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239 London Road, Sheffield, England

Be careful not to choke on a stray crystal

03 Jul 2012

Airy Fairy is the kind of mildly ironic and humorous name an alternative, craft shop would call themselves. Hippy Dippy would be better for this place. The cafe area is so small, and the volume of crystals, wind-chimes and crafty bits so extensive, that it's a little cluttered and untidy for my taste... and suggests compromised hygiene. The food was fair, but the cafe section of the shoppe seems like an afterthought, and the oppression of hippy clutter meant I couldn't wait to finish my meal and leave.

4/39 Woolley St, Dickson, Canberra

Good stuff

06 Apr 2010

We go to Au Lac (Is it French for at/to the lake?) every time we're in Canberra. It's far better value than Kingsland around the corner. The food is tasty and not too greasy. We enjoyed the lemongrass tofu -- very much the same style as salt and pepper tofu -- last time we were there. I don't usually go for spring rolls, but at Au Lac they're great. The tamarind "fish" is also a stand out. This place is certainly up there with the best of Sydney's Asian veg restaurants, and a great place to take the family.

167 Cuba Street, Wellington

An oasis in a vegan desert

20 Nov 2014

Aunty Mena's is billed as a "vegetarian and vegan" restaurant, but apparently all the food is vegan. It's a large menu, which is good because we had to make several visits while in Wellington, owing to the dearth of vegan food in the area. Aunty Mena was really friendly, and let us know about her son's veg restaurant for the next time we're in Brisbane. The staff in general are nice. The food is pretty good, on par with most Asian vegan restaurants of its kind (with mock meats). I think Wellington, being such a large city and with a bit of an alt edge, should have more veg*n restaurants, but if Aunty Mena's is going to be pretty much the only one in town, it's not a tragedy.

37 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney

Not bad, not great

28 Dec 2008

Badde Manors has obviously been around a long time - it's an old style vegetarian café, with slim pickings for the vegan diner. The food was fair, but not as good as we could do at home. My feeling was that it's a restaurant that's stuck in a rut, and needs to get a bit more in touch with the more sophisticated veg*n clientelle that has emerged post 1985. No desserts suitable for vegans? Outrageous! Only a few, very simple and outmoded mains available for vegans, as well, which makes you wonder why bother going to a veg restaurant then in the first place, if the choices are not so much better than a regular meat place. The service was good, and the atmosphere is pleasant.

205-207 Crookes Valley Road, Sheffield, England

An oasis for the travelling vegan

30 Jun 2012

I went to Beanies on my first day in Sheffield, knowing that I'd need to be doing a lot of my own cooking during my month visit. Everything I wanted was there, and more, so that I could fill my cupboards and live in vegan style. The staff were very helpful. Some things a bit pricey, but you get that.

215 King St, Newtown

A few modifications and this could be great

07 Dec 2015

Bliss n Chips takes the place of Burgerlicious, which had the best vegan burgers in Newtown... so, hard act to follow. The server recommended the chick*n burger, which was pretty ordinary: rock hard bits of soy chunk, and very bland bun. My husband had the seafood basket and chips, and he thought it was a bit tofu-y and not enough flavour. I thought the seafood aspect was what you'd expect. For me the clanger was the mayo, which they use in a lot of the sauces, including the tartare and the chilli lime mayo dressing. My guess is that it's the 99% fat-free Praise mayonnaise, which is a great find of the "accidentally vegan" variety in the supermarket ... but you expect better than that when you eat at a relatively pricey fast food joint. If the proprietors are reading this, please do yourselves a favour and invest in better vegan mayo, or make your own (as Suzy Spoons do). It's way too tangy and vinegary and, well, cheap tasting. I'll come back after a month of two to see if lessons have been learned

182 King St, Newtown

Reliable vegan fare

18 Jan 2012

Green Palace is good for a quick lunch to fill the tummy, when you know exactly what you want. Good mock meats (the pepper beef is especially good), and veges and tofu for those who aren't into the mock meat thing. The foods are in a bain marie, and are a bit greasy (this is not haut cuisine, but with those prices we shouldn't expect it to be). The offers don't change, as far as I can tell, and so it's reliable, but I have to space out my visits there. They also offer thai salads, for those who want to avoid grease altogether (some of which also use the mock meats).

***A revelation has been, since writing the above review, finding the menu. Much nicer, not greasy. Happy, happy. The noodle dishes are especially good, and the pad thai is a dream come true.
Updated from previous review on Sunday April 26, 2009

2 St James St, Sheffield, England

Quite satisfactory

30 Jun 2012

The Blue Moon cafe is in a lovely building -- remember to look up when you're there. It gets lots of light, much needed in the dreary Sheffield weather, and the atmosphere is also light. The food is not gourmet, but is tasty, and there are enough vegan options to satisfy me. Both the hot mains and the cakes have a "home made" feel, which is nice if that's what you're after. The staff are pleasant. I'm an out-of-town visitor staying in Sheffield for a month, a had my third outing to the cafe today... so I guess I must enjoy it!

Cook & Phillip Park CRN, Sydney

Great for a special occasion

23 Apr 2009

Bodhi's isn't an everyday lunch for most of us -- it is a but pricey for that. But it's situation is fantastic, and the food is really very nice. It's a good place to meet a friend or your partner for a long relaxing lunch. Look out for the steamed veges, though, as there's a preponderance of deep fried goodies that can leave you feeling a bit greasy (as with most yum cha).

6 O'Connell Street, Newtown

Yay, the real Naked* is back!

