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9225 Dyer St, El Paso, USA

Great chinese food!

13 Feb 2012

The food is delicious! Their Salt and pepper tofu is amazing! So is their veg chow mein. They have many vegan options, and even more than can be made vegan by asking them to sub meat for tofu(and skip eggs/fish sauce if applicable).

4 Calle Mayor, Madrid, Spain


16 Jan 2011

The Maoz sandwich was fantastic. You can add tahini sauce along with any of the ingredients from the salad bar. The fries were very good. The price was reasonable. The salad comes with unlimited refills of your choice of ingredients from the salad bar. There was only one or two things in the salad bar that were not vegan.

3423 SE Belmont St, Portland, USA

Awesome food! 100% vegan ftw!

04 Feb 2015

So far, we've had the cheese-steak sandwich, the fried bologna+cheese sandwich, and a chili cheese dog, all were great! Favorite so far is the cheese-steak sandwich, but they were all very good! Really stoked about this cart! And it's at a food cart pod, so anyone you are with can get whatever else they want from the other places. Has covered seating areas, with heaters in the winter.

3207 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, USA

Awesome pizza!!! $5?!

22 Jun 2013

This food cart serves personal vegan pizzas for $5. They are more than enough for an average eater, and the toppings are high quality. Serves 4 different kinds of pizzas. The pizzas are all delicious, and it's all vegan! You really gotta check out this place :)

2880 SE Division St, Portland, USA

Great little cart for burgers and hot dogs!

21 Jun 2015

Vegetarian cart with burgers, hot dogs, and fries. Food has been really good the times we've had it. Service sometimes takes a while, but it's always worth the wait. Everything can be made vegan.

1212 SE Division St, Portland, USA

You had me at Vegan Menu!

04 Feb 2015

Love this spot! I have to constantly fight the urge to go again because I also like going to new places, especially with so many to eat at in Portland. But we end up coming back time and time again. Awesome mexican food, killer salsas, cheap, and large portions, separate vegan menu, multiple "meat" choices(tofu, soy curls, soyrizo). What else do you want? My favorite are the enchiladas, but you can't really go wrong with anything.

Calle de los Reyes, 11, Madrid, Spain

Great Vegan Food!

17 Jan 2011

Fantastic food! We had the "menu" and it came with a soup and bread, then the main course, a beverage, and dessert. All were delicious! One of the "menus" was was an "algas" soup, veg pineapple 'chicken' with fried rice, and a muffin. The other meal was a pumpkin soup, curried vegetables with seitan and fried tofu with fried rice, and flan for dessert. Everything was fantastic!

2314 SE Division St, Portland, USA

High quality ingredients, fresh food

03 Feb 2015

This place is great, especially if you're looking for some healthy vegan fare. We don't go as often because when we're out, we want not so healthy food(fries anyone?). But their nachos, sandwiches, and plates are really good.

Calle Ave Maria, 34, Lavapies, Madrid, Spain

Awesome little store!

17 Jan 2011

All sorts of vegan stuff! They had shoes, groceries, shirts, vitamins, pet food, white chocolate, and the best ice cream cones I have ever tried!

733 E Clarke St, Milwaukee, USA


17 Jan 2011

Love the Co-Op!! We have ordered just about every sandwich and item on their menu. Their breakfast is great, sandwiches are amazing also! Our favorites are the Seitan Philly sandwich, BBQ Tofu, and our daughter's favorite is now the Vegan Quesadilla. Their smoothies are fantastic also. Very affordable too :) This is definitely one of our favorite places to eat. The only drawback is how long it takes to get your food sometimes.

3326 SE Belmont, Portland, USA

Great Vegan Spot!

25 Feb 2015

White Russians ftw! Great vegan bar, with really good food! Their sandwiches are really good. Been here several times and have gotten consistently good food and drinks.

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