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2007 Broadway St, Sacramento, USA

Review Update - Poor service

10 Aug 2011

I used to really like Andy Nguyen's and the food remains fresh and delicious, but the service I received on my last visit was so bad I don't think I'll ever return. We went last week to use our Groupon and it was busy, which we expected. We had four people and were told we'd have to wait 30 min. We were third in line for a table. Over the next hour, people left and tables sat empty, but we still had no table. After the hour mark, with 3 empty tables, I asked about getting seated, which finally happened (glad I asked...). Then we were asked to move tables to accomodate a larger party. No sorry or please or thank you about anything. No apology for waiting....We were even told "your drinks are gonna take a while, ok?"

The kitchen staff here is amazing. The food is delicious and when the kitchen staff brought our food out they were very courteous and helpful. But the waitstaff/front of house is HORRIBLE and I highly recommend they consider restaffing or retraining for better customer service.

Also, I don't remember the exact pricing last time we were here, but it seems to be quite expensive now, especially considering the location.

Sorry, I won't be back.

Original Review from a couple year ago - I have read most of the reviews about Andy Nguyen's and was worried to try it due to many reports of inconsistency in quality and service. I have only been once so far, so I don't personally know about the consistency, but on the day I went, the food was outstanding. The best Vietnamese food I've had in quite a while. The dishes were full of flavors that were all different and the dishes offered a great balance of flavors and textures. I loved their use of fresh herbs as well. The serving sizes compared to price were pretty good as well. I don't know if there are different priced menus (lunch vs dinner), but we went around 3 pm and many entrees were around $8 for a nice-sized portion, which is pretty good for Sacramento. I also went with someone who eats gluten free and it was pretty easy to find items that both of us could share. The only lacking part of the experience was the slightly inattentive waitstaff (waiting to order, waiting for check, etc), but the wait was not excessive. I can't wait to go back, I just hope I don't experience some of the problems previously reviewers have had.
Updated from previous review on Monday January 05, 2009

2647 Cameron Park Dr, Cameron Park, USA

Amazing all Vegan/Gluten Free Bakery!

27 Jan 2009

My mom and I decided to make the trek out to Azna last week based on it being a fully vegan and gluten free bakery, plus the good reviews. I'm so glad we decided to make the trip out! All of the food was fresh and full of flavor. They had a large variety of scones, cupcakes, and much more (you can see their selection on their website), including cinnamon rolls that were to die for! I also loved my carrot raisin cupcake, and the savory bean and spinach pastry was amazing. For being gluten free, the prices were very reasonable. I have had their products from Whole Foods before (they sell in a few other markets), but there is no comparison to the flavor and texture when the products are fresh. The only major negative for me is the long drive, but we'll definitely be making the trip back regularly!

2200 4th St, San Rafael, USA

Worth the drive

31 Jul 2007

A friend of mine frequents Cafe Gratitude, so when I found out there was a newer location in San Rafael, we decided to try it together. The restaurant is beautiful and clean with, of course, the confidence boosting menu names the chain is known for. I loved my smoothie and the appetizer was great. Prices are fair, as long as you don't order an appetizer, drink, entree, AND dessert (we just couldn't resist!). Many items are priced under $10 and service was very friendly.

2451 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, USA

Extensive Vegan Selection

29 Mar 2008

Picked out Herbivore from the list of veg places in Berkeley to visit for dinner tonight. After fighting the downtown Berkeley traffic on a Friday night, we finally found a parking spot, and right across the street, lucky! The place was pretty busy but we were able to get a table for two right away. We ordered the spring rolls for an appetizer, which were not bad. We each ordered a cocktail, and both were delicious. They have quite an extensive selection of alcoholic beverages, including a lot of mixed type drinks. I'd recommend trying one of these interesting combos, with organic alcohols, agave nectar, etc. After looking over our menus forever, I finally decided on a barbecue sandwich and chose the potatoes as a side (as recommended by our server). It also came with a small green salad. The portions were very comparable to other similar non-veg type restaurants and prices were reasonable. We also got dessert, he got the German chocolate cake with ice cream and I got a lemon poppy seed donut. Both desserts were very good and I'd recommend either. I had plenty of leftovers to take home for lunch tomorrow. If you get a sandwich, get the potatoes, they are like garlicy french fries and are awesome. Prices are reasonable and restaurant was well lit and clean. I'd definitely go again.

