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"Standard of food not up to the price"
West London, England on 29 Jul 2014

"Good bagels"
Melbourne on 15 Jul 2016

"Good enough food, very busy..."
Footscray on 27 Oct 2013

"First impressions..."
Abbotsford on 30 Jan 2014

"Reasonably priced, decent food but mistake with vegan"
Fitzroy on 29 Aug 2017

Tokyo, Japan on 26 Jul 2015

"Decent feed"
Hanoi, Vietnam on 01 Jul 2016

"Reasonably priced, tasty lunch"
Cabramatta on 12 Jul 2017

"Food fine but no cooling"
Hoi An, Vietnam on 01 Jul 2016

"Pleasant spot"
Hoi An, Vietnam on 30 Jul 2016

Wellington on 09 Jan 2018

"Pleasant cafe, limited but decent vegan choices"
Richmond on 08 Dec 2013

"Noisy, overpriced and average"
Surry Hills on 08 Jul 2017

"Disappointed again"
Glebe on 27 Jan 2014

"Decent vegan Thai cuisine available"
Carlton on 01 Dec 2013

"Not a huge choice"
Rotorua on 02 Jan 2018

"Good coffee spot and a vegan option or two "
Christchurch on 30 Jan 2018

"Good pizza, noisy atmosphere"
Fitzroy on 31 Aug 2016

"Tasty dose of deep-fried goodness, but not much more"
Newtown on 07 Jul 2017

"Good for the price"
Newtown on 29 Jan 2014

"So cheap you have to come back"
Haymarket on 08 Jul 2017

"Food is OK but watch out for egg "
Nha Trang, Vietnam on 19 Jun 2016

"Good, reliable vegan Vietnamese food"
Footscray on 08 Dec 2013

"Just great, exceeded expectation..."
Sydney on 21 Mar 2015

"If you feel like British-style food"
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 24 Jul 2016

"Nice to have an option"
Yarraville on 12 Jan 2013

Wellington on 13 Jan 2018

"Curly fry and Stephen Fry"
Christchurch on 26 Jan 2018

"Very nice place to relax over lunch..."
Osaka, Japan on 26 Jul 2015

"Simple, good and healthy"
Paris, France on 04 Oct 2013

"Great space, decent vegan options"
Palmerston North on 08 Jan 2018

"Delicious and reasonably priced pizza"
Northcote on 17 Dec 2017

"A bit disappointing"
Preston on 13 Aug 2017

"Very good with just a couple let downs "
Ballarat on 10 Sep 2016

"Highlight of Nha Trang food"
Nha Trang, Vietnam on 19 Jun 2016

"Great vegan lunch..."
Kyoto, Japan on 21 Jul 2015

"Pizza good, salad left a bitter taste"
Wellington on 11 Jan 2018

"Always nice to find vegan food in a mall, but..."
Kew on 21 Mar 2014

"Good food and cheap"
Da Nang, Vietnam on 16 Jul 2016

"Consistently good"
Newtown on 26 Jan 2013

"Not meeting expectations..."
Adelaide on 06 May 2014

"If you find yourself in town at lunchtime..."
Melbourne on 16 Sep 2014

"Pretty unimpressed"
Metro Manila, Philippines on 11 Jan 2013

"A satisfactory lunch..."
Sapporo, Japan on 02 Jul 2015

"Not impressive"
Richmond on 14 Aug 2016

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