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12215 N Penn Ave, Oklahoma City, USA

good veggie indian food

17 Dec 2007

this place is good for vegetarian dishes like veggie korma, kachumber salad and saag, the bread is delicious too. the staff was kind of strange though, quick to seat us and get drinks, long to take our order and bring our food, but yet kind. Our waiter spent his free time flicking matches--nice, huh?

2924 NW 63rd, Oklahoma City, USA

Best Veg selection market in Oklahoma

17 Dec 2007

...albeit overpriced. This market has a nice selection of veg foods and the most organic produce any where else in the state (except Wild Oats, of which there is one location in Tulsa). However, their produce is HORRIBLY overpriced, seriously, a bunch of kale can cost you $8. Did you hear me--$8?!!! A bell pepper is $6!!!! So, it really hurts your wallet to eat organic in Oklahoma, it's either break the bank or eat pesticides.
In any event, Akin's carries a good deal of veg staples like tahini, tempeh, tofu, Follow Your Heart cheeses, Kombucha and vegan Parma! I just wish they sold their produce for decent prices and had more fruit that was in a better condition. Sometimes their produce section is really lacking.
Hopefully one day Akin's won't sell dead animals either.
But, don't get me wrong--i'm thankful that a place like Akin's even exists in this state, and I like supporting an indie store. Thank you, Akin's!
Oh yes, they also make a great veggie sandwich at the deli for lunch!

507 Columbus, New York City, USA

Blossom is somewhat Awesome

05 Nov 2009

I was excited after reading some pretty good reviews. But I think since I am spoiled from having the best of a lot of veg eateries in Los Angeles & Seattle that it takes A LOT to impress me. That Disclaimer being said, I thought Blossom was pretty good, but not head over heels worthy of love. I ordered the BLT and added avo & cheese (turned out to be follow your heart) w/ sweet potato fries. The sandwich was pretty good--the tempeh was housemade. But- c'mon-how about some housemade cashew cheese too!? I was sad I got a bad batch of the fries, 1/2 were teeny tiny and crunchy-burnt. The other 1/2 was tasty. My guy got a better batch. He ordered a Southern BBQ style sandwich on a ciabatta roll also. We got a side of potato salad (huge portion). Both sandwiches were tasty. The service was prompt and the decor quite nice. Also, if you order a fresh juice get the PINK LADY--it IS truly AWESOME! Last thing to note, VERY EXPENSIVE, all our food came out to $60. This place is like Real Food Daily's little sister, it wants to be like Big Sis, has similar DNA, but still has a way to go.

4757 12th Ave NE, Seattle, USA


17 Dec 2007

This was the first place I ate at upon visiting Seattle for my first time and damn was it good! I had the raw lasagne--delish! and for dessert, a raw chocolate pie, oh my god, i still have dreams about it!

516 E 6th St, New York City, USA

Be-bop-a-LULA'S-It's Amazing!

05 Nov 2009

Lula's is THE best. I had a hot fudge sundae w/ Rocky Road & Mint Chip. So nice to enjoy my fave flavor of Rocky Road again sans marshamallows. The ice cream had a great consistency and fresh made taste. My guy had a peanut butter fudge shake served with a silver straw and it didn't last long--down the hatch fast, delish! The place is small and decorated cute in an old-timey fashion with old fashioned bottles and signs hanging. I heard the employee mention their seltzer is made special in Brooklyn--it comes in the old school seltzer glass bottles. Lots of toppings and open til 11:3PM--bring cash and mind that it's closed Mondays. If only we had a Los Angeles Lula's! P.S. You can sample 2 flavours free! Enjoy xoxo

1521 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles, USA


17 Dec 2007

First of all, don't listen to that nay-sayer DLouise, that person apparently has some weird agenda as I noticed they posted several bad things towards Cru.
I have been to Cru a dozen times with my Mum and even invited my extended family who is as non-veg/non-raw/non-health foodist as they come and they LOVED it too!
Try the "raviolis", hummus or avocado wraps, and the raspberry-chocolate torte if it's the special for dessert.
The chef was very nice, my hat's off to her for her creative dishes, her food inspired me to go home and make my own raw "raviolis".

328 East 14th St, New York City, USA

Curly's Lunch

05 Nov 2009

Cute little cafe with interesting history mentioned in the menu. I'm always supportive of any veg establishment, especially since there aren't too many in carnivorous NYC, but Curly's left something to be desired. The service, albeit very friendly, is very slow. I ordered the Suna Melt (fake tuna) w/ curly fries, since it mentioned on the menu the Suna was housemade and "back by demand". I was underwhelmed. It was a little over-mayonaised veg protein with not much pizazz--I poured a lot of pepper on it. The cheese was Follow Your Heart which did not melt at all. The portion was great, but I only at half the sandwich since it was ok. I was excited about the fries until I heard they were store bought. Bummer. Still tasty enough though. My guy ordered a Buffalo Bleu sandwich and he said it was "pretty good". The food was a decent price and can fill you up. However, I would probably only go back to try out the desserts that people seem to like. Artwork on the wall is cute and gives it a homey feel.

