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1701 E Guadalupe Rd, Tempe, USA

So Fresh and so Clean, Clean!

We went here for Mother's Day brunch. The brunch specials included Berry Bliss French Toast, and Banana Fosters pancakes. As I looked around I saw some people with what looked like regular old wheat toast, topped with berries. I feared this was their version of french toast (but I never inquired) so I ordered Banana Foster pancakes and the Vegan Breakfast Burrito (sans the tortilla and cheese).

The pancakes were...weird. They did not taste like pancakes. At. All. It was like a funky dough, stuffed with bananas. I wondered if we were mistakenly given gluten free pancakes. Alas, I did not ask. The bananas were fresh, and it didn't taste "bad," just...weird. My brunch date had the Berry Me Alive smoothie, which she said was very good and satisfying.

My vegan breakfast burrito (naked)/bowl was very good! The spinach was fresh and raw, to my surprise. This gave an extra kick to an already flavorful bowl. It was perfectly seasoned and had lots of fresh veggies. (I keep saying fresh b/c it was SO fresh!) It was supposed to have bacon (tofu bacon) in it, but I did not see any bacon. I enjoyed it, nonetheless. Both of our dishes came with fresh fruit (in season oranges and strawberries; both sweet and delicious!)

We were given a personal pitcher of water for our table, which I love, because I drink lots of H2O.

The service was very friendly. Everyone was so nice. It was busy, but we were able to get an outside table.

It's located in a strip mall off of Guadalupe and McClintock. There was no main, overhead sign when I went, so I missed it from the street. Just go into the Trader's Joe's parking lot and drive past the Walgreens (or CVS), and it's in a corner to the left.

I will return to try some of their other menu offerings (I saw meatloaf!), and to ask about those "pancakes" which did not taste like pancakes.

2425 18th St NW, Washington, USA

Best Falafel ever!

The. Best. Falafel sandwich. EVERRR!! There's a topping bar (98% vegan & 100% vegetarian), which is an ingenious idea! Plus you have a choice of white or whole wheat pita bread. The fries were awesome as well. And the customer service was great. I can't wait to get back to Washington, D.C. & get another one...or three! :)

1740 E McDowell Rd Ste A, Phoenix, USA

Extremely Disappointing

I love Ethiopian cuisine, and I especially love that they have so many vegan dishes. That being said, it pains me to have to rate this establishment as sub-par. It may have just been an off day.

I arrived around 11:30am. We were the only ones there. I ordered a vegan plate. I was advised I could choose 4 sides, so I chose Misir Wat, Tikel Gomen, Gomen, & Shiro (sp?). My lunch companion is a meat eater; she requested Doro Wat, but was advised they didn't have that today. So, make that 2 vegan plates. No problem.

40 min later our food comes out. I'm very patient, so I wasn't too bothered or upset by this. Then I tried to pay. "No cash?" she asked, as I stand with my credit card in hand. I simply replied, "No." She said that she didn't have the password. I didn't even ask why a password was needed to swipe my card. She called somebody, then informed me that he was on his way. Who? The password?? So we sit...

A man arrived @ 15-20 min later, apologizing profusely. As he processed the charge ($20; $10 per plate), he chatted me up. He asked if it was our first time, and inquired how we heard about them. I answered accordingly. He then requested I rate them highly. Enter my side eye. I was ok with the hour it took to get and subsequently pay for our meal. But when you attempt to solicit unwarranted praise for subpar service, you've now picked my pickle, mister. You didn't even offer me a discount for the inconvenience.

The food:
misir wat & gomen were good, but I've had much better misir wat.
Tikel gomen was undercooked. My cabbage was almost crunchy
Shiro (sp?) was ok.

The portions of veggies were very small. And I eat small portions. There was a ton of injera bread though. Pity, because it went to waste.

Again, maybe it was an off day, but I don't plan on returning to find out.

