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175/1 Pham Ngu Lao St, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

If you're desperate and living in the backpackers'

Very disappointing, poor hygiene ( saw a rat in the toilets which apparently is normal in saigon, even in posh places...), very not attractive restaurant, i'm afraid, I sat downstairs, but the upstairs didn't even look that much better...
Marguerita's and an lac chay are the same owner, so same kitchen, same toilets, same rats...
Really don't bother going there, unless you have no choice...

237 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh St, P17, Q Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nice if you're ok with mock meat dishes!

The restaurant is very clean and well decorated, slightly kitsch!
Fake flowers, funny ceiling, nicely put together tables... even the beers are fake, I mean non-alcoholic...There's a shop downstairs selling frozen mock meat...we saw a fish in a package that looked almost like real fish! Amongst tons of onther fake meat.... make sure you real the labels.... it's all made of soy protein, but they add e-colorant and fake things, so make sure you're ok with it first.... not that healthy of course, but every now and then, as a treat, mock meat is ok... just like tofu or quorn... in a way...
We had a nice meal, overall. Rice and fake meat, with morning glory, lemongrass tofu (not that good), wonton soup, and good spring rolls...
Go for it if you want to treat yourself and have something not that healthy in a sense but at least it's a plain veggie restaurant that only cooks veggie, so it's up to you!

26 Le Van Mien, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

nice food, relaxing atmosphere away from city life

Tia to Garden is in the expat world of district 2, thao dien, 15 minutes away from Saigon.
It's in a relaxing environment, with ponds, trees and flowers.
They have an extensive list of vegetarian dishes, spring rolls are very good actually... so try them! Hue cakes are also quite nice...
Their stir fries are generally very saucy, we advise you just simple rice and vegetables such as morning glory which is quite good...
Staff is very nice too, which always helps...
Really if you're in district 2 otherwise don't bother. The food is relatively healthy, but I'm sure there are other places like that in Saigon...
Oh, and they do fresh juices too always say no sugar, as they automatically add it in Ho chi Minh... Had a delicious avocado smoothie in Tia to...

171 B Cong Quynh, District 1, Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ok if you like Mock meat!

The food was ok. I'm not that positive about mock meat generally, but for those who trust it, go for it!
I haven't had the chance to have fresh spring rolls that day as I ate there around 3pm, they have a different menu from 3pm, different one for lunchtime, the menu is a bit confusing, not easy to read, but if you take your time and make it clear that you are deciding to the waiter, as he will stay next to you until you make a decision (slightly pressurising!) unless it's super busy... The food tasted good, overall. Not too much sugar in sauces, which, believe me, is a rare thing in Saigon.... It felt generally healthy eating there...
Careful, if you order a juice though, they add sugar to all drinks in Vietnam, you need to say you do not want sugar in everything... and they added some in Dinh Y, so beware! (why would you add sugar in an orange juice, I ask you?)
Also, you're better off arriving there with clean hands as the toilet area in there is absolutely repulsive.

18 Swan St, Leeds, England

Really good quality healthy food!

Amazing for raw foodists out there or anyone in need of vitamins and healthy food! you'll feel energised after eating at the Global Tribe Cafe. I had a raw pizza and spaggethi bolognaise with "meat" balls, pasta was made of courgette of course, then for desserts the chocolate mousse made with dates and strawberry coulis and the lemon tart made with cocoa butter! Yum yum yum in our tum! Really worth visiting if you're in Leeds!!!

72-74 North Street, Leeds, England

good but too expensive...

Dosai are not meant to be like that... and thinking it costs 50 p to eat it in india and pay at least 10 times more, and knowing how to prepare it ( just a lentil and rice fermented paste, people!) reveals how pricey it is, or rather shouldn't be...
Very nice staff indeed, nice idea, nice place, nice concept... but a little too pricey...

24 Central Rd, Leeds, England

Expensive but nice!

I love the bento box and the food is extremely good... The desserts were delicious and delicately made with amazing combination of flavours and textures... ( lime ice cream) ... and the decor is something worth seeing... It has a little bridge and a pond with goldfish in it... All in a soft minimalist design... nothing kitsch about it at all... I recommend this place for a birthday celebration, a treat, a romantic date... It is a bit pricey but worth it if you have something special to celebrate... But I guess if you're loaded, and just want to eat something go for it!
The portions are quite small... you feel healthy and not very full when you leave but happy... Go if you're not starved in other words... But the flavours are there and the food is fresh, so well worth visiting if you can afford it...
Oh and when I went there for the first time they were playing Miyazaki's My neighbour Totoro's theme so I was transported in Japan somewhere, ace!

33 North Lane, Leeds, England

Nice little café indeed!

They do fresh juices for the raw foodists out there, if you want your morning juice! There ya go! The buffet à volonté on Mondays is pretty good, good value for your money. Obviously not the healthiest option, but good Lebanese type of cuisine, with olive oil in your omelette, hummus, dolmas, etc... it's good food, if lebanese/greek/tapas type of food is what you're after... The place is also a vintage shop which is cool cause you can shop while you eat, (shop with your eyes...) The staff is actually really nice, not that smiling, but honest and helpful and very polite...

20 New Market Street, Leeds, England

The main and best organic shop in Leeds!

