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330 E 7th St, Tucson, USA

A wonderful new vegan option right off of 4th Ave.

11 Jan 2014

This food is fresh! I was able to get a delicious vegan meal without concern. Chef has a wonderful attitude about food. She has relationships with farmers and gets the food directly from them. There's much to boast about. I'm excited about this place and wishing them the best!

611 S 7th Street, Philadelphia, USA

Amazing meal

29 Aug 2009

Loved our meal. A true chef at the helm. Far exceeded my expectations. We savored every bite. Spendy, but well worth it. They wouldn't let us bring in our outside drinks from the cafe who recommended us. Otherwise, great service.

338 George St, New Brunswick, USA

Ask questions

25 Mar 2010

We ate there last night. It is terrific. Many of the vegetarian dishes have butter. Please ask about each one if you're trying to order vegan. The collard greens were vegan and the best I've had. I highly recommend it, but please be aware there are only a few vegan items.

89 Morris St, New Brunswick, USA

Yummy smoothie

25 Mar 2010

We found Namaste on Happy Cow. We had this amazing smoothie called the Peanut Butter Bomb. So delicious. We drove quite a way to this vegan place and we were not disappointed. Loved the environment. Visiting with the owner was worth the price of admission.

633 Lake Ave, Asbury Park, USA

Vegan Options Galore

29 Jun 2010

I needed to find vegan food at the beach last weekend. I called a store that sold vegan items and they recommended this place. The menu for me was extensive. Vegan meatballs and sausage. Even vegan "chicken" parm. I loved having soy cheese and whole wheat crust. This place gave us the whole pizza experience without the grease.

1007 SE Third St, Corvallis, USA

Great Co-Op

19 Sep 2008

When you come to a new town, it's easy to assume that their co-op could not possibly live up to the one back home. First Alternative has surpassed all expectations. First Alternative has terrific fruit. The hot food bar consistently has vegan entrees. It's a great place to go when you're too tired to cook and don't feel like being at a restaurant.

318 State St, Madison, USA

Finally good Vegan

02 Sep 2012

We really wanted good vegan food and we had worked our way through many over-raved Madison places only to find the meal of our dreams over there on State Street. We'd read warnings about the high prices so we stuck to the simple Tarkari dishes. They let us have a half and half option of the specials of the day, so we had our rice and two different tastes. It really hit the spot. We will be back.

1563 Monroe St, Corvallis, USA

Hippest cafe in town

19 Sep 2008

I love Interzone. They make delicious vegan treats, particularly their vegan coffee cake. The coffee is yummy. They've hired only the nicest people. They go out of their way to give good service even if they see you everyday. I love this place!

3 Beach St, Boston, USA

I gave it a second shot

31 Oct 2013

So, my first trip to Boston I tried this place. I don't remember the meal. I liked something. I didn't like something else, but I was back here today and thought that My Thai, a dedicated vegan place, deserved a dedicated vegan. Indeed, the menu is overwhelming. I had read online it was hard to get veggies there. When I got my meal, nothing could have been further from the truth. My Red Curry half-chicken had tons of veggies. Loved the half-chicken. I'm so glad I gave the restaurant another try.

3408 N Clark St, Chicago, USA

Vegan Tofu Benedict!

19 Feb 2011

Whether it's been a glorious day or a bad one, I always feel at home at Pick Me Up Cafe. They go out of their way to make my vegan heart happy. The Vegan Tofu Benedict makes a delicious meal anytime of the day. We eat here multiple times a week and we live in Evanston. The other day my husband asked me where we should eat dinner and I said, "Let's just go home." He drive straight to Pick Me Up because he knew what I meant.

3109 N Halsted, Chicago, USA

I love this place!

16 Jul 2012

I eat here all the time. I didn't try it for the longest time because I thought it was just a juice bar. Turns out, they have a huge vegan menu. They have delicious tamales and enchiladas. They are very good about telling me what is vegan and what is vegetarian. They always have a couple of baked goods--always delish. They have wonderful nuts, seeds, crackers, to go items. Honestly, they have thought of everything. I always feel right at home at this place. I've introduced friends. They now go multiple times a week. In fact, if I don't go for a week, I get cranky. Give it a try. This is a vegetarian restaurant. The tuna the other reviewer saw was mock tuna. Please let this place get the credit they deserve.

2660 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, USA

Great place!

20 Nov 2009

I used to live in Japan, so I am picky about my Japanese good. As a vegan, I find it to be one of the easiest places to order in Tucson. Sometimes I just go for the seaweed salad and the veggie gyoza off the happy hour menu. My favorite is the udon soup with lots of veggies. The ginger-tofu is super yummy, and the bento boxes have a lot of variety and flavors. The good is always fresh. i love this place.

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