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Schocken 14-16, Tel Aviv, Israel

Satisfactory but not really Indian

That sums it up. The menu more or less consists of various iterations of Indian "style" thali. I'll say they nailed the samosas, and that's definitely not a bad thing. I was hungry so I ordered the largest thali they had. Although the portions were large, at 58NIS I thought it was a little expensive for the quality and type of food you get.

The environment is peaceful and relaxed - floor seating, shoes off, chill staff, pleasant Indian "style" music (also not authentic, but also not bad!).

Nice enough overall. I could imagine hanging out there and working over lunch.

40 Sharia Champollion, Cairo, Egypt

Tasty Energy

There isn't a surfeit of choices expressly for vegetarians/vegans in Cairo, but all things considered this is a great one. It's simple, fast, tasty, extremely filling, and cheap. And it's in Cairo!!

I went a couple of times for lunch during my visit to Egypt and it definitely sets you up for the rest of the day. Plus it's kind of a landmark, so be sure to go.

Defterdar Yokusu, Batarya Sok 16A, Istanbul, Turkey

Total miss

First of all this is not a vegetarian restaurant. At best it should be classified as "veggie friendly." They serve fish.

Second, not an appealing place to eat. The service was absolutely lackluster. The server was milling around apparently doing nothing, while I was sitting there for 20 minutes waiting for him to take my order or at least acknowledge my presence. There were a couple of other guests, but that's it. The restaurant wasn't busy.

Not a good value. I went in with the expectation that I could have a proper lunch after hiking around Istanbul all day. By the way, it is a bit of a hike to get to the restaurant, especially if you're unfamiliar with the lay of the land. Anyway, first the menu I was given looks nothing like the menu on their web site. So, I ordered a "veggie burger" with salad - a safe standby when the menu looks otherwise questionable - and they brought me this strange patty on a slice of bread with nothing on the plate that resembled a salad. That's what I got for my 18 TL. That's around 10 USD.

70 Ibn Gavirol Street, Tel Aviv, Israel

Vegan sandwich - so good

I stopped in with a non-veg friend of mine just as a matter of convenience while we were kicking around Dizengoff. I wasn't familiar with the place but it worked out great.

There are some veggie & vegan options clearly marked on the menu, but the "red lentil omelette sandwich" jumped right out at me. It is so good - probably the best sandwich I've had at a restaurant since I moved to Israel. It's vegan - "omelette" is just how they describe what amounts to a sort of lentil, carrot, and herb crepe. Must eat to believe.

KM Celebi Mah Ipek Sokak 15/1, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

Decent vegetarian fare!

I liked this Govinda. The staff are English-speaking, attentive, and friendly. The food was exactly what you'd expect from a Govinda. It was fairly priced and the portions were adequate. I'd say there there might be a bit too much fried food on the menu, but hey, you're in Istanbul probably on holiday, so roll with it.

It's sort of your basic vegetarian experience, but in a good way! I went a few times during my week in Istanbul and it suited me just fine. Note that they're located a good tram ride out of the tourist area of Sultanahmet and environs. To me that's anything but a negative, but you might find it less than convenient. I look at it as a way to see parts of town that I wouldn't otherwise get to see. Just take the Besitkas tram to Findikli and hike (and I do mean hike!) up the hill. Or, since it's right off Istiklal cad. it's super easy to get to if you're in that area already. Either way, it's a good, safe place for vegetarians to eat, and I don't take that for granted.

Hamashbir 22, Tel Aviv, Israel

Give it a miss

After my first visit I gave this place a pretty positive review, so of course I've been back a couple of times in the interim. Unfortunately the very good experience of the first visit turned out to be a fluke. The service is at best inconsistent and at worst just bad. The second time I came in I was mocked and laughed at (to my face!) by the staff for my admittedly not spectacular Hebrew. Because the food was good enough I figured I'd give them another shot so I returned only to find they were in the middle of a renovation, and when I asked when they'd be back in business I got some snarky response about checking their Facebook page before coming over. Some snotty people work here.

