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Westenriederstraße 35, Munich, Germany

Okay if you need something to eat

26 Feb 2014

This can only receive two stars since it is rather bland food and in contrast to all the amazing vegan food that is available, it does not shine at all. In addition, when we asked down in the bakery counter what was vegan, the person behind the counter was dismissive and unfriendly. It is an okay place to eat if you need something and nothing else is open or available. The servers upstairs in the cafeteria area were friendly and helpful.

19 Wicklow Street, Dublin, Ireland

Fantastic Vegan Food

25 Apr 2014

My spouse and I have been vegan for 23 and 24 years respectively. Our trip to Dublin was delightful because of Cornucopia. This is a wonderful place to eat. The food is scrumptious, the atmosphere is pretty, and the people who work there are extremely friendly and helpful. I had a cold wrap that was the most delicious wrap I have ever had. The desserts, and I am a dessert fanatic, were amazing. The poppy seed cake being out of this world. I also highly recommend the muffins and berry crumble. If you are a potato salad person, their vegan potato salad is also the best I have ever had--simply divine. Their coleslaw is awesome. We ended up eating there every day because when we find a restaurant that serves such wonderful vegan fare, we don't want to go anywhere else. Not only is the food delicious and nutritious, it is also reasonable. The portions are massive and there is no possible way to leave the restaurant hungry. It is also difficult to find a vegan breakfast, but Cornucopia has many options. I highly recommend it.

Nostitzstr. 33, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

Oh my goodness, it does not get better than this.

08 Nov 2015

This small little vegan eatery is so amazing. My spouse and I had the best ever vegan cheesecake in the world. Truly. It was so delicious, even if you are not vegan, you would adore this. It was rich and creamy and tasted like the cheesecakes of an earlier time, when they were made with love and the very best ingredients.
We also had vegan quiche, yes vegan quiche. I have been vegan since 1990, my spouse since 1991. We have not had quiche in that long. It was fabulous. In addition, I had a mocha cake and he had a brownie, chocolate cake, and beet soup. (Yes, we are gargantuan eaters when we find vegan delectables. The service was great. The atmosphere sweet and cozy. This is a must if you are a vegan and in Berlin. This should be a must for anyone who wants wonderful food prepared with peace and love.

Tuerkenstrasse 55, Munich, Germany

We adore this amazing restaurant!

26 Feb 2014

We have eaten at this vegan restaurant every day since we have been here (except on the Monday since they are closed). The food is imaginative and extremely tasty. The first day we went, we had lunch and the grilled tempeh sandwich and it was so delicious. They know how to spice foods. I usually use a lot of salt, but on their creations I do not need any because they have such wonderful tastes created in their dishes. Many of the foods are raw and are a taste celebration. The tapas plate, that we had at night, was creative and scrumptious. It truly is a place one must go to eat if visiting Munich. The staff is friendly and helpful. I have been vegan since 1990 and my spouse since 1991. It does our heart and soul good that places such as this exist that create such delicious and ethical food. Please visit this place. Do reserve since they can be full otherwise. Do try their raw desserts! The only con is that their tables are teensy tiny.

555 S Virginia Blvd Unit 105, Reno, USA


07 Aug 2013

This has become our favorite restaurant in Reno. The people running the restaurant--Gino, Julie, and Cindy are warm, effusive, embracing and positive. They make the experience one of love and positive energy. The food is fantastic. The vegan bruschetta is delicious. The vegan coleslaw is the best I have ever had. They have a white chocolate, vegan raw cake that is truly outstanding. The prices are reasonable and to make things even better, they have a rewards program whereby you get a 10 dollar reward for joining, a 10 dollar birthday reward, a 5 dollar anniversary, and then for each 100 dollars, a 10 dollar reward. As a vegan, I have been thrilled with the food. Also, if you have vegetarian or omnivore friends or family, they will be satisfied as well. Overall, a welcome and terrific addition to Reno and to our culinary experience.

Karmeliterplatz 1, Vienna, Austria

Funky and Fun Vegan Bistro

06 Apr 2015

This is a funky little vegan bistro. The woman who owns the restaurant, Viola, is warm, welcoming, and you can just tell the food is made with love. We had the buffet and the gnocchi was delicious, the tofu scramble was terrific, the sweet potatoes were yummy, and the vegan seafood stew great. It is a fun place and there are many vegan cakes to choose from. We had to take ours home since we were too stuffed to eat the cake there.

