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701 23rd Ave, Seattle, USA

So Close

20 Jan 2016

The breakfast burritos I had here beat all the others in Seattle. Unfortunately, when I was in, they were out of everything else. It's clearly a family-run business. They need to clean the place up, and keep items in stock. I'll go again. Hopefully they'll have all the amazing stuff I read on their menu.

5420 E Burnside St, Portland, USA


20 Jan 2016

The food here was so good! It's small and crowded. I had to wait a long time for my table, but I got the meal of my dreams. I had a jalapeno popper waffle that I'm probably going to dream about tonight. My entire party was similarly enthralled.

63 El Wad HaGai, Jerusalem, Israel

Good Arabic Fast Food

20 Jan 2016

This is a great little spot to get a quick, local meal in the Old City. The staff is friendly. The hummus is unique. It tastes eggy? They assured me it didn't have any eggs in it. Maybe it's dill. You should try it and tell me what you think.

425 15th Ave E, Seattle, USA

Nerdy Little Slice of Heaven

07 Nov 2014

I love it here! Several of the dishes can be vegan. I had the Kale and Quinoa salad. It was really good. As is the coffee. There are compasses on the table and test tube flower vases. It's absolutely gorgeous. And it's full of tech and science books, fun little puzzles, gadgets, jewelry. Every time I come here I spend way to long and way too much money (on stuff- not food).

2460 Western Ave, Seattle, USA

Mixed Results

20 Jan 2016

I've been here a few times with mixed results. Last time my burrito was cold and too spicy. The time before it was pretty good. They have the same Shawn's Vegan Mac and Cheese that Pettirosso has. That's my favorite thing! As long as it's hot, it's good. Get that if you go here.

2901 E Madison St, Seattle, USA

I Like It

07 Nov 2014

I've been pretty happy here. The food is good. I think it's a little better than Plum Bistro. The interior is lovely. It's a great date spot. I haven't had the service problems other reviewers have. I agree that they could be more vegan friendly. About half the menu is or can be made vegan. Unfortunately, not the Portobello Wellington.

717 Pine St, Seattle, USA

Give it a try

15 Nov 2014

Yumm! Sauce is one of the most addictive substances on earth. Proceed with caution. I usually get the Hot N Jazzy bowl. The tofu has a weird springy texture, but sometimes I add it any way. The food has the fresh, bright flavors that I strongly prefer. I could eat here everyday.
The service is great! I forgot to say vegan for a bowl once. They were gracious about it and just made me a new one. For vegans, they'll substitute extra avocado for the cheese and cream, at no charge! They have other substitutions too, but I always stop listening at avocado. They have online ordering and serve beer and wine. Also, check out their specials. Right now there is an $8 Bowl and Brew.
All said, this is a solid bet for the downtown veg crowd. Eat here.

501 E Pine St, Seattle, USA

Go for the Coffee

18 Jan 2014

I've gone here several times. I think I've tried everything on the menu. The food is so-so. They use a ton of meat substitutes and they're all dry and salty. The tempeh wrap is decent though. The one sweet I've had was pretty good. The Nanaimo bar is cloyingly sweet, but well executed. The coffee is good and it's always crowded with an eclectic mix of people. I'll go back, but I wouldn't go out of my way.

394 Blair Blvd, Eugene, USA

Carl's Jr for Vegans

07 Jul 2010

My burger was messy and got all over. It was good. Everything can be made vegan and gluten-free. The burger wasn't very big and didn't come with any side. There are a 2 tall tables, but no place to sit. If there were a couple tables with chairs in the shade, I'd say it was perfect.

2621 Willamette St, Eugene, USA

They kill here

19 Jan 2014

I feel betrayed by Holy Cow on Willamette. They made their brand with their vegetarian food. But this place serves a ton of meat. The veg items are not very good.

1004 Willamette St, Eugene, USA

Not Vegan Friendly

21 Jun 2010

I tried to get a vegan smoothie here. The counter person said all their smoothies were prepackaged, and I couldn't get one. I have never tried to eat here, but I think I'll save my time anyway.

1605 N 45th St, Seattle, USA

Not Worth It

20 Jan 2016

The price tag sets the bar pretty high for Sutra. The food is overly complicated. There are so many ingredients per dish, the diner is left wondering what the featured item is. I've had more tasting menus than I care to admit, and this one has, by far, had the most ingredients. The decor is atrocious. Please hire a designer. Service was inattentive. This is NOT a fine dining experience.

1620 Broadway Ave Unit F, Seattle, USA


07 Nov 2014

I've order delivery from this place several times. I have only ever gotten the Berkley Vegan. I've had it both cooked and uncooked. It's definitely better when you cook it at home. It takes at least an hour and it's expensive for what it is. It's okay. I'll get again on a lazy night.

California Adventure Park, Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, USA

Squarely Okay

20 Jan 2016

This is about as good of food as I would expect to find at a park like California Adventure. We got our tofu in Teriyaki and Spicy Korean flavors. They were different colors, but we couldn't tell which one was which. The mango side was underripe, weird and gross. Don't get it. Also, ask for the allergen menu, and try the Lucky Fortune tea (it has soy whip).

Disneyland Park, Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, USA

I ate it

20 Jan 2016

Here's how my convo went (in Jan 2016):
Me: Does the vegetarian gumbo have butter in it?
Employee: No, it's vegan.

That satisfied me and I ate it. It was good, best meal of my Disney Adventure.

Disneyland Dr, Disneyland Park, Anaheim, USA

Worth the Wait

20 Jan 2016

The whip comes as soft serve or in a float with pineapple juice! Both are delicious. I find most things in Disneyland are not worth the line, but the Dole whip is!

6996 265th St NW, #103, Stanwood, USA

Pleasant Surprise

20 Jan 2016

I liked this place. The food was on par with the usual Chinese restaurant in the US. My favorite of the 3 dishes I tried was the Szechwan Tofu. There is a weird but cool indoor/outdoorish seating area. If you're in the area, go here.

2229 5th Ave, Seattle, USA

Good Place

07 Nov 2014

I had lunch here for the first time today. I had the Sabich without the egg. It was nice, fresh, fast. The salsa is sweet and delicious. The menu only has 3 items at this time, but the staff tells me they may expand it soon.
The decor is pretty bare, but back seating area has a huge window that looks onto the glass blowing studio next door. This place is just what I would expect from a quick lunch sandwich shop.

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