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706 Main St, Houston, USA


19 Sep 2011

If you are ever in the Downtown Houston area and you:

a.) Want to impress a romantic interest
b.) Want to entertain potential business partners and clients by showing off

Then Korma Sutra just might be the place for you.

Honestly speaking, the pricing for Indian spiced lentils (Dal), chickpeas (chana), veggies (korma), and breads (Naan and Puri), is a bit far-fetched for the meager portions they give for lunch. (This is actually coming from someone that believes in portion control.)

In my Vegetarian days, (now Vegan)I was a regular there that would pay an average of $55.00 USD for their a la carte lunch items but the issue is THE PORTIONS THAT I WAS PAYING ALL THIS MONEY FOR WOULDN'T FILL UP A CHILD! With Downtown Houston having meager Veg-friendly options, I would bite the bullet and pay the price because it was located close enough to where I was working.

For example, my business partner and I would order 1 Dal Mahkni ($12) 1 Veggie Korma ($17) 2 Onion Bhajis ($8 each) and 2 Iced teas totaling up to about ($55.00) not including the tip for lunch. Paying the $55.00 would have been fine if our food wasn't the portion of a kids meal, and I'm not exaggerating! By the way, don't forget to factor in that you pay $12 for parking downtown even if it's just for ten minutes, so add that in too!

I would order about thirty minutes prior and would still have to wait at least 15 minutes after I got there even though they weren't that busy sometimes.

The prices for meat eaters is fair because they do sell quality meats for omnivores,but maybe they should rethink the pricing or portions on their veggie items.

Don't get me wrong, the owners are nice and put a lot of thought into their menu and have a wonderful ambience going on, hence, this place is ideal for marriage proposals, Valentine's Day dinner, Wedding anniversaries, and entertaining business affiliates. It's the kind of place you go when you want to go all out.

I hear that they now serve a lunch buffet, maybe the pricing for this is better.

In summary, give them a try, but make sure it's payday! ;)
Updated from previous review on Sunday September 18, 2011
Updated from previous review on Sunday September 18, 2011

3910 Kirby Dr Ste130, Houston, USA


31 Aug 2011

If you are in the mood for some flavorful Samosas, Poori, and delicious Chana Masala then this is the place to go (AFTER LUNCH HOURS)if you don't mind a little grease.

Ironically, the lunch buffet is a bit lukewarm. The lentils on the lunch buffet are soupy and reminiscent of an elderly home. I guess the cooks are told to tone down the flavor and spice for the daily American lunch crowd, but I find this to be a mistake. Another issue is, they don't sell off the menu items during lunch hours. 8(

So if you are in the mood for an interesting, spicy dinner, give them a try, otherwise, I'd steer clear of the lunch buffet.

The dinner menu is it's saving grace, so I'll go ahead and give Madras Pavilion 4 stars.

11209 Bellaire Blvd C27, Houston, USA


08 Feb 2012

Every now and ,when I'm on the Beltway 8 side of town, I like to stop by this place to pick up some vegan egg rolls. I also reccommend the rice, but the veggie ham can be a bit overwhelming, not to worry, I'm sure that if you specify, they will hold back on this ingredient a bit.

I prefer to pick up my food to go, because I think that improvement is needed in the area of friendly customer service and they could be more aware of wiping food and sauces off of their menus, which can be an edible turnoff for me, but I would say that the place is clean enough to eat, so don't let me deter you.

The spring rolls are well worth the visit.

507 Westheimer Rd, Houston, USA


08 Feb 2012

I absolutely love the vibe of this restaurant. When I first went, it was love at first bite as I sunk my teeth into the jalapeno poppers, and pupusas.

More than anything, I look forward to the Aguafrescas drinks that consists of natural fruit juices such as Prickly Pear juice and Hibiscus to name a few.

The folks here are very helpful, and I can appreciate the fact that they do not use any mock veggie meats for their mexican dishes, but use natural vegetables such as mushrooms instead. The food is also not over-seasoned, which is good for those trying to limit spices and excess salt.

This is an excellent place for people that are dating and want to go somewhere simple, yet eclectic.

4010 Bissonnet St, Houston, USA


08 Feb 2012

Houston does not have any REAL vegan options for pizza currently. I mean, you can order pizza with no cheese and add your fav veggies, but Zpizza is the only establishment that actually offers DAIYA VEGAN CHEESE, which I will forever be grateful for.