25 Apr 2012

*Or should I say Apt?

Anyway, so relieved to have a vegan breakfast I can trust in this town again. A great b'fast, and now open for lunch. I'm yet to try the blue cheezly risotto (!), but can heartily recommend the tofu scramble and BLAT. I'm also keen to try the apple turnover and scones, but am usually too full after breakfast :(

One word of warning: the breakfasts are large. One might say too large... but at least you won't need lunch.

Did I say they're in a bookstore?

426 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill, Sydney

Yay for coffee 1st

30 Jun 2012

Coffee 1st is relatively new, having just celebrated its first birthday. It's a godsend to local vegans and vegetarians, as there's not much for us to eat in Dulwich Hill. They stock Funky Pies, as well as some very tasty cakes and chic brownies. The owners and staff are extremely friendly and helpful, and the cafe has a nice atmosphere as a result. The coffee is great too! I'd give them five cow heads if the website would let me :)

Kiosk 33, Leve1, Food Court, 2 Chifley Square, Sydney

Dependable vegan fare

31 Dec 2009

Iku is about the only chain vegan place I know of in Australia (Melbourne has Lord of the Fries, but it's only vegetarian with vegan options). And for that reason alone I think it's worth supporting. Just imagine if every Australian town had an Iku? We'd never go hungry.

Given that it's a chain, Iku's menu is a little predictable. It has some very dependable options though -- there's a miso and caramelised onion tart that I just love, and the bancha cakes are also good. I've been to the one in Glebe and in Rozelle, and both have a very different 'vibe', so I imagine that people's experience of Iku depends where they go (my sense of it, for instance, was certainly not "pretentious" -- the staff are very friendly).

My family are not so keen on Iku, because they find a bit bland and "70's vegetarian". I think they just haven't tried the right dishes. Their house salad dressing is delicious, and can be purchased by the bottle. But I find their dessert tart (now is it cheesecake or a lemon tart? I can't remember) a little tofu-y. The Chai tea is very nice, but they don't do coffee (at least not at the Glebe store).

Shop 9A/26 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

a taste of home

31 Dec 2009

I live in Sydney now, after living for a long time in Melbourne. And when I came "home" for a short work trip recently, Lord of the Fries was my first stop after getting off the airport shuttle at Spencer Street Station. Melbourne people, you don't know what you've got!

Yes, it's junky, but it's tasty junk, and such a thing needs no justification as long as it's only once in a while. We're all good little vegans, after all: live a little!

The chips are crispy, and the sauces are great (my fave is the thai -- which is a peanut sauce), although not all sauces are vegan so it's best to let them know. The burger patties are about as much like my distant memories of beef as I've ever had.

The best thing about lord of the fries, though, is that it passes as your corner greasy spoon: people pile off the train a flinders street and unwittingly eat vegetarian, and I looove the subterfuge.

Vester Alle 15, Arhus, Denmark

Curious decor!

30 Jun 2012

The guy at the counter said that everything on the menu was vegan (and that seemed to be the case), so I'm not sure why this is filed under "veg friendly". The food was very tasty, and abundant. All raw. My only complaint -- and this did make it a little difficult to digest my food -- was that each wooden chair was draped with a lambskin. What's up with that?? My guess is that they're health vegans, and haven't thought through the range of clientele they might be getting. If you're reading this, Rabar, take my advice and DITCH THE DEAD ANIMAL SKINS!!! (I didn't complain on the day because my friend was excited about taking me to a vegan cafe in her home town, so I was on my best behaviour).

6 Victoria St, Hobart

Why can't Sydney have a joint like this?

19 Jan 2010

We came to Sirens with high expectations, and were not disappointed. The atmosphere is cosy - decorated in Art Nouveau/orientalist style, with Norman Lindsay flourishes. There are plenty of vegan options, and the dishes are creative and surprising. The tempeh with couscous was delicious, as was the vegan dessert: a chocolate tart. The wine options are also excellent. Sirens is certainly on a par with Melbourne's Shakahari's, and I only wish that Sydney had an equivalent "fine-dining" veg*n experience. All in all, Sirens is a gem, to which I hope some day to return.

22-24 King St, Newtown

Great products, friendly people

25 Nov 2012

This little shop is a great addition to Enmore Road and the vegan precinct around Newtown. The products are tasty and not overly processed, mostly seitan based. You can buy sausages, schnitzels, etc., to prepare at home, or eat-in or take away a burger, pie, or other yummy treat. They also stock "socially vegan cakes", vegan cheese, sauces, and liquid smoke, among other things. There was a lovely, smiley and helpful young lady serving when I was there. Nothing to complain about.

4 Burwood Road, Concord

Something different in Asian veg cuisine

09 Sep 2012

This is a very subtle cuisine -- without overpowering flavours. We had the crispy tofu rice pot and the "fish" rice pot, as well as udon noodle. All were excellent, generously portioned, and reasonably priced (c. $12). You need to let the waiter know if you are vegan, as there seem to be quite a lot of dishes that use egg and milk. I would still recommend, however, as there are plenty of selections for vegan diners.

169 Rankins Rd, Kensington

OMG! Vegan donuts!

02 Feb 2013

Visiting from Sydney, I'm now almost ready to concede the vegan to trophy to Melbourne. This place is an oasis. Vegan danishes, vegan almond croissants. Did I mention the vegan donuts? So good, so happy! Good old-fashioned bakery. There's bread too. It looks real good, but we only came for dessert.

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