On my final attempt to visit this place I waited for 90 minutes to order food after the wait staff said the kitchen would be open in "10 or 15 minutes" (this was during normal operating hours, mind you). Eventually I just took off. Won't be back. In my opinion they changed the menu for the worse anyway.

On the first visit the bartenders and staff were good and it was a fun experience. The place wasn't busy and I just kicked it at the bar chatting with the other customers and the bartender, had a few beers, and a really tasty veggie burger, which they no longer offer.

Updated from previous review on Tuesday January 12, 2016

31 Avenue Simon Bolivar, Paris, France

Good but wow, expensive!

Definitely a "hipster" joint. The food was good but 18 euro for a relatively small veggie burger and 20cl of juice is outrageous. Staff were nice enough.

Probably okay to visit once if you have money to burn, but I probably wouldn't go back unless I had no other choices.

Nerudova 36, Prague, Czech Republic

Great impression!

First impression: LoVeg has a really warm, welcoming ambiance and an outgoing staff.

Second impression, the food: Sadly they were out of the guláš - how does that happen?? But, they still had the Svíčková which is a good second choice. IMO it was a great "impression" on the real thing. My family are Czech and I grew up eating traditional Czech food (before I became veggie obviously), and LoVeg basically nailed it with vegan ingredients. That's gotta be hard to do. Naturally the dumplings didn't hold a candle to my grandmother's, but they were still very good. Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the food.

7 Św. Gertrudy Str., Kraków, Małopolska, Krakow, Poland

Vega Hits the Veggie Spot

I took the short walk from Cracow centrum headed to Momo near Kazimierz, but unfortunately Momo was closed when I got there. For whatever reason I didn't have Vega on my list of veggie places, but came across the Gertrudy ul. location just by chance on my way back. Glad I stopped in for a visit!

When I got there the place was pretty empty, but the food was hot, fresh, and totally satisfying. I had their special - a scrumptious vegan "goulash" with potato pancake. Not expensive, delicious, and actually a pretty nice place on the whole. Between this place and Momo, you'll be plenty full during your stay in Cracow. The town is full of energy and there's plenty to do and see, so having a good selection of veggie places is the proverbial icing on the Polish cake.

340 E 4th St, Long Beach, USA


Yep, roaches. I took my girlfriend here and she practically lost her head when she watched the attendant quickly try to sweep away a roach which was crossing a cutting board. Yikes.

I had visited Zephyr previous to that and the food is uninspired. Not going back after the roach incident anyway.

Turnacibasi Caddesi, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey

Simplicity par excellence

Pretty much WYSIWYG here, and that's a good thing. Don't go with expectations of a high-end dining experience.

CMR is just a few minutes' walk from Istiklal street. I checked but didn't see a building number. As another reviewer said just look for the green sign - you can't miss it.

The "dürüm"- a standard serving - is a wrap with the main ingredient, pomegranate concentrate/syrup, lettuce, cilantro, and a bit of spicy sauce if you like (I definitely like). Actually, it's delicious & pretty much nails "umami." There's nothing else I've had like this so there's no way to make a comparison. It's healthy, light, simple, and at 3TL really you can't beat it if you're on the go.

V. ker. Alkotmány utca 20, Budapest, Hungary

Quick, tasty, cheap

I went to this Hummus Bar a couple of times for lunch. They servce ample portions, and you can't possibly be grumpy about having a draught Kozel with your meal. They have your sort of nominal mise en place, but they do prepare a lot of the food to-order, including the falafel, at least from what I saw. That's pretty nice, considering the place isn't supposed to be high-brow. A lot of other places might cut corners for what they're asking for the food.

It's simple food done in a satisfying way. Nothing spectacular to be sure, but good for what it is.

18701 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, USA

Not Satisfactory

Jay Bharat is not...good.

When I go to a new veggie place, especially an Indian one, I tend to stick with ordering what's familiar so I have a baseline for comparison. I ordered your very basic South Indian fare - a Mysore-style dosa, palak paneer, veggie pakoras, and idli & sambar.