Gran Viale 28/b, Lido di Venezia, Venice, Italy

Treasure find in Venice!

I happened upon Buddhabar Restaurant by happy chance while walking the streets on the island of Lido in Venice, Italy. We grabbed a table outside and were promptly greeted. The waiter was very nice, helpful, and knowledgeable about vegan food. He heroically saved the day by advising me that their vegetable samosas were not vegan-friendly. There were several vegan options from which to choose. I ended up doing a combo and creating my own dish. I ordered vegetable rice and the seitan & potatoes dish. The seitan/potato dish was so good, very flavorful and cooked perfectly. I added them to the rice, which made for an extremely satisfying dinner. I had enough left over to take away. The dishes were reasonably priced as well. Venice is not very vegan friendly, so I, for one, was over-joyed to discover this gem. I normally wouldn't give a meat-serving establishment anything above a 3, but I feel that a 4 is well-deserved in this case.

849 W University Dr, Tempe, USA

Delicious Ethiopian Cuisine

We've eaten here many times and they never disappoint. The food is always hot, fresh, and bursting with that infamous spiced-up flavor. I always get the veggie combo, which includes a string bean dish, cabbage & potato dish, collard greens, and spicy red lentils (my absolute favorite!), all for about $13. I usually have lefttovers, when I'm not being greedy. If you'd just like to try 1 thing, a veggie dish goes for about $5 individually.

If you have a group of veg*n diners, try the Veg Exclusive. It covers samplings of all their veggie dishes for about $36 (split it with friends and ease your pockets); there's no way 1 person could (or should) eat the exclusive by themselves. At least not in one sitting. It's a LOT of food.

The owner is very nice. Always greets everyone with a smiling face.

It's in a strip mall, so there is no issue with parking.

Nice place for family dining, date night, or grabbing a bite with friends.

2140 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, USA

May be ATL's finest vegan option!

I was on the go in Atlanta so everything I ate was boxed to go and eaten either in the car or back at the hotel, but this food was still good no matter where you ate it! I ordered the soy nuggets, Sesame "Chicken" and the Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake (OMV!!!!!), and EVERYthing was delicious! The nuggets and the sesame chicken were still crispy and hot when I got back to the hotel. I'm a fan of sauces so I was impressed with both the sauces that came with the nuggets as well as the sauce in which the sesame chicken was cooked; it was very flavorful and extremely tasty. And the choc raspberry mousse...my gawsh. I can't even begin to describe to my lust for more, even as I type. This will be the FIRST place that I revisit when I return to that neck of the woods. Oh, and the staff, or at least the guy at the front desk/counter was nice and helpful. He was actually the one to assist me in choosing which dishes to try as a first-timer.

219 E. Baseline Rd Ste H001, Tempe, USA

Deliciously Divine Vegan Caribbean Cuisine

When I heard that there was a place selling vegan Caribbean food, I was so excited. Caribbean Spice did not disappoint.

They have a menu board, with a “Vegan Corner,” where they list the most popular vegan options, like Vegan Jerk Chicken and Vegan Curry Chicken. Other vegan options on the board included, Jerk Tofu, Veggie Curry, Curry Tofu, and Vegetable Roti.

I spoke with one of the owners and she went over their vegan menu with me:
They have Tofu or soy chicken (Beyond Meat) available as a vegan protein; you choose which.
Vegan curry comes in a tofu or veggie option. The veggie curry is made with chickpeas and curry potatoes.
Beans & rice are made with coconut milk; no butter or animal milk or broth involved.
Cabbage and plantains are vegan.
She said that they have a veggie patty that is vegan too.
She added that they cook everything fresh, so even if you don’t see something on the board, just ask for vegan.

They do not have any vegan desserts at this time. Per owner, they don’t use animal milk (they use coconut milk), but they do use eggs in their cakes.

