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588 Bloor St W, Toronto, Canada

The taste of sweet justice.

10 Apr 2011

99% of chocolate is made in a messed up web of oppression and exploitation. Boardwalk Chocolates represents the 1% that actually care enough to tackle those issues. It just so happens that the end product is also PRETTY AMAZING. I could eat 1,000 Mug of Cocao truffles a day. Unreal.

206 Richmond Street, Unit 9, Thorold, Canada


03 Jan 2009

You will have to ask servers for vegan options and it might be smart to call ahead, but they will veganize a bunch of stuff and more importantly make the best Vegan pizza I have ever tasted. Seriously.

478 Queen St W, Toronto, Canada

Good but not the BEST.

12 Oct 2008

Unlike the experience of others, my girlfriend and I actually received pretty good service. Our server was friendly, quick to refill water and our wattress was even flexible with the dessert menu (I wanted a dessert sans alcohol and they only really prepare one dessert a day). The bathroom, however, which has also gotten a lot of attention, is pathetic for a place like this. Out of soap, out of paper towels, etc. (Sorry vegan germaphobes!) The food, three dishes, the rawzagna, tart pizza and asparagus were all GOOD but not GREAT. The modified dessert they made for us was the highlight and despite others gripes about price we managed three plates and a dessert for a pretty reasonable 36 dollars. Drink water people, it is good for you! Hahah. Overall I would rate my experience a 3.8. There are a lot of other vegan places I will be checking out next time I am in Toronto before I am back at Fressen. Oh, and Fressen can you please put some signs out like "seat yourself" or "wait to be seated" as well as "washrooms" instead of just a blank door. Confusing for first time visitors!

120 St Paul St, St Catharines, Canada

Great and downtown

05 Aug 2008

I have been to Pan twice now, first time I got the ratatouille and the last time the scrambled tofu. Both were great. Cook and servers are extremely nice and friendly and the atmosphere is very nice with tons of brochures and pamphlets about happenings in the local area. I would recommend it to anyone, I have taken my vegetarian g/f and an meat eating friend and they enjoyed it as well. The menu could use a little more inspiration, but that is just being picky.

588 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Canada

Vegan Mecca

26 Jul 2009

There is a ridiculous amount of stuff that I just cannot get anywhere else, Teese Cheese, Sweet and Sarah Marshmellows, Tofutti Cutie Cheese Slices, Parma! Out of Print Herbivore Magazines, Nasoy Creamy Italian Dressing, and on and on. Some prices are high on specialty items, but that is because of shipping (Teese has to be freezer shipped, etc). Also, one time I went in and was asked how much they charged for Almond Breeze where I lived and it was 50 cents cheaper and they price matched. Add to the fact that everything in the shop is VEGAN, eco + labour friendly and that the owner is a super cool AR activist who has been busting his balls in the Toronto area for a long time. Panacea is awesome. [edited-see tos] happy meat health food stores and big box anti-union grocery pits!!!!!!

12 Lock St, St Catharines, Canada

Variety is ....

21 Sep 2008

Been twice, once for lunch and once for supper, had the vegan medley, pepper pizza, fried veggies, vegan caesar salad and more. All of the food was amazing and I thought the portion sizes/originality of the menu made the prices legitimate. Service is a little lacking though. Spice of Life easily has the most Vegan options of any restaurant I have been to in the Niagara Region. Going is a must.

19 King Street, St Catharines, Canada

Sandwiches and...

21 Sep 2008

not much else. The atmosphere, local events, arts are all great and the people are always friendly, however for vegans there really are only a few sandwich options on the menu. It seems strange that as progressive as the cafe is they don't have more vegan options on the menu.

249 St. Paul Street, St Catharines, Canada

Nice staff and gigantic portions

05 Aug 2008

I ordered a mixed plate of tabuleh, zahtar and fallafels as well as some pilaf. All were delicious, but so massive I had to take most of it home. I will definitely be going back. Prices were fair considering portion size. They could do a bit more with the atmosphere in the restaurant, but if that sort of thing doesn't really bother you (I could care less) then you shouldn't have any problems.

22 Carden St, Guelph, Canada

Moving to Guelph because of this restuarant.