But on the other hand, I'm not sure if I will be returning because I watched them prepare my vegan pizza and slice it with the same slicer they use for pork pepperoni and sauasge pizzas. Call me ocd, but I have a BIG problem with my vegan pizza being prepared so close to pork products.

When I inquired, they said that they wipe the blade before slicing into vegan pizzas, but would it really hurt to get a seperate blade for veggie pizzas?

Overall, if my options were super slim, and I could not eat a homecooked meal, I would go back if I were desperate for the closest thing to a vegan meal. The people are friendly, but the pork and meat products are too close for comfort to me.

For taste, I would give them four stars, especially since they are the only ones that currently sell vegan cheese pizza in Houston. (besides Whole Foods).

2320 W Alabama, Houston, USA


24 Aug 2011

As a veteran diner at Field of Greens, I must say that it's a clean, quiet, and peaceful place to dine in the inner loop area.

I suggest the Gluten free "Vegan Green Pasta", not necessarily because it's gluten free, but because of it's insanely delicious vegan pesto sauce!

If you don't mind soy, the Eden Burger is a delicious option which has a delicious soy protein patty encrusted with a buttery basil crust.(though you have to ask for extra sauces if you want them, they tend to be a little stingy on that).

I hope that this establishment become more conscious of hidden animal products in the hand soap they use in the restroom.

The owner is not the most personable host in the world, but she grows on you eventually.

Overall, I suggest Field of Greens as a clean, convenient veggie friendly dining spot in the inner loop of Houston next to a wonderful organic tea conoisseur cafe called Path of Tea.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday August 23, 2011

4320 Almeda Rd, Houston, USA


14 Sep 2012

The food at Green Seed Vegan is superb! I could eat the Cali, Caulifower Nuggets, Latini "Panini" on the raw collard wrap, and Not-Yo Salad for five days a week consecutively! (The panini bread is pleasant also for those that don 't mind bread.

This food is guilt free munching at it's best!

The beverages are out of this world, especially the Coco Chai, and the folks are friendly and helpful.

Overall, Green Seed Vegan is definitely on my Happy Cow favorites list!

Updated from previous review on Tuesday August 23, 2011
Updated from previous review on Tuesday August 23, 2011

412 W Clay St, Houston, USA


08 Dec 2011

As a Vegan, I haven't gotten to the point that I have made raw food an "all of the time" priority, but I must say that when I'm in the mood for good raw snacks and a light healthy lunch, then Pat Greer's Kitchen is one of those places that I look forward to stopping by.

I look forward to picking up some of the delicious raw Pecan pie, raw cheeze-cake, the "Gee-its" (Raw vegan Cheese-its), along with many other little chips, cookies, and raw goodies. Tis food makes for excellent sncak food though there are entree selections.

The staff at Pat Greer's are very friendly and helpful, allowing customers to sample certain items. Though this place is not a sit down restaurant, I highly suggest that Veg-food lovers and health nuts stop by and give their food a try.

3821 Richmond Ave, Houston, USA


24 Aug 2011

The Pepper Tree lunch buffet has selections pleasing to the tastebuds such as the veggie nuggets, spring rolls, and the General Joe's dish, which deviates from most traditional vegetarian General Joe dishes, yet manages to still taste delightful.

The owners are warm and appreciative of their regulars, and their prices are fair if you stick to the buffet.

Though lunchtime is the best time to go, finding a parking spot in the business strip the restaurant is located can be a headache! I suggest trying to get there around 11:00 am or after the peak hours of lunch around 1:00 pm. Sometimes I forget that they are closed on Mondays, which can be irritating.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday August 23, 2011

9108 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, USA


24 Aug 2011

When I made the decision to not eat at Asian restaurants that fries foods in the same grease as their pork, shrimp, and chicken items, (such as General Joes, Sweet and Sour, Spring rolls and Tempura) Pine Forest became my go to place after that.

Many people don't know it, but many so-called veggie friendly Asian resaturants use Oyster sauce and MSG as a flavoring, but Pine Forest has remained true in keeping the food Veggie friendly and delicious.

The owner, whom is also one of the head chefs is a sweetheart that has been so accommodating and helpful to me and my dining guest, that he will tweak and alter certain dishes for regular customers by request! He also stops by to say hello if he's not not too busy.