2301 Main St, Santa Monica, USA

Lovely lil' raw joint

17 Dec 2007

Enjoyed the guacomole. Can't remember exactly what I had, but I know we enjoyed our experience overall and bought some raw crackers from the shop to take home. The staff is very knowledgeable and kind.

4449 Prospect Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Good enough

16 Dec 2009

Review: Don't go out of your way to eat pizza here like I did. I read a rave review which prompted me to go immediately. This pizza is special in that they use Daiya cheese which melts well--however, you can get a comparable pie at your local Whole Foods which now uses Daiya also. If you live in the area, totally order a pizza from Cruzer for delivery, but don't drive from Pasadena.

1305 36th Ave NW, Norman, USA

Nice market, but hardly any produce

17 Dec 2007

The thing I hate about Oklahoma is how hard pressed one is to find decent and/or organic produce. Dodson's is a case in point, they usually have lettuce, apples, oranges, bananas, potatoes, onions and some really horribly overprices strawberries or cranberries during the holidays--$7 for a small package. However, I love that Dodson's has a ton of vegetarian staples like Soyatoo whipped cream, tahini, flax oil and Kombucha--trust me these are rarities in this god-forsaken meat-eating truck-driving state. So, yay for places like Dodson's! Plus, the staff is WAY nice and they take special orders for which they sell to you at cost--awesome! I just wish they didn't sell animal carcasses next to my amy's frozen pizzas and tofutti cuties.

2135 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Good Food, Nice Staff

17 Dec 2007

I went to Elf with my Mum as we are always excited to try new veg restaurants. We thought Elf was pretty good, the kale salad made me feel like superwoman, so much healthful goodness. I remember their dessert special (pear torte?) was good too. It is on the pricey side, but worth a try.

7660 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Baddest A$$ Market !

17 Dec 2007

After going veg 3 years ago this was the first market i went to to stock up on veg foods, GREAT selection of unique items and wayyyy friendly staff. Dreadlocked lovely helped me understand how to read labels as a new vegan. what a sweetie. nice selection of produce! they also do a fun veg fair out on the sidewalk periodically, get samples and taste tests!

4247 University Way NE, Seattle, USA

Sweet lord this place is hella good!

17 Dec 2007

The brunch is just so damn fantastic I want to move to Seattle based solely on this brunch, mucho selection and such beautiful colors, some dishes taste very similar but who cares, it's a good taste! Loved the pasta and beets.

21825 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, USA

Best Veg Restaurant in CA

17 Dec 2007

Try the enchiladas, mediterranean appetizer sampler or the FYH burger w/ avocado. They have great fresh lemonade.
Seriously, they make the best vegan Un-Chicken, veggie patties and cheese (mozzarella & nacho cheese)--buy some in the market!

4559 NW 23, Oklahoma City, USA


17 Dec 2007

The decor outdoes the food. Decent veggie variety but way too much fried food--needs FRESH fare, everything was real heavy and processed tasting. Nice staff.

3764 Watseka Ave, Los Angeles, USA

holy cow this place is good

16 Dec 2009

Govinda's is one of my fave places to go for a cheap veggie lunch. Visit their website for the daily menu. Go when they have the dill pasta--carb overload heaven. All of their halvas rock, especially the blueberry. Cakes and cookies are delish. The salad bar is super fresh with wonderful dressing choices. Their Sunday prasadam meal is always to die for. Hopefully one day they will ditch the dairy and go all vegan.

128 Old Topanga Canyon Rd, Topanga, USA

Wonderful Brunch

16 Dec 2009

The only reason to visit here is for vegans is the Sunday brunch. Everything is vegan except if you pay $5 more you can eat dead stuff from the ocean. Otherwise you are in for a treat of raw-liciousness of about 8 salads and veggies dishes (i.e. beet salad, asparagus salad, etc) The desserts are lovely--our fave were these pumpkin scones--to die for good--I have to admit we even took some home with us in our purse--yea, they're THAT good. While dining outside in the lovely setting a tiny frog landed on our table, he was so cute, he looked at us and then happily hopped away. Only bad thing is in summer there are A LOT of bees.

7119 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Hella' Good

04 Jan 2008

This is one of my new fave veg eateries! I had the vegan caprese panini which was quite tasty and filling, along with kale salad-yum! For desert the strawberry cupcake is a MUST! It had pieces of fresh strawberry inside the bread and the frosting is pure love, a taste explosion. Can't wait to go back! Oh yeah, and Lisa Bonet was eating there too!

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