I have to admit the only time I go there is to get the cheap deals in the shop, available, why because everybody knows organic food is extremely expensive...
Ootw is not all organic btw, it sells a bit of everything, from fake meat to fruits and veg and take away food such as veggie savoury pies and cakes made by the chestnut tree bakers... I particularly like buying my eggs from there because they come from somewhere in Yorkshire and are bigger than the normal ones from supermarkets. I love the bread they sell, so yummy! And again local... They also sell sprouted grain bread which is great when you want to have bread but stay healthy! Lovely toasted with avocados! I also love the teas they sell there... really big range of different nice brand teas... Sometimes they have cheap veg such as spinach ( all local of course!) and kale. Cheap sprouts as well... And they have nice offers like cheap soap that smell wonderful, (they have a long make up list, not tested on animals...), biodegradable pads and toiletries, all sorts, vitamins, creams, shower gels, and also kitchen products, washing up liquid, etc...
Really this shop has everything and it is great they do deals, like half price sometimes... MOst of the products are organic and fair-trade. Just keep going and look for what they have on offer... I do spend more than I intend to whenever I go to Out of this World but this is me!

10 Grand Arcade, Leeds, England

ok but nothing special really, I'm afraid!

The food is a bit pricey for what it is, nothing very special... I recommend this place for coffees or a quick lunch but not worth the detour if you're looking for exquisite veggie food... Also the couple who run this place are really nice!

378/3 Vo Van Tan, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nice food and peaceful atmosphere

I was lucky to go there with a Vietnamese friend, as the staff doesn't speak super good english. The food was very nice and fresh. The place felt nice and clean. They were selling a selection of handmade white cotton bags outside. I recommend this place for sure. It felt nice,modern, clean and all they did was veggie/vegan, and it didn't involve fake meat all the way like most places in Ho chi Minh city! So go for it if you want healthy food, yes!

32 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

good if you miss english food!

I went to Snap for the first time because they were holding the future shorts night there where they were screening some local films as well as international short films, which was very interesting.
There generally is a good ambiance there. Lots of families gathering, kids playing around. The food is good, for vegetarians, if you are up for western food that is.
They do dips, veggie sausages and mash, english veggie breakie, all sorts of sandwich, soups. lentil soups, veggie samosas, etc...

89 rue Paul Bert, Rhone, Lyon, France

nice little veggie place, family friendly

I think the food was good. I had an egg, cooked with truffle essence, it was very odd but nice... With soldiers and truffle butter or something... Accompanied with a massive salad, full of grated carrots, beetroots and healthy things! For dessert, a chocolate tart with sarrasin flour, (buckwheat) which was delicious!
I think they have a different "plat du jour" everyday. So ask the waiter what they have... They divide their option as their origins, for instance if they have a have a thai option and spanish optin 9they often have 2 options), they'll call it "La thailandaise, ou l'espagnole and then a desciption of what it is, the dish of the day, if you will....
I though the price was reasonable. It's ok as a cafe if you're in the area or on your lunch break.(20min from Bellecour, going through Guillotiere bridge)
Very healthy for Lyon! A good option indeed! Their produce is all organic which is great to know, and it's eco friendly and local, as much as they can use local products... They're very family orientated as well, the ambiance is cosy and relaxed, no fuss... The staff is friendly and speak good English. They also have fresh juices. the patisseries are succulent. I defo recommend it! Have fun in Lyon, people! It's my hometown, so knowing that people open businesses like this fills my heart with joy! Lyon is the gastronomy capital city of France after all!

11 Duong Tran Nhat Duat, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ok if you only order fresh spring rolls

This was our second day in Saigon, so still unsure what the food was like in restaurants, was meant to be... It seems like a lot use a lot of sugar to make caramel sauce. We ordered the clay pot tofu, which was ok at first but got very sickening. It was made in a caramel and a lot of grounded black pepper. My partner ordered the pineapple rice, which was too odd, bathing in sugar. I felt a bit ill after the meal, like I had a sugar rush and felt lethargic all day long, promised myself I shall never eat clay pot tofu ever again! The only good point about it was the starter, which was lettuce roll (delicious and fresh) and fresh spring rolls with tofu, herbs and shredded fresh raw veggies inside. So do not miss them whenever you go to a vietnamese restaurant, that's one of the things they can't put too much sugar in and it's often refreshing, healthy and delicious!

339 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Q. 3, TP, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Excellent food, friendly staff

Really had a nice meal there, we were a bit wary at first as a lot of places were a disappointment. We ordered a lot of food, probably too much! I thought I ordered some spring rolls for starters but thank god I didn't... so much food! Although they looked good on other people's tables. This restaurant is inside a temple/pagoda. Only vietnamese people were there. The staff speaks a little english, some better than others. Ask for a menu in english otherwise they'll bring you the vietnamese one. The menu is substantial, with all sorts of dishes, such as mock meat, chicken curry, seafood rice, mock beef in phò and vegetables dishes. Amazing lotus rice, really yummy. The chicken curry was delicious, with lots of lemongrass. Presentation amazing. Cleanness remarkable. The staff was also super friendly which is always a plus! It looks like people working there are somehow linked to the temple. Apparently Vinh Nhhiem Pagoda is the largest pagoda in town. People go there to pay homage to Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha himself, and Samantahartha, the lord of truth and justice according to City Pass Guid. We saw a buddhist monk passing by. The ceiling is made of glass and the place looks very zen, We went there when it was raining so it was very appeasing and serene. You really need to check this place out people! It really deserves to be visited. You just got to taste that lotus rice!

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