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407 Newbury St, Boston, USA

fun, good place to eat and drink

Only been twice. I like when its nice out and you can eat outside. Vegan options, good food. Good mimosa. My boyfriend got a coffee that came with the spoon in it, when he took the spoon out there was guac all over it. Yaaa, gross. And to top it off neither one of us had anything with guac. We still went back that second time though with plans to continue.

39 S Pleasant St, Amherst, USA


This place is so good. Vegan, vegetarian and meat eaters options. I make sure to go here every time I'm in Amherst for the night. Service is awesome too!

4445 E Broadway, Tucson, USA

vegan kitchen

This place has a "regular" and a vegan kitchen/menu. The food is really good and the service is friendly. They have all types of vegan "meats" and dishes. I definitely recommend this place!

2990 N Campbell Ave Ste 120, Tucson, USA

Wish there were more places like this

Awesome all vegan food. Lots of options. Quick service. Great food!

3 Beach St, Boston, USA

Love this place!!

Big simple restaurant, friendly staff, AMAZING food! So many options, good size portions, desserts (with to go option) because you're too full from all the delicious vegan food you ate. A little tricky to find but its worth it! Keep looking for that door with the arrow pointing up and the bubble tea signs every where. I wanna go there now...

140 Washington St, Salem, USA

Awesome soup

What can you say? " Soup is good food" DK. Their vegan soup, the ones I've tried, have been good and soupy.

25 Boston St, Lynn, USA


This place is amazing!! So good! Definitely a take out place. You can eat there at one of the two tables or grab a stool but it's got that take out vibe. The people that work here are so friendly. There's the regular menu and the vegan menu. The vegan has Chinese, Japanese and Thai options. Yum! Seriously, go there! Let's keep this place in business!

294 Cabot St, Beverly, USA

really good food and good for you

good food. different options. they run out all the time so pick three things you want and HOPEFULLY they'll still have one (even though they started serving dinner a 1/2 hour ago). expensive, small portions, tiny uncomfortable seating and the feeling that you're not really wanted unless maybe you're a regular. all that being said I'll go back to... their food is really good and they have great raw, vegan deserts also.

63 Main St, Amherst, USA

Lone Wolf is a must for breakfast

Best vegan french toast and smoothies!! This place is another one not to miss. Love the atmosphere when its on the slightly less crazy busy side and I mean slightly, I haven't seen this place without a line out the door, even in the rain. They have something for everyone. Go!

44 Inn St, Newburyport, USA

Portobello yum

Their portobello bowl vegan style is really good. If my memory serves me correctly there aren't exactly vegan options, more like vegetarian minus a few items, which if you're like me you appreciate the availability of vegan options but when all the flavor and "work" is in the dairy it can get frustrating to say I'll have this but without this and this and this. Blah blah blah, try the portobello bowl.

300 Andover St, Ste 15, Peabody, USA


Only vegan specialties I've been able to find here are some vegan chocolate candies which are super good. Otherwise BORING.

331 Paradise Rd, Swampscott, USA

Who doesn't love whole foods?!

This is a good WF (Swampscott). I feel like all the other ones I've been to are bigger and have a better selection but I'm thankful this one exists since there arent many places to buy good vegan groceries. I really really wish this WF's carried the in-store made vegan chicken salad. It's soooo good!!!

15 Washington St, Brighton, USA

Good whole foods

This is a good size WF's. Not the biggest, but very good! The best WF's I've been to yet was in Portland ME btw, if anyone's ever in the area. Heard the one in Austin TX is amazing!

2 Somerset St, Portland, USA

Awesome Whole Foods

This is one of the best WF's I've been to. They have a great beer and wine selection, lots of vegan deli and vegan bakery options and friendly service. Their guacamole made in house is amazing (and super expensive) as are their prepared fresh fruit options.

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