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1639 Deulvaddo, Anjuna-Vagator, Goa, India

quite good, but isn't veg.

13 Feb 2010

the food was really nice, a bit expensive, and it is not 100% vegetarian, despite having lots of famous veg quotes in the menu. There are at least 2 fish meals on the menu and eggs. If you really push it they will make their pancakes vegan. The pesto is vegan and very good. There are 2 great vegan desserts. Why not all of them though?

off Agonda Road between Palolem and Agonda, Goa, India

One of the best restaurants

13 Feb 2010

This restaurant is fantastic. Almost vegan, and aiming for veganism. Owned by a lovely local Indian family who speak great English. They make soy milk from organic beans(apparently - but I am not certain) and soy yoghurt and tofu. This is the only place I've been able to get a vegan mango lassie in India. The strawberry soy lassie is also wonderful. The tofu is a bit bland but all the dishes come with amazing dips, hummus, dressings, pesto etc. There is a great range of raw salads and juices and the water is fine. I drank it the whole time I was in Goa and didn't get sick. There are vegan cakes as well, some gluten and sugar free. Blue Planet is moving to a new location soon where it will become even better and hopefully all vegan!

House No.875/2, Arjuna, Goa, India

NOT vegetarian

13 Feb 2010

serves some fish and chicken. yuck. I visited a local chicken broiler farm and they're as grotty as western broilers, dead birds and several inches of shit etc. But the service is good and they understand vegan. The sesames for the tahini are fried in butter - beware! The juices and good. They wash in filtered water so salads and icecubes are ok. There is a games shelf so you can play chess of connect 4 or whatever over your meal. And they make choice vegan pesto. The pancakes are not vegan but they altered the recipe for me when I told them how to make it vegan, and it came out really well.

13 Ratchadamnoen Rd Soi 4, Chiang Mai, Thailand


25 Dec 2015

the vegan yoghurt but it was quite foul. the passion cheesecake was frozen solid and not very nice flavour or quantity considering the price. my friend ordered a thai meal and that was much nicer.

Pelzerstr. 10, Bremen, Germany

not veg

08 Jun 2010

this place is good for a refreshing juice. quite tricky to find a good juice bar like this. however, the staff seemed to be unaware of this place being veg or that its on happycow, there was a tuna salad, and no understanding of what veganism is... if youre tired of eating doner or curry this place offers some healthy selections, just watch you dont end up with fish salad!

89 Rangoon Rd 01-04 Urban Lofts, Central Singapore, Singapore

top restaurant

13 Feb 2010

this was the best restaurant i visited in singapore. there is honey in some of the drinks which i didn't think to ask about. the lasagne is fantastic, but so was everything i tried there. the woman who runs this place is an amazing chef and really understands veganism.

Suntec City Mall, Sky Garden 03-016 Tower 2, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Central Singapore, Singapore

100% vegan for once

13 Feb 2010

I feel comfident going to Loving Hut that all their food is vegan and no yoghurt will come to my table. The laksa is good, tofunaise dressing is good. Nice muffins. No MSG. Friendly and cheap and very fast service. Not sure if the soy is GMO though... didn't think to ask at the time.

Arambol beach, North Goa, Goa, India

couldn't find it

13 Feb 2010

i went to arambol especially to visit this cafe but couldn't find it. i met some local raw vegans who hadn't heard of it and the phone number was answered by someone who didn't speak english.

163A Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Inconsistent Olive Pitting

25 Jun 2013

Some olives had stones while others did not. This caused a lot of confusion. Did I swallows stones? Maybe. But if that is the case there should be a public safety message on the bowl. Oh well, we didn't pay for them anyway! The cider works.

Antoniego Corazziego 4, Warsaw, Poland

don't go there

18 Jul 2016

this cafe PROMISED me that the two cakes I purchased were vegan. I made it very clear that I was allergic to dairy and vegan. next two days I was very sick with symptoms of my dairy allergy. I contacted the cafe and asked for a copy of the ingredients only to discover that the cakes contained eggs, butter, cream and milk. i asked for a refund twice and they never wrote back again. totally shit way to treat customers.

34/1 Ratmakka Rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Good stuff

27 Dec 2015

I had a red curry and my pal had a pumpkin curry. Both really tasty and portion size ok. The staff are friendly and speak good English and the atmosphere is relaxed.

67/9-10 Soi Sukhumvit 42, Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok, Thailand


05 Jan 2016

overpriced and kind of yuck. I got the mocha cake and the red velvet cake and both were average. went there on the basis of someone's review saying it's the best vegan cake in Bangkok but I totally give that prize to Veganarie. at least there is a good selection of average vegan cakes.

Admiral Str. 97, Bremen, Germany

nice but has cows milk

08 Jun 2010

this caravan kiosk is run by a super friendly vegan man. the food prep is clean and totally vegan. however, they make coffee and offer unhappy cow milk for the suckers who request it. we had a long talk about this and the fact that the shop is called veganbar which left me unconvinced. the food is ALL vegan and the vegan sauces and seitan faux meat are great if you like that kinda stuff.

if you want something more healthy they will happily give you a salad plate, not currently on the menu.

organic drinks sold in bottles. as with almost all my german coffee drinking experiences, the soy latte is average

but all in all this place is fantastic and usually surrounded by kids and families and always nice vibes. definately the best place to eat in bremen imho

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