Zweibruckenstrasse 15, Munich, Germany

Delicious Food

26 Feb 2014

This prices are reasonable and the restaurant has so many items on the menu that can be made vegan. The food is plentiful (we had to take food home because we could not finish it) and delicious. The Naan bread is best I have ever had and so often other Indian restaurants cannot make it vegan. This is definitely worth a visit. Try the lime pickle--so scrumptious.

Ludgeristrasse 62, Muenster, Germany

Amazing and Fantastic Vegan Restaurant

03 Dec 2013

Krawummel is a terrific vegan restaurant. My spouse and I went to Munster for the Christmas markets and found this restaurant listed on Happy Cow. We went and were so thrilled with the food, service, atmosphere and price that we at there three times in a day and a half.
The servers and Swen the owner were so friendly and accommodating. When we arrived the first time it was full and we asked about reservations. They said they would be happy to make reservations for us. Then a table opened up and we quickly grabbed it. I had a cupcake immediately since it is so hard to get wonderful vegan deserts usually. The vanilla raspberry cupcakes are superb. That night, when we returned I had the burger. It was delicious. Then my husband and I shared two cupcakes and a muffin. The chocolate raspberry muffins are amazing. The next day we had Belgian waffles with whip cream and berries (all vegan!) The wonderful thing is to know that you can have anything on the menu and it is vegan. Yahoo! When we left we had them pack up 12 muffins and 6 cupcakes. We will definitely return to Munster to eat at this restaurant.

Kollwitzstr 54, Berlin, Germany

Gourmet Deliciousness

08 Nov 2015

This is a gourmet vegan restaurant. My spouse had the five course vegan meal and I the three course vegan meal. It was delicious, inventive, and served with visual appeal. It is so wonderful to go to a restaurant and know that everything is vegan. It was a casually chic place and one could go there to celebrate an event or just go casually. Although some might find it expensive, when you think of the gourmet quality of the food, it is not. My spouse's main dish was a seitan medallion (that seemed to mimic a "filet mignon," but of course without the cruelty) and my main meal seemed to mimic a "beef bourguignon" (again though, cruelty free). The desserts were small tidbits of deliciousness, cakes, truffles, sorbet and so forth. The wait staff was friendly. Do reserve though, it is easy to do on-line.

Stumpergasse 57, Vienna, Austria

This store is a dream come true for us vegans

06 Apr 2015

You must must go to this vegan grocery store. My spouse and I went to have a little nibble in their cafe, he had more than a little nibble--he bought a total of six different bakery items. All were delicious. More importantly though, for us the grocery store was as if we had entered Nirvana. The range of vegan alternative meats, the range of vegan cheeses, the range of vegan butter/margarine was amazing. We bought the vegan sliced cheese called Jeezini Provence, and it was the best we had ever had. Even better than Daiya the one we buy in the States. Then we had the vegan butter Alsan--wonderful. We are going back to stock up on the vegan products (they are such good quality and biological and so interesting--for example, vegan scampi...). This store is a dream come true for us vegans!

Pettenkoferstrasse 8, Munich, Germany

You must visit this restaurant if you are vegan!

23 Feb 2016

You must, must eat at Max Pett. My husband and I have been vegan 25 and 26 years respectively, and I think this is the best food I have ever eaten and believe me, we love to eat. We have gone three times to the restaurant in two days and it is not because there is a dearth of vegan restaurants here. There is not. They are abundant. However, the food is so delicious. For example, we both had the truffle ravioli. It is the best pasta dish I have ever had. It is so flavorful and rich in taste. Every dish is a generous portion, which we also love. The cakes are divine. We had a Spanish vanilla cake, and a raw chocolate cake and both were delicious. The ice cream is magnificent. My spouse had the crunchy ice cream dish, with nougat and other favors of ice cream and it was fantastic. marcel, our server for each visit is friendly, efficient, nice, and a great photographer (you can see his photographs on the wall). You must have reservations since it gets extremely busy and you may be turned away. Do not miss this dining opportunity. (I wanted to add this update.)

Wonderful vegan restaurant with numerous choices. I had spinach dumplings that were savory and delicious. The terrific surprise was that they had an extensive non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic wine list. They even had non-alcoholic sparkling wine. The deserts look so scrumptious, but my spouse and I were so full from the generous portions, that we could not indulge. This is definitely a place to come if you are vegan, you will not be disappointed!

