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2211 Mission St, San Francisco, USA

so so

Tried this place 3 times because several people, who weren't vegan, said that they loved it. We were very bummed. Maybe if they poured way more sauce over the food it would disguise the bland over priced dishes. I wanted to support a new vegan place, but 3 times was way too many. Cooking this type of food at home is always way better.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday March 27, 2012

3906 Judah St, San Francisco, USA

ah sie eee!

So Ive gone here for many years. They haven't had their vegan soft serve for a longtime, so I always end up getting the Acai bowl which is killer!! I do love raw food as well, but its pretty hit or miss here.Sometimes its like I paid 9bux for food someone obviously didn't care about making, and other times its good. The owner is very cool and knows his food. The juices on the other hand are great!

5912 College Ave, Oakland, USA


My mouth waters thinking about the cornmeal crusted mushrooms!! Even just going to sit at the bar and have appetizers and dessert is worth it. Love the staff too!
Good date place. Don't worry, you can wear whatever you want. Maybe if you dress messy enough they will think you are famous!

2314 SE Division St, Portland, USA


This place has great food! We go here whenever we visit Portland. The mashed yams and gravy are oh so good and the reuben sandwich is killer! The guys are really nice too. Man, so refreshing to have real genuine nice people greet you at a vegan spot. Nothing worse than being super excited to eat at a new vegan spot and have rude a** people working. Thanks papa G, you guys are great.

511 Hayes St, San Francisco, USA

Vegan and Gluten free! Hell yes!

I was so happy to find out not only do they make vegan pizza but their gluten free crust is vegan too! Although I know this is a gut bomb waiting to happen, its so darn good!! Vegans you gotta try it. They do use daiya cheese too.

6037 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, USA

Real deal holyfield!

This place rocks. The donuts. The scrambles. The peeps are so nice. I love "hole in the wall" breakfast spots! Man wish we had a place like this in San Francisco. Its not all greasy either. I don't eat sugar anymore or I'd be lining up for a raised glazed donut now! We ate 6 in like 10 minutes are first time there! Wowzers.

1205 SE Stark St, Portland, USA

Good brunch

OK now this place does have a pretty darn good brunch!! The biscuits the first time were awesome!!! Then the second time so so. But for 10 bux, all you can eat, i just added more gravy! Now with that said, man, what is up with the staff!! I swear they are too busy one upping eachother in quoting smiths songs to help the customers! We were the only people in there twice and took the dude maybe 5 minutes to ask what we wanted. I was nice anyways, but for a dry ass cookie it was not worth it. Seems like a pretty rad job, a vegan bakery! Anyways, try the brunch. Maybe they've hired new people.

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