I ordered the Vegan Jerk Chicken for $9.95, which comes with 2 sides: beans & rice, cabbage, or fried plantains. I ordered the beans & rice and cabbage, but with a side of fried plantains. The jerk “chicken” was beyond amazing! I spooned some of the jerk sauce onto my beans & rice and the result was heavenly. The cabbage was nicely seasoned, but it had more of a crunchy consistency than to what I am accustomed. It was good, nonetheless. My plantains never came, but it was ok because I was too full to eat anything else anyway. I simply asked for a refund, which was given without hesitation.

Drinks: ice tea, canned sodas (Coke products) and some bottled drinks. They have a juice bar as well.

Order and pay at the counter; they’ll bring the food to your table. I arrived around 11:30am. There was only 1 other table at that time, and they were already eating, so my food didn’t take long to arrive.

Cozy little inside. One wall is hand-painted with pictures of South America and the Caribbean Sea. The owners are from Guyana, so their flag is proudly displayed. They have a TV for the customers' entertainment. I really like the outside, which has a wraparound porch with tables; perfect for outside dining. Shares a parking lot w/ neighboring businesses. You can see their sign from Baseline.

Delicious vegan Caribbean food at a reasonable price. I’ll definitely go back; I want to try the curry too!

15 E 6th St, Tempe, USA


I was SO excited to try the vegan street tacos! I got them and was unfortunately, unimpressed. They lacked sabor. I also paid like $4 for some of the most bland guacamole this side of the border.

I plan to give their carne asada bowl and vegan brunch a try one day. I'll update as needed at that time.

Boria 17, Barcelona, Spain

Vegan Big-Mac!

After over a year of planning, I finally made it to CatBar on 15Jun. I found a spot near the back and nestled in for my indulgence. The bar had a very funky, hip vibe. Loved the ambience and the decor. It was late and I was hungry and in a hurry so I just ordered the veggie burger. I haven't had a flesh burger in decades, but I do recall the Big Mac's special sauce, and this burger reminded me exactly of that... It was vegan comfort food heaven! So so good it was. I ordered a chocolate & some sort of apple-ish cake to go. Both were very yummy as well. I'll happily return one day to try more.

15425 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, USA

Sofritas Sabrosas!

The first time I had sofritas was at this location, and it was magnificent. A perfect blend of spice and flavor, with a nice, light texture (not chewy or mushy). As a burrito, it's simply perfect. When I want something on the lighter side, I get a sofritas bowl. I tried the hard tacos, but I got it to go, and by the time I got home (which isn't far, at all), my tacos were soggy. No bueno.

This location sometimes overcooks its tortilla chips, other than that, the food is always fresh and yummy. Watch them when they scoop your guacamole, because sometimes pieces of shredded cheese fall into the guac tray.

Also, know that if you get a veggie burrito with sofritas, they'll now charge you extra for guacamole (1.80, I believe); this is the case at all Chipotle locations, not just this one. You may get a veggie burrito with guacamole and no sofritas for no extra charge. You just can't get both w/o an up-charge.

This location is on the smaller side, and it gets very busy during lunchtime, M-F. And the way they are set up, you are likely to be standing outside...in the sun...waiting. The line does move fast though. I suggest placing your order online, via their website or via the mobile app (super easy to use). You'll get a pick-up time, and this way you can skip the line and go straight to the cashier. You may also pay online and via the app.

They share a parking lot with several other eateries, so parking is a real pain during the lunch rush. Try to beat the rush and arrive before 11:30am.

Small patio area with @ 3 or 4 tables, if I remember correctly.

Located in the strip mall area across from the Scottsdale Quarter, on the NE corner of N Scottsdale Rd & Greenway-Hayden Loop.

3475 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, USA

Veg on the run...

Vegas offers plenty of fancy vegan options, but if you're walking the strip and need a quite bite, Chipotle is your place. Located in the Quad, near Harrahs & Margaritaville, across the street from Treasure Island & Caesar's Palace. You can see the sign from the boulevard; it shares space with a couple of other (non-veg friendly) eateries.

