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5420 E Burnside St, Portland, USA

AND he saw that it was good.

18 Jul 2014

I was reluctant to have breakfast here, thinking that being a vegetarian place it would be all about eggs, and eggs, and cheese, and eggs. But I was dragged by my wife. And what a sweet surprise!

This place was great. The vegan options outnumbered the non-vegan. (I don't understand why they don't just go all the way?) The breakfasts were very hearty, tasted great and the blue plate was particularly impressive. The kids liked their sweet waffles too.

In a desperate attempt I tried a coffee but alas, this place could not deliver something palatable. (Not unlike around 99% of all USA establishments - so no marks deducted for this.)

Very affable waitstaff too. We liked it and would come back again. We might have had a good run as it was not very busy - I'd hate to have the waft of chicken's eggs floating around while eating.

5240 University Ave NE, Seattle, USA

Good Thai

18 Jul 2014

We only had the lunch buffet here. The selection was limited but what they had was pretty good. Nothing to brag about but a decent feed. The place is nice and clean and it appeared that the buffet was regularly attended to by the staff.

A tip: Bring your gas mask if you come to University Ave and don't want to get stoned on second hand smoke. Or breathe in deeply - whatever floats your boat.

4/39 Woolley St, Dickson, Canberra

Great Vietnamese food in a great setting

02 May 2014

A clean, modern and intelligently simple place with plenty of space.

The food was great - I found nothing especially exhilarating but it was good quality vegan Vietnamese fare.

Unfortunately most of the desserts contain dairy. It's extremely unfortunate when a place could be fully vegan but a few simple omissions like this spoil it. They did have soy ice-cream but compared to the non-vegan offerings it was underwhelming.

Well worth a visit. I will return without a doubt when next in Canberra.

4631 Boul. St Laurent, Montreal, Canada

French for yum!

02 Mar 2012

This was *the* highlight of our stay in Montreal.

The most memorable items were a BLT where the B was smoked shredded coconut (yes, coconut!) and a cheezecake that we still talk about today as the best ever.

I'm confident that anyone who comes here will be impressed with the taste and the healthy little dab of adventurism. Lot's of healthy options too.

Even though it had a real upbeat feel and seemed full of young uni students our family with 2 young kids felt completely relaxed and at ease.

I like this place!

Calle de la Ballesta 13, Madrid, Spain

Fast food vegan style

27 May 2013

Good little place for a pit-stop with "fast food" type stuff. All very predictable but that's probably the right thing for fast food anyway. My double burger with cheeze clearly tasted like Fry's patties and I know some people don't like that stuff so now you know if that's you.

Has a menu in English too if you need it.

I'd not mind if I had a little stop like this in my own neck of the woods.

126 King St, Newtown

Great Pizza and good coffee too.

23 Sep 2013

I've been going her for years and always find it good. Since the new owner (2-3 years now?) it has become much less vegan-centric but the existing pizza selections remain and they are very good. Plus there are vegan deserts and other non-pizza vegan options.

Best vegan pizza I've had in Australia. My fave is the fasolada pizza smothered in guac. - might sound weird but try it - it's awesome. The margherita, the animal lovers... they're all good. Would give the pizzas 5 stars if I could. A little pricey though.

Lately it's not as consistent but they also generally make excellent coffee.

Eugenstr. 34, Tubingen, Germany

Great, simple food

29 May 2012

Simple and unpretentious food - a buffet of ragout/casserole type veggies. While it may sound uninteresting it was nothing less than superb. Oily enough to be super tasty without feeling like it was too naughty. Coupled with one of their malty non-beer drinks it made for a memorable meal.

I also tried three types of their own chocolates. The hemp version was very nice. The ginger version was too hot and spicy for me and I abandoned it after a few attempts. The lemongrass version was good enough that I'd drive a few hours out of my way to have it again. (Alert - the white chocolate is not vegan).

Tubingen is a university town so it has that fresh vibe throughout and it carries through into this place. I was there at lunch and it was not busy but I'd expect the evenings would be very exciting. The host was most affable.

All in all I was very glad to have visited this place.

24 W Main St, Spokane, USA

One of the best choices in town...

01 Oct 2014

... mainly because it's one of only two fully vegan choices in town.

I'd have preferred a warm hearty meal after the long drive in but this place had more cold selections. Think salads. (If you're into that sort of stuff this is your place.)

Nothing dazzled. But it was all vegan which is dazzling in itself. And the staffer was very nice too.

512 Rose Ave, Venice, USA

Honey I ruined the restaurant.

17 Jul 2014

A great place with a vibrant atmosphere, smart decor, broad range of menu selections and very yummy food. Suitable for both a quick stop or an evening out.

Everything we ordered presented well and tasted fantastic. I generally dislike raw desserts but the raw lime pie I tried here was great too.

