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117, rue de la Tour Jacob, Luxembourg

Incredibly good vegan restaurant!

17 Apr 2009

The only true vegetarian and vegan place in Luxembourg. Not to be missed under any circumstances. There's only one menu in the evening, but it is a cluinary experience! I've never tasted anything similar anywhere else and it is amazing to see how the chef mixes tastes to create original dishes. The place is small and colourful with the friendliest staff you could imagine. Amazing!!

Admiraal de Ruijterweg 331, Amsterdam, Netherlands

UFO restaurant for aliens

17 Apr 2009

This place is brilliant and one of my favourite restaurant in Amsterdam. The food is basic but good and you get some nice wines. They have a long menu card, but they usually only serve what is marked on the blackboard next to the bar, where you also need to go to order your food. Customers are very varied and it's a good place to go even alone, as you are very much left alone and you can just hang around, read a book or anything that lies around.
The place is very special and you can't compare it with any other restaurant.

Utrechtsestraat 126, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great place !

17 Apr 2009

I will always eat at the Golden Temple when I'm in Amsterdam. Brilliant athmosphere, nice people (both staff and customers) and good food. You can choose exactly the food you like and mix it as you want. The "esoteric" side of it all is not "too much" and it always fun to see some excentric people around. Fruit and tea drinks are excellent too.
Really a great place with very good food.

Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm, Sweden

Great location

20 Aug 2009

The location of the restaurant is already worth a visit: up on the hill you get a complete view of the harbour and the city. And you can hang out in a garden. The food is a buffet with many, many mediterranean-like dishes: olives, beans, many sauces, etc. Not exactly my personal favourite food and nothing very special either. The place is very busy and it is quite expensive. You feel that it is a very professionaly run restaurant and that it is a vegetarian business.

Stora Nygatan 11, Stockholm, Sweden

Nice buffet

20 Aug 2009

A nice small place with a 100% vegetarian buffet. Nothing very special, but it all tasted good and it was very relaxed. The location in the heart of the old town makes it a good place for a quick break.

Sveavägen 105, Stockholm, Sweden

Self made Tofu!

20 Aug 2009

The selection of self made Tofu alone makes it worth to visit this restaurant. The food is very pure and simple but it is fresh and the Tofu is excellent. It also has to be one of the most friendly staff I've met.

Luntmakargatan 74, Stockholm, Sweden

Chinese vegetarian!

20 Aug 2009

It's great to find a chinese vegetarian restaurant! They have a very good choice of meals, which are quite traditional chinese meals but without meat and a lot of mushrooms. The wine card is also excellent.
The interior design is modern and not like a traditional chinese restaurant. It's quite small and you should go there early.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

Weird atmosphere

17 Apr 2009

Something about this place doesn't feel right. The food was ok, although it only served food based on meat-dish-ideas, nothing highly original. But the guy (owner?) behind the bar must have been the most unfriendly person running a restaurant in the world. No hello, no goodbye. He looked as if all his customers were going on his nerves. The other staff was very friendly though. Decoration is quite awful too and so was the music. The wine we ordered as 50cl definetely was not the correct wine. Sancerre has taste.
This all made for an unpleasant athmosphere and we were happy to leave.

11 rue du St. Esprit, Luxembourg

Much too trendy place

17 Apr 2009

This is an overrated restaurant, which is mostly serving fish-based food or salads, in no interesting variations. The food quality is good: fresh and tasty. But it all seems not very authentic and feels like they use the vegetarian "trendyness" to attract yuppies. Customers are mostly rich people who can afford the food and who can claim that they are so vegetarian and so hip. Just a fake "place to be" in Luxembourg for those who need to be seen. They leave the cow but they eat the fish, nothing vegetarian about that. Many other places offer that kind of food without claiming to be "vegetarian". I don't like that attitude.

Luntmakargatan 98, Stockholm, Sweden

Great different tasting asian food!

20 Aug 2009

The many vegetarian meals on the menu allow you to discover a whole new taste in asian cuisine. The sauces were very tasteful and special and the food was very well presented. The restaurant looks a bit dark and "traditional", but you forget about this once you start eating. The door to the kitchen is open and you can see inside from the bar.
A very good experience!

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