They offer sofritas & it's yummy as usual. There's limited seating & it was extremely crowded. We were in line for nearly 1/2 an hour. Not such a quick bite, but it worked for the moment.

815 E Baseline Rd, Tempe, USA

Sofritas in the Valley!

After relentless hassling them via Twitter about when we'd get the sofritas in Arizona, it has finally arrived.

So far, I have tried sofritas (it's a braised, shredded, organic tofu with "chipotle chilis, roasted poblanos, and a blend of aromatic spices"; it's yummy, that's what it is!), in the hard tacos, as a bowl, and in the burrito. (Do not get the hard tacos to go... They'll be soggy by the time you get back to wherever you're going.) The sofritas are so deliciously spicy and tasty; they are amazing. (It may be too spicy for some.) It's much better than their garden blend protein that they introduced a few years ago in some markets. Kudos to them for perfecting their vegan protein offering.

Keep in mind, now that the sofritas are available, if you get guacamole, you'll be charged the extra $2 (or whatever it costs in your city). I know just get chips and guac. Their guacamole is excellent, and I love the lime and salt taste of their warm tortilla chips. Ole!

1595 W Highway 89A, Sedona, USA

Save your time...and money

This is one of those places that you really want to love. It's the only dedicated vegetarian restaurant left in Sedona. It's super cute, and there is a chocolate showcase. What's not to love? Answer = the food.

I took some non-veg*ns with me and this is one of those places that make omnivores shun veg*n food. It was bland...very boring and flavorless. I wanted to love my veggie burger, but I couldn't find even 1 saving grace for it. My fellow diners and I all left hungry, disappointed, and feeling cheated at being charged so much money for such unappealing food.

Their chocolate shake is pretty good; that's about it.

On a side note, I hope Happy Cow looks into all of the raving reviewers with just 1 (or only a few) reviews. These seem quite suspicious!

2132 Oxford St, Berkeley, USA


An omnivore friend recommended Cinnaholic. I'm not a fan of cinnamon buns, but after checking out their website and seeing all the flavors they offered, I couldn't resist. I got enough for the whole family (an excuse for me to try several flavors). We got Butter Pecan, Caramel, Cream Soda, Strawberry, Coffee, & Root Beer. The caramel & cream soda were AWESOME!! It was like $4.50 per cinnamon bun, but they were huge! There were some fantastic creations that I hope to try on my next trip to the Bay area. Everything is vegan too! It's a small little cafe right across from UC Berkley. The staff was very nice & polite. I hope this new place gets lots of attention & love.

206 E 13th Ave, Denver, USA

O' My Hero!

Speechless. Have you ever had food that was so good that you just sat back and stared in awe at it's fabulocity? Well I did just that with City O' City. I arrived hungry in Denver @10pm on a Sunday evening, & luckily their kitchen is open till midnight. I ordered teriyaki seitan wings, buffalo seitan wings, French fries, Frites Gastriques, Beer-Battered Onion Rings, & Sweet Potato Jalapeño Croquettes. They have a list of sauces from which you may choose. As a BIG lover of sauces (almost & sometimes more than the dish itself) this was an epic win! I chose the chimichurri, garlic lemon aioli, & chipotle mustard sauces. The 2 latter sauces were my absolute favs. SO GOOD!! The buffalo seitan wings are unbelievably slap-somebody good! They will hold their own in any taste test against flesh-death wings. I want to hug whoever created this dish. The perfect coating, texture, & sauce that has kick, but doesn't leave you gasping for water to extinguish the fire. I need this mass-marketed ASAP! And do not pass up those sweet potato jalapeño croquettes. I'm surprised this isn't a normal soul food staple. It's very good! My omnivorous family had the animal lover's pizza w/vegan cheese and they loved it. I called in my order and it was ready when I got there. I cannot wait to catch a sale fare back to Denver; I'm going straight to City O' City!