I was late picking up an order close to closing hour once, and he stayed right there and waited patiently and told me no worries! (Though I wouldn't push it. lol)

I suggest the mock Sesame Chicken, mock Kung Pao Chicken, and the lunch buffet to name a few.

Make sure to ask which items have whey, and which ones don't if it matters.

The mock meats are so good, I have found myself asking the servers "Are you sure this isn't meat?!"

Updated from previous review on Tuesday August 23, 2011

10480 Main St, Houston, USA


24 Aug 2011

I am very glad to have found The Garden Kitchen! It's cozy and pretty on the inside.

Though it isn't an array of vegan comfort food, these raw treats are delicious with interesting blue green algae concoctions for optimal health to take home with you.

If you have kiddos with you that are used to A standard kid menu type OF food, whom aren't use to vegan, or raw foods, I suggest you visit this place on your own time.

The food is a delicious acquired taste for the mature palate.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday August 23, 2011

Houston area, Houston, USA


10 Oct 2011

I've been on this planet for 30 years so far, and as an 80's kid that has tasted so many omnivore and veggie ice creams alike, I must that Vegan Cafe's ice cream is not just Vegan, but it beats out Blue bell, Mc Donald's, and other brand in taste! I kid you not! (but this is my opinion).

Vegan Cafe's Ice Cream is a cross between a swirly frozen yogurt kind of ice cream, and that stiff scoop of goodness you would get from somewhere like Baskin and Robbins and Marble Slab.

I must say that as a Vegan, I still love my So Delicious and Turtle Mountain, but Vegan Cafe's Ice cream has become my first love in Ice Cream!

Might I also add that Vegan Cafe's Veggie Burgers and Chicken patty burgers are delectable!! I love to bite into these flavorful burgers and warm veganaise and mustard just ooze out at you, which is just pure love in my mouth.

I always get my food to go, because there is a lot going on within the community center, but this food is well worth the pick up!

By the way, their chocolate cake is out of this world! the only thing is, they don't have everyday, which is probably good for my waistline! :)

5959 Hillcroft St, Houston, USA


20 Oct 2011

First of all, I'll admit that the vegan friendly selections on the buffet are delicious! I absolutely enjoyed the dosa, fried bread and a green bean dish that they have on their buffet (I don't remember the Indian name for these dishes though). But my initial enjoyment of the food is as far as it goes.

I really regret that I made a second trip to the buffet table to grab a little more of the green bean dish! As I was standing there waiting for someone in front of me to get their helpings of the buffet, a friendly little roach just politely sauntered to the edge of the serving pans of food (but not going in the food itself. I don't think..)

Though I tried to point out the little critter with as much discretion as possible to the apologetic server, mostly everyone in the line saw it! I just went back to my seat empty handed, not able to bring myself to get anything else.

I thought to myself "Okay, self..you're from the hood, it's not like you haven't seen a roach in a kitchen before".. So I talked myself into finishing the little morsels I had left on my plate that I had before. As I was finishing up that food, I picked up my fork only to detect a hair that was slightly thicker than any human hair, more like an antennae. Yikes! a roach antennae! I paid the tab (against my friend's wishes) and walked out never to go in this place again.

To each his own, so if you don't mind a little roach essence in your food, it's worth a try. (shrug)..
Updated from previous review on Thursday October 20, 2011

2955 Kirby Dr, Houston, USA


31 Aug 2011

Whole Foods Kirby is the best location in Houston. This Houston Whole Foods location has all the veggie friendly options and personal care products one could dream of, situated in comfortably within the inner loop of Houston just a few minutes from the Galleria (depending on traffic.) ;)

BE ADVISED: This Whole Foods is so popular, that the Cheddar Daiya Vegan Cheese goes fast, so don't wait until closing time or the weekend if this item is on your list because it's almost a needle in a haystack to find at other grocery stores in Houston besides the other local Whole Foods Markets.

701 Waugh Dr, Houston, USA


24 Aug 2011

This Whole Foods looks nice, but needs to step it up on the product availability! There are many Vegan items not available that can only be found at the Whole Foods on Kirby.

As far as other items besides food, this Whole Foods has yet to sell Seventh Generation feminine care products and certain vitamins that are a must have in a Whole Foods store.

The electric car accomodation is quite impressive.

This Whole Foods isn't a year old yet, so I'm sure they'll get it together. It's very nice on the inside.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday August 23, 2011

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