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Hollo utca 12-14, Gozsdu Udvar, Budapest, Hungary

Good smoothies, shame about the salad bar...

01 May 2012

This place is a little tricky to find (it's located next to a Holme's Place gym and so doesn't really stand out). There is a wide selection of smoothies/juices and these can be made with soy milk (which at the time of our visit was Alpro) upon request. The creamy banana one was particularly good. Initially I liked the sound of the salad (you choose your ingredients and they toss it for you) but decided against it as it looked far from fresh and no effort had been made to store veggie stuff separately from the meat/dairy ingredients. I ended up having the muesli, which annoyingly was served with room-temp soy milk! Being located in a gym, the atmosphere is a little strange but on the plus side, the staff spoke good English.

Garibaldi str 5., Budapest, Hungary

Great food, great service

01 May 2012

It's easy to miss this place as it's located down some steps on a quiet street near the Parliament. However, it's a gem once you're in there. The man who served us was very friendly and recommended us the mixed plate, which was basically an arrangement of different salad dishes accompanied by some unusual but tasty seed crackers. We were advised to eat slowly and chew a lot and we obediently followed the instructions, finding that we were fuller for longer afterwards. The smoothies were very good and the cakes were very creative. Given a better location, this place would probably be a lot busier. Definitely recommended!

Iskola Utca 31, Budapest, Hungary

Food should be served hot!

01 May 2012

The building itself is quite pretty and the outside seating area is particular good in nice weather, especially for enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of (fairly decent) cake. The concept is straightforward: you take a tray and fill it with what you want and pay at the end. The portion sizes are generous and the prices cheap. On the day we went, the hot dishes were dhal, mushroom stew, spag bol and soup. Though the food was tasty, unfortunately I couldn't help but feeling that it had been artificially thickened with something. On top of that, despite the food being kept warm, it was not piping hot. I suspected that the food had been sat there all day as the place was pretty quiet. This place has the potential to be something great but unfortunately it's more food for fuel than anything else.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 01, 2012

8. Budapest, Bérkocsis u. 23., Budapest, Hungary

Possibly no longer serving food?

01 May 2012

This place is a little difficult to find so look for the white sign with the black cat. Unfortunately the day we went we were told there was no kitchen that day, so it's probably best to ring ahead rather than waste precious exploring time!

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

Vegan food in a cosy atmosphere

01 May 2012

We ate here twice during our stay in Budapest. The first time we went, we ordered two soups and the mixed platter for two. The soups were quite good, especially the bean goulash and also very reasonably priced at only 550 HUF (less than €2) for a small cup. The mixed platter (3800 HUF) featured grilled seitan steaks, falafel, deep-fried vegetable pancakes, fried non-dairy cheese along with (fried) mashed potatoes, braised red cabbage, rice and peas and a creamy garlic sauce. On the plus side, the portions were very generous and the platter could easily have fed 3 people. However, I couldn't help but feeling that it was very fatty/oily (and possibly also a lot of it had come from the freezer, but I can't be sure of this).

The drinks were interesting: I drank a homemade ginger drink and my husband had a freshly-pressed apple juice, which was very tasty. We also took two slices of cake away for breakfast the next morning and they were quite good, if perhaps a little unimaginative.

The second time, we were determined to order something that sounded a little less fatty so I went with the "paprika eggplant stew with cous cous" and my husband had the spag bol, which were both very reasonably priced and generously portioned. I wasn't that impressed by the quality of the food but I suppose at 1300 HUF and 1800 HUF for our dishes, we really couldn't complain. One thing I would say about the place is that the atmosphere is very relaxed and there seem to be quite a few regulars who frequent the place. Also, you can purchase dairy-free milks here along with some other vegan products like biscuits etc. The self-service salad bar also looked quite fresh and was priced at only 600 HUF for a small bowl.

Overall, the place is worth a visit - even if just for the comfort of knowing that what you order is vegan - but don't expect gourmet food.

Kertesz Utca 39, Budapest, Hungary

Good hummus, disappointing falafel...

01 May 2012

We went to this place around 9:30 on a Saturday evening and were surprised to find it rather dead. However, this didn't put us off as the man working there was very friendly. The hummus was very good and the salad was a bit more interesting than the usual lettuce and cucumber arrangement. The falafel were a bit disappointing (it seemed that they were made largely of breadcrumbs as opposed to chickpeas) and the bread was average, but overall we were pleased we found this place. The leftovers made for a great lunch the next day :-) P.S. Beware of the mint tea: it's VERY sweet!

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