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44 Kingsway, Vancouver, Canada


12 Oct 2012

+ decent portions
+ accessible location

- I HATE it when stupid hipsters with greasy full beards or moustaches prepare my food
- mediocre flavours
- now my own home is far from immaculate, but if I was serving food, I'd at least have a clean-looking environment

2096 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, Canada

ugg, no

12 Oct 2012

a vegan dinner companion got some real cheese in her supposedly vegan salad, gross!
So was that incompetence or carelessness? either way, it sux.
My chili was decent, but unspectacular
I abhor hipsters, especially when their stereotypical apathy affects my vegan food
and its accompanying inattentive customer service
Shoddy vegan selection
My first, and very likely last visit as a vegan.
For vegans, don't bother; vegetarians, ok, I guess.

1197 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, Canada

Vegan 'Nammer guy reviews Vietnamese restaurant

12 Oct 2012

+ nice, authentic flavours
+ decent portions
+ friendly staff
+ for an omnivore, the head chef
is fairly knowledgeable about veganism
+ closes at 10pm, which is good

- the serving staff is not as knowledgable as they should be
- obviously taste is subjective,
but some dishes are good, while some are meh

PLEASE, all you vegans out there, suggest to the restaurant that they go 100% vegan, (hehe, 3G).
After some 3rd-party, verification, I would love to one day see this resto listed as a "vegan restaurant".

3667 West Broadway, Vancouver, Canada

so relaxing.....zzzzz....

12 Oct 2012

+ serene atmosphere
+ rice pudding was tasty

- food was merely competent in flavour
- service was inconsistent from one server to the next
- non-descript outside storefront (you might miss it if you haven't been back for awhile)

8681 10th Ave, Burnaby, Canada

Review by a Vietnamese vegan

06 Jan 2012

+I had never been a huge fan of regular pho, but vegan pho=mmm
+their food is also very much liked by a close omnivore friend of mine, where he & I make the long car trip from Vancouver about twice a month, which says alot
+very good prices +nice, authentic flavours +no msg
+wide range of menu items +consistent quality

-minimal staffing, so Fri/Sat nights are very busy
-inattentive service -location is not transit friendly
-located in northeast Burnaby, in a weird mall plaza out in the middle of nowhere

+++I've been vegetarian for 11 years & vegan for 7; this is my favourite restaurant in the Vancouver area. If it was within walking distance from my house, I'd visit at least twice a week
.....the downsides, I can live with, so I'd still have to give it a 5/5

2724 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, Canada

Don't go here if u are vegan

06 Jan 2012

=having a long history in this city and being well known among part time vegetarians doesn't justify all of the accolades that this place gets year in & year out
=the food there was passable

+open 24 hours
+nice environment

-in my experience, poor service
-do not go here if you are vegan

---the longer that I've been vegan, the more paranoid I've become, so the last time I was there, the server ended up getting ahold of the kitchen ingredients binder for all of their menu items, and to me, it seemed that several of what I expected to be vegan items, in fact, had dairy byproducts. Not trace amounts, but actually as an ingredient. So ever since then, I have yet to go back, and will likely never go back there again.
I have now started down that slippery slope of not completely trusting "vegetarians" when it comes to genuine vegan food....
Updated from previous review on Friday January 06, 2012

2119 Kingsway, Vancouver, Canada

mmm, pizza

12 Oct 2012

+ pizza like how it should be
+ decent selection of toppings
+ pretty cool to be able to get vegan pizza-by-the-slice
+ non-pizza items are good
+ run (almost?) exclusively by vegans

- delivery service is spotty (I'm told that as sales go up, delivery service will improve)
- prices are merely ok; conventional pizza joints give you relatively more pizza for your buying dollar
- "eat-in" price NEEDS to be the same as "pick-up" price,
as the only reason a pizza joint ever charges more for a pizza
is to pay for the delivery guy,
so yeah, please point this out to them

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