06 Aug 2008

Its most likely true. Of course Guelph is also a great town. My g/f got the refried bean taco's and I got the pizza. Both were amazing. Followed up with smoothies, and cheesecake and chocolate deserts. This place is so amazing it is beyond words. We also hit up the WOW Cafe table at Hillside Music Festival numerous times throughout our weekend in Guelph. Anyone who reads this should immediately shut off their computer and drive STRAIGHT to this place and eat. You won't regret it. Oh and I did mention the staff are the coolest people in the world. Of course the price is a bit high, you are eating the BEST food in the ENTIRE world!

4031 Fairview St, Unit 103, Burlington, Canada

Wild Seed!

20 Feb 2010

I love Happy Cow. I had to run to Ikea in Burlington today and even though I have searched for places to eat in Burlington before and found nothing, today I noticed a new raw vegan restaurant listed called Wild Seed.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I had eaten half of the menu and had great conversations with the owners, brothers Pete and George, about everything from veganism, to music, to the challenges of opening a small business and where to find a accordion style locking door. Some of my favorite meals have been at raw restaurants, W.O.W. in Guelph comes to mind, but this is legitimately the first time I have walked away from a raw restaurant not only satisfied with the food and the service, but I was also FULL!!! That is no small feat! Another relief was the affordability of all the food. For the most part you get what you pay for at a raw restaurant, but even the high end at Wild Seed is $12.50, and believe me you get a full serving! Even though I had a perfect restaurant experience, I would hesitate to call the restaurant perfect, if only because of all the great ideas that Peter has in his head to improve the restaurant ( this makes me excited to go back! ). If you aren't sold yet, picture the largest bowl of delicious live nacho's you have ever seen and a slice of raw chocolate cheesecake that will make you entirely forget you are eating food that is actually good for you!


399 John St, Burlington, Canada


27 Aug 2010

Hands down you will never frequent another vegan business that is more welcoming and friendly than Kindfood. Everyone is so helpful and genuinely interested in the community. This place is fantastic, seriously try everything on the menu (I am close to completing that goal!) So many great hard to find items and so close to Niagara. I love this store.

526 Welland Avenue, St Catharines, Canada


21 Sep 2010

I would urge everyone to refuse to shop here until they pull shark cartilage from their shelves. They are selling the product made up from threatened and endangered species. This is unacceptable.

208 Church St, St Catharines, Canada

Decent thai with no mystery

05 Aug 2008

They advertise that they do not use msg and are very veg friendly. I have ordered the vegan pad thai and vegan panaeng curry. Both were good, but not amazing. I definitely appreciate their willingness to veganize meals and their openness. Its the only thai place in town that I currently have any faith in. Both orders were for take out, I am not entirely sure how well I would rate eating in the restaurant. I rated 4 but its more like 3.7. Ha.

191 Welland Ave, St Catharines, Canada


05 Aug 2008

So far in my travels The Peanut Mill is the ONLY place to get just tempeh (not burgers) in st. catharines. Which means its pretty awesome in my books! The local organic produce section, although small, is also something that I appreciate. Tofutti sour cream is key as well along with Endangered Species chocolate bars. Trying to think of negatives I can really only say I wish they would stop their current trend of trying to sell organic meat, but thats just because I am a bitter. Oh, and get Peace Cereal already!!! Oh one thing I forgot, I have not purchased anything in bulk their yet, however, I am pretty sure they do do alot of bulk orders for people. So if you are one of those rich/cheap veg people that is prolly pretty exciting for you. Overall though, the Peanut Mill is great.

411 Louth Street, St Catharines, Canada

Some decent products.

05 Aug 2008

When I am doing large grocery shops I usually go here. Decent prizes on staples, beans, tomatoes, etc. and a decent hit or miss product line, Peace Cereal, tons of Soy ice cream, and a good health section. It doesn't match Well! Well! or The Peanut Mill for selection, but its nice to see a large grocery chain with the selection they have. Just don't ever get stuck in line with an item from the health section that will not scan because you will wait for literally an hour before the problem gets solved. Doesn't seem like a lot of people who work there know too much about the items in the health food section.

318 Ontario St, St Catharines, Canada

Sex pills and Vegan treats

05 Aug 2008

I find Well! Well! Well! may have a better selection overall than the Peanut Mill, but the whole overt sex pill advertising shtick gets a little old. Its best to combine a trip to Well! Well! with a trip to Price Chopper, that way you get your staples extra cheap and any thing else you want you can find there. That is prolly your best value in St. Catharines.

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