None of the food tasted particularly fresh or whole. Pakoras are supposed to come out hot and crisp, and these were tepid, limp, and undercooked. Strike. The palak paneer was likewise only lukewarm, although the paneer was satisfactory and saved the dish. The dosa seemed like it had been sitting out for ages and they just stuck it in the microwave (I don't know that to be the case for sure, that's just how it seemed) - it was heavy and dull.

Good vegetarian Indian food doesn't leave you feeling like you just got punched half a dozen times in the gut.

While one of the counter attendants was nice, the guy who I'm assuming is the proprietor was pretty coarse and unfriendly.

You'd be much better off skipping Jay Bharat & heading to Udupi Palace or Rajdhani, the former being the better of the two IMO.

21/24 Rue Cail, Paris, France

Arguably the Best Indian Food in Paris

Simple review - outstanding, fantastic, amazing Indian food, period. This is the place if you want the real thing. I really dig what others would consider "very" or "too" spicy, and these folks did not disappoint. No tame seasonings here. So good. We had dosas and a idli & sambar and all were perfect.

27 Rue Galande, Paris, France

Awful across the board

Horrible service - extremely slow, inattentive, totally disinterested wait staff. Couldn't be bothered. Food wasn't fresh and was brought cold after a far-too-long wait.

Go to the Krishna Bhavan on Cail street if you want a good example of this franchise. That place is excellent.

Na Porici 25, Prague, Czech Republic

Satisfying, convenient - good!

The Loving Hut folks make being a vegetarian in Prague quite easy. There isn't much variation in their daily menu but that doesn't really matter. It's sort of a keep-things-simple kind of veggie place. That's a good thing!

I work nearby so I eat here at least a couple of days a week. I love that you can get a big pile of steamed veggies and noodles, and that you don't have to get any mockmeat if you don't want it. Fresh, hot, inexpensive, good. Can't beat that.

Just a note to the wise - make sure to count your change. I've been shorted 15+ crowns more than once.

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

In a class by itself - an epicurean delight!

I've eaten in vegetarian restaurants all over the world, from California to Turkey. Napfenyes is easily one of the best I've tried anywhere. Very memorable experience.

The food is thoughtfully designed, not just some generic stir fry or falafel or heavily-processed and sodium-laden mockmeats. I visited each of the three nights I was in Budapest and have been thinking about the food ever since. The first night I had braised cauliflower "goulash" (Hungarian-style) with spaetzle that was on special - delicious. The spice-level was pretty tame, but I can understand why. I saw the "Fried Pancakes Filled with Vegetable Cream served with Mashed Potatoes and Onions" on the menu and decided that was my culinary goal for the trip, and I had it the third night I was there. Unbelievable - crispy on the outside, loaded with sort of pot-pie style vegetables on the inside, and obviously you can't go wrong with potato anything. Yeap, also delicious. As someone who walks everywhere and thus expends a lot of energy I really appreciated the large portions, too. Totally satisfying - and I don't utter those words about vegetarian restaurants very often.

I didn't get a chance to try their pizzas, but I saw them and they look great. Definitely worth a go.

The deserts are equally tasty. I had some kind of vegan custard one night, and the fake curd balls another night. Custard anything and I'm on board, and it was definitely good.

Service-wise, they are welcoming and attentive without being bothersome. In other words, service in the best modern European tradition. All of the folks I interfaced with speak English, so that's an obvious advantage. The prices are very reasonable considering the amount of food you get. I mean, if you can leave totally full of high-quality food and dessert for 10 to 12 USD, that's pretty remarkable.

Can't praise this place enough. Seriously, I wish I could have stayed in Budapest longer just to keep going to this restaurant.
Updated from previous review on Thursday May 17, 2012
Updated from previous review on Friday May 18, 2012

Yehuda Hayamit 61, Tel Aviv, Israel

Convenient location & Good selection!

It's a small store so the prices are higher than a Nizat Hadouvdevan, for example, but this is the only such place in Yafo. The next nearest place is on Shalma Street in Florentin.

Good selection of products and organic produce! It was the only place outside of the shouk where I could get fresh Brussels sprouts for the 5 seconds per year they're available in Israel. They also have some international foods, a gluten-free section, fresh organic milk and eggs. Worth checking out.

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