Updated from previous review on Wednesday February 25, 2015

Avenida Barbosa du Bocage 107C, Lisbon, Portugal

Great Restaurant--lots of great options for vegans

27 Oct 2013

The manager of this restaurant Nuona was so friendly and accommodating. He was welcoming and friendly. He let us know which of the dishes were vegan (almost all were) and we ate and ate. It is an all you can buffet. They have vegan sushi, seitan dishes, salads, and so on and so forth. I truly recommend it. The deserts are great, I had the apple crumble. We also had great tasting soy cappuccinos. It is a calm atmosphere and definitely worth the visit.

Neubaugasse 80, Wien, Vienna, Austria

Best sushi we have ever eaten!

07 Apr 2015

Okay, I am not exaggerating when I say this is the best sushi my spouse and I have ever eaten. This vegan sushi is so imaginative and tasty, it defied expectations. We eat a lot of vegan sushi and my husband even makes vegan sushi that others hail as delicious, but this was stupendous. We bought the largest platter they had available and finished it off because we found it so mouthwatering and delightful. This place is a must for vegans and vegetarians, you will not be disappointed! It is 100% vegan and biological.

Wilhelmstr. 77, Berlin, Germany

Peace within oneself and peace in the world.

08 Nov 2015

This was a fantastic vegan, vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant. It is so wonderful to go to an asian restaurant and nearly everything is vegan (the few non-vegan options are clearly marked). We had wonderful noodle dishes, baked tofu, and an amazing fried tofu in a Vietnamese leaf that came to the table crackling hot. The food was delicious, plentiful (wonderfully large portions) and reasonable in price (for the quality). It tasted of such high and fresh quality, without a heavy after-feel. It has a basic decor, but has a beautiful large sign in the front that declares "Peace within oneself and peace in the world." Being vegan is one step towards that...

Drahtgasse 2, Vienna, Austria

Exquisite environment, divine food

08 Apr 2015

Beautiful environment--exquisite and charming. The mother and daughter team of Gabi and Shanna, are warm and embracing. The food is divine. It is all raw and all vegan. My spouse and I had three sandwiches, the avocado, the bruschetta, and the onion lard. The latter was surprisingly rich and delicious. We then moved on to the zucchini pasta and salad bowl (both of these are generous portions). Yes, we do eat a lot :) These were fantastic and although we do not get enough opportunity to eat raw, this lovely little place certainly lets us know it is a wonderful way to eat. We then had dessert--these were terrific. I had a chocolate cake with coconut whipped cream and my husband had Kaiser Schmarrn dessert that tastes like cookie dough but better. This is definitely a place to go to if you are vegan and are interested in raw food. You will be in heaven. (There are not many tables and so you may not be able to get a seat if it is busy--but it will be worth the wait.)

Rua da Palmeira, 15, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal


27 Oct 2013

We were so excited about this restaurant since we had read so many good things about it. It was definitely good, but we did not think it was great. Some of the food was not hot, it was a buffet and some of the food had become lukewarm. However, the food was plentiful and it was also fairly reasonable. On mistake my husband took some food that was not vegan since it is not labelled and that was a disappointment. It would be helpful if they could label the food vegan or vegetarian. You must make reservations since sometimes they are too full to accommodate you. Also, when it is crowded, you will sit extremely close to the next tabel

Beco do Jasmim 18, Lisbon, Portugal

Amazing Little Vegan Restaurant

27 Oct 2013

My husband and I are vegan (23 years for me, 22 for my husband) and we love finding all vegan restaurants. We were thrilled to find this one. Alice, the woman who cooked for us is so friendly and welcoming. We had an amazing meal, which we saw prepared. The dessert was out of this world, a rhubarb chocolate mousse. I am not a soup person, but the soup Alice made was truly the best I have ever had--a red pepper with chipolata soup. This restaurant is hard to find, yes, our taxis was lost for a long time even with a telephone call. However, you can get there and it is sooo worth it. Please make the effort and do not give up. Make sure you get a print out of the map (we did not have one) and the phone number (we did have it). One we were finished out meal, Conor, the waiter walked us down to the taxi stand and the square was right there (had we seen this before, I do not think we would have had such difficulty).

Frauenstraße 4, Munich, Germany

Gourmet food and lovely atmosphere

26 Feb 2015

My spouse and I visited Tian and we were pleased by the gourmet vegan food. It was all delicious and the atmosphere was elegant. However, there were not as many vegan options as the vegan restaurants in Munich provide and the portions were gourmet size. My husband and I tend to be big eaters and love to eat a lot.

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