901 N 5th St, Phoenix, USA

E, for Effort

I took advantage of the Groupon offer and revisited.

2nd trip:
I got the California Club, which came w/ tortilla chips. Very tasty sandwich, but the avocado was old/bitter tasting. I removed the avocado and enjoyed the rest of my sandwich.

I got more of those chocolate chip cookies that I previously raved about. They were very hard this time; I could barely bite down on it. I couldn't believe this was the same cookie! So sad. :(

3rd trip:
I got the Chickpea Chick'un Salad Sammie, which came w/ chips. I didn't know what to expect, and frankly, I was quite hesitant. However, it was very good! It was flavorful, delicious & filling.

I tried the "frown-erasing" brownies & OMG! Amazing! Moist, chocolatey & perfect! A must try for brownie &/or chocolate lovers!

So again, it's hit or miss here.

------------ updated from previous review

To be honest, I had avoided this place for the longest due to the bad reviews. But I decided to have an open mind and give it a try.

I ordered the Fuerza Locale street tacos, which are made with jackfruit. These were very tasty and did not disappoint! I ordered my street tacos with a side of beans and rice. Another member made a comment about the burrito having a bad smell. I believe I encountered that smell, which came from either the beans or the rice. It was quite off-putting and disturbing. I honestly have no explanation...

I also ordered a piece of cookies n' cream cake and a chocolate chip cookie to go. The cake was alright. That cookie was amazing though! The cookie had the perfect crisp + chewy combination and it had that fresh out of the oven homemade taste. I may order a few dozen of these for my next party.

The main dessert display case is partially open and flies were flying around and into that case. I did not like this.

There are a few other things that I'd like to try, so I will go back. However, I will stay away from all things rice & beans, and I will always request my desserts from the other (closed) dessert case.

The people were nice and friendly. Prices are moderate. They accept credit cards. Street parking.

This location is actually a small house. Very limited indoor seating. There was some outdoor seating as well (also limited). It's covered with bright and colorful graffiti, making it easy to find. There's also a sign on the SE corner of Roosevelt and 5th, pointing you towards its location.

Keep an eye out for Groupon offers

Updated from previous review on May 13, 2014

6634 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, USA

An OK diamond in the rough!

I mapped out this little gem for our family road trip a few weeks ago, & let me tell you, after hours of traveling this spot was heaven sent! I had the sweet & sour mock shrimp (they are yam based) w/brown rice, vegan egg rolls & wontons. Everything was good & tasty. They didn't have vegan desserts that day (I'd heard about the marble cake), so I guess I'll have to travel back down to Tulsa one day. ;)

1301 NW Grand Ave, Phoenix, USA

Delightful Veggie Diner!

As of this review, the listed address is incorrect; the correct address is 1301 NW Grand. (A minor detail that had me circling the corner of Grand & 7th ave multiple times) ;) I called and was guided to the right place. There's a large "Bragg's Pie Factory" sign, which is very helpful for people, like me, who have never been down here before.

We had the Frank Lloyd Bite and Koo-Koo Banana Pancakes. Everything was good. I'm not a big fan of the eggplant "bacon" but it was still good in taste. My favorite was the biscuit and gravy. If any veg*ns are from the south, this reminds me of southern granny's breakfast biscuits. SO good. I spent less than $20 for our meal.

The waiters and waitresses were very friendly and attentive. My water never bottomed out...and I drink a lot of water. She was on top of it!

The diner is very cute, clean, and the staff is super friendly and helpful. There's indoor seating, but not a lot. I did not count, but I'm guessing enough for about 30 people? There were only 2 in my party, so we were seated quickly. The place was full and stayed that way; we left and 10 more people were coming in. There's a dedicated parking lot across the street for additional parking.

I have been wanting a place to go for vegan pancakes, and now, with the exception of Mondays, I shall want no more.

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