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259 W 23rd St, New York City, USA

Great food to take away

When we went there we were a bit surprised by the size of the restaurant and that they don't really seem to be prepared for people who want to stay for eating. Luckly we wanted to take the food to our hotel room anyways. After we ordered it didn't take long and we were leaving the place with our food package and a tempting smell of garlic from the package.

What shall we say? The food was fantastic, we had pasta with meatballs (that's where the garlic was hidden!) and one of the nice wraps - just yummy!
When we went there the next day (the day before Independence Day) we unfortunately had to pick food from the fridge, because they obviously didn't expect customers to want fresh food the day before July 4th. :) But even the fridge wraps were excellent.

1513 17th St NW, Washington, USA

Best milkshake in the world

We went there a hot summer day and had to wait outside for one hour until they opened (unfortunately we didn't realize that they open at 3pm). The waitresses were extremely understanding and helpful with our early arrival. When the oven was switched on we were free to order. Well, and we ordered almost half of the menu.
The sandwich with chips was great, the burger was excellent and the most delicious milkshake I ever had was the Oreo-cookie (soy)milkshake. As you can imagine our bill was sinfully high, but since we are still talking about this great place's food even half a year later, it was totally worth it!

Louisenstrasse 58, Dresden, Germany

Good choice even for vegans

This place is not 100% vegan, because they sometimes have soups or desserts made with dairy, but the rest of the changing menu is 100% vegan and organic.
When we went there fortunately everything on the menu was vegan, so no danger at all. The place was crowded (seems to be popular among young Dresdeners!) and it was a nice and warm Asian-kitchen-atmosphere, although the owners aren't Asian. To order yozr food you need to go to the desk, where you can pick up your meal after some minutes. We ordered the Indian Dal lentil soup which had to be cooked extra for us (because the last Plate was sold right in front of us). The waiting time of 20 minutes was totally worth it, it was the best lentil soup I had in years and the Chili con Soya we also had was quite nice, too. Well, the Chili could have been a bit more spicy. Next to the front desk you can pimp your food with different dips and sauces.
Organic lemonade, coke and the famous german Club Mate is available in a fridge next to the front desk.
Most meals you can choos between a small or a big portion, the prices are great for the meals they serve.

Krossener Str 12, Berlin-Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany

There you go - here are some extra love handles

Since the shop is in our neighbourhood, we really like to go for a walk on sundays and reward ourselves with a beautiful cupcake. The shop is quite nice and decorated with style and love for the 50s, but if you don't want to take your cupcake with you, there's nearly no chance to find a place to sit (especially when you are more than 1 person!), because it's always crowded. Some of the ladies in the kitchen are extremely kind and polite, others treat you as you would disturb them in their daydream by asking for the vegan option.
Yes, the vegan option. Although they have serveral vegan cupcakes and muffins on the menu, there is often only one kind in the glass case, which makes the choice for the vegan easy but sadly limited.
I don't think that the cupcakes only taste like sugar. In my mind they are suprisingly un-sweet. Compared to vegan cupcakes we had in New York City they are pleasing, you don't feel your teeth melt in the sugar - but that's only my sensation. But the other autors are right - it's too less to have only 2 kinds of dough (vanilla and chocolate) with different coloured icings on top.
The brownies are great - no matter which taste you choose.

The owner Daniel owns a Hardcore-Label, that is operation from the Cupcake - its name is Cupcake Records.

Rudolf-Leonhard-Str. 3, Dresden, Germany

First vegan spot in Dresden

We went to this place on a cold and windy autumn day and suprisingly inside it was kind of cold, too. The restaurant opened only months ago and it feels like they didn't find their style yet. Furnished with plain tables and chairs we kind of missed the livingroom-atmosphere.
We ordered the Garlic Pasta, the Satan Burger and the XXL Burger and some organic beer from the Dresden region. The food was quite nice, although I missed the special taste of "made with love". Maybe the cook was in a hurry or they always prerare the meals in a rush, to me the food seemed nothing special (maybe I am spoilt by all the other great vegan restaurants). Also I was missing the sweets, desserts and cakes they promised in the menu.
All in all the Falscher Hase is a nice place to have a quick meal, but to make it a cozy place, the owners need to put a bit more effort and vegan love in it.

1370 Park Rd NW, Washington, USA

Lick your fingers!

The choice of pastry was excellent and we almost made our budget explode by trying almost every piece of pastry they had. But let's not forget the delicious wraps, they are also worth trying. The interieur of this place reminds a bit of an old school American diner and people of all professions and ages are gathered here for a bite of Sticky Fingers food. Although this restaurant seems to be very popular among Washingtonians and tourists the prices are quite moderate.

60 W 23rd St, New York City, USA

Delicious food you can't get enough of

We went to Terri's the day after we arrived in NYC and were happy about finding such a nice place to get ourselves the first NYC food experience. Well, we ordered for take away, so we can't say anything about the restaurant-feeling when eating inside but we can tell from our positive impressions.

The staff was very very friendly and easy going, the wraps we had were extraordinary delicious (especially when you don't have to worry about your expensive bill), the smoothies are fresh made and you can choose between dozens of types and fruits (individual creations are welcome, too). The minimalistic modern interieur of the restaurant may seem cold to you, but inside you feel warmly welcome and treated as a friend.
Next time we are in NYC, we'll definitely be Terri's guest again.

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