This is a place I'd be happy to take anyone to showcase good vegan fare.

The honey is a downer - WTF? Fix that and it'd be pretty much perfect. I so wanna give you 5 stars but can't.

B3-B5/372 Pennant Hill Road, Carlingford

Check it out.

12 Jan 2016

Good Chinese / Asian fare. I was told all the menu items except the desserts were vegan. A bit pricey compared to competitors - around $17-18 per main item - but it's a nice space and clean looking place unlike many others.

If you are after a Chinese meal in this part of town then I recommend.

163 Lygon Street, Carlton

Excellent, creamy gelato

25 Jan 2016

Their soy gelato is amongst the best I've tasted and is super creamy. If you delight in simple single flavours - like pistachio, chocolate, coffee, etc. - then this is the right place. 5 star gelato.

1000 S Main St Unit 100, Salt Lake City, USA

Yum yum into my tum!

01 Oct 2014

Oooh yeah, this place is awesome!

The tiramisu tastes nothing like tiramisu - it tastes like something a lot better. It's super thick and if you don't tune out you can actually feel the heart attack material spreading through your veins. Highly recommended!

The marzipan slice also tasted nothing like marzipan - but it also tasted like something a lot better. And better than marzipan is quite a claim.

The cheeze sauce poured over the savoury scone was so good that it almost caused a fight in the car as I and my wife were sharing it.

And the various other sweets kept the kids quiet in the backseat for a long time.

Verdict? Do it!

Hana Hwy, Mile Marker 35, Hana, USA

Not romantic but excellent none-the-less!

02 Mar 2012

I was expecting a vegetarian *restaurant* at the end of the 3 hour "Road to Hana" drive. When I saw the food van I was disappointed - I was so expecting somewhere to sit down and eat peacefully. But we were hungry and out we went to see what they could offer.

By the end of it this was actually a most pleasant experience. The food was awesome. Most things were vegan. The vindaloo curry was deep red and the best I've ever had, hands down. And the pastries were fantastic too. While it was not the sit-down affair I was anticipating it was actually quite relaxing pulling up a chair and watching the cars go by and people pull in; they are very busy.

We spent around $50 and that only half-fed 2 adults and 2 very young kids and included no drinks or sweets. It is *very* expensive for take-away food. But if you're on holidays and you have a chance at good vegan food, who cares, right?

By the time we got back to our pad 3 hours away we were contemplating going back the next day for another feed!

3980 Fraser St, Vancouver, Canada

Amazing Graze

01 Oct 2014

Top notch!

The place is beautiful. Large and airy yet cosy - this would make a great spot for anything from a casual lunch to an intimate dinner date.

The food presentation was excellent. They managed to make some novel dishes out of less-than-novel ingredients and the taste was superb. The service was great too.

Nothing at all to fault here. Invite your non-vegan buddies too - they'll be knocked out.

2451 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Did someone say solid?

18 Jul 2014

In a very funky art deco building - hard to believe they got it so right in 2004!

Herbivore is good. It's a diner with mostly predictable items - but that's fine because we need that too, and they do it well. I remember the cheese-steak sandwich was very good. The kids also liked their meals a lot - but TBH I can't remember now what they got!

It is a diner style restaurant but it's different to, and much nicer than, the cheap and nasty diners I'm used to seeing on American TV. I'd happily bring someone special here.

It was a good meal. Thanks Herbivore.

1102 Pensacola St, Honolulu, USA

Love Loving Hut

02 Mar 2012

Loving Hut - somewhat predictable, but that's not a bad thing.

This place is my favourite of the two in town because it has more options (including some burgers / western foods too). Our family (with a couple of fussy small kids) were more than happy here. And a super-friendly host to boot.

Wholefoods for brekky/lunch and Loving Hut for dinner - vegan Honolulu holiday set!


348 7th Ave, New York City, USA

Good vegan pitstop

29 Jun 2012

This Loving Hut is different from most others I've seen since it does not have a predominately Asian influenced menu.

The menu is limited but the food is great. A particular rice dish - not sure of it's name anymore - stands out in my memory.

It's a tight little spot and very busy around lunch so think more "take out" at that time. But outside busy times it is comfy enough for a little meal.

2901 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, USA


18 Jul 2014

This was our first try of Native Foods. Conversion complete.

Everything is great but the Oklahoma Burger needs mention. This is the best, greasiest, tastiest burger ever. The moment I saw the battered pickles I knew it was gonna be good - and I even hate pickles. With fries or with the potato salad - all good.

Also, my young daughter reckons the cheesy quesadilla here is the best ever. Normally it's like "C'mon love, please eat your food.... Eat!... Eat NOW damn it!" Here it was like "Of course I'll get you another one." And when I went to take one of my younger son's nuggets he gave me a dirty look. All good signs - the kids are not gonna die of malnutrition and we wont look like bad vegan parents.

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