-course meal, made with instruction & some class participation (this was the intro to raw, so I don't know if there's more hands-on in the advanced class.

We enjoyed a ginger carrot soup, spiral-cut zukes with marinara (my favorite the dishes!), a non-rice "fried rice", and a cacao desert ball thingie.

Not only was the food good, but she goes over basic ingredents of raw meals & a lot of suggestions on where to get those ingrediants, as well as how to handle them. There was a list of a ton of other, more advanced, classes, if any one actually lives in the area.

Oh, and did I mention the nice people? The whole class was really pleasant & welcoming. Monica let me join an already full class less than two hours before it started! And she directed me to some other local places ihould try out next tme I visit.

For any one travelling, I will warn you that my GPS seemed to take me on a tour through post-apocalyptic St Louis before getting me to the really nice neighborhood where PuraVegan is located.

The two-hour class was very reasonably priced & the menu I saw seemed pretty reasonable for raw veggies.

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