620 G St, Davis, USA

Fun to look around

25 Sep 2007

The Davis Co-op is a staple in the Davis community. The atmosphere is fun and down-to-earth. The premade deli items are delicious (tofu salads, lasagna, etc) and I'd recommend it for a picnic or to-go lunch. There is a nice selection of specialty items but overall it's a bit too pricey to do a majority of grocery shopping.

640 W Covell Blvd Ste B, Davis, USA

Unfortunately this is too gross to ever return

11 May 2009

I will attach my previous review below. However, I have to update my review. I have only been here a handful of times, but I have family who went there quite often....that is, until they got a cigarette butt in their take out. That's right, a giant cigarette butt, right in with their green beans. When they called, the owner was apologetic and did offer new food, but I don't think any of us will ever be going back. If you can find a cigarette butt in the kitchen, what else does that say about the restaurant?

Previous review: Ding How is a regular Chinese restaurant with all the standard fare you'd expect. But if you ask for it (this is key, if you don't ask, they won't give it to you), you can get a full vegetarian menu, including several pages of options. It is mostly faux meat dishes, but they did offer vegetarian noodle dishes as well, that were faux meat free. The vegetarian menu was designed much like the regular menu but everything said "vegetarian" in the front. Some dishes were Vegetarian Sweet 'n Sour Shrimp, Vegetarian Cashew Chicken, etc. The dishes were not labeled vegan, so many of those mock meats may not be vegan, so ask! Also a lot of the food is greasy, the vegetarian options are definitely not low fat. This is a good place to eat if you are with die hard meat eaters and want to be able to eat more than one thing on the menu. Hot tea was given free. Service is fast and there is plenty of seating as it isn't usually super busy. Overall a nice option for veg in the Davis area.

Pros: full vegetarian menu * one of the few options in the area * fast service
Cons: full meat menu * not labeled vegan, need to ask * greasy

756 Kirkham St, San Francisco, USA

Vendor at Veg Festival

06 Oct 2008

This review is strictly about food quality, not about the establishment. Enjoy had a booth at the Veg Festival in San Francisco October 2008. They offered specials of any 3 items for $9. I had the sweet 'n sour "chicken", steamed veggies, and chow mein. It had lots of flavor without being overly heavy, salty, or too greasy (don't get me wrong, it still had that Chinese take out feel, just without too much to give you that yucky heavy feeling afterward). The veggies were very fresh and crisp. The noodles were probably my least favorite, a little on the bland side, but the veggies and sweet 'n sour dish were very good. It was definitely a splurge for more junk food style meal, but if you're looking for that Chinese take out kind of meal, this will hit the spot. They also provided menus for their regular restaurant - hours are Tues-Sun 11am-230 pm, 5pm-9pm, closed on Monday. Also noted they do not use garlic, onion, or MSG.

624 4th St, Davis, USA


30 Nov 2008

Farmer's Kitchen Cafe is a great find in Davis. They make only gluten free products on the premises (they do have one regular bread they have shipped in, so if you need gluten free just be sure to specify) and they serve organic and local foods and have different ethnic dishes. The owner was very friendly and knowledgeable about everything on the menu. It was very obvious that she is very passionate about what she does, and that definitely came through with the food. They were very accomodating and had some great vegan options. I had a very flavorful black beans and rice dish, that came with pickled jalapenos, pearl onions, and carrots. Their menu changes often, so be sure to check their website for the most current menu (there is an icon on the right side of the page to click for the file). Some of the food is pricey and portion sizes on some items is on the small side (entree items were fine but sandwiches were small). Also, it is a small place with few staff, so don't go if you're in a big hurry.

Central Park, Davis, USA

Best Farmer's Market in the area!

22 Sep 2008

I have been going to the Davis Farmer's Market for years. It has won many regional farmer's market awards. It is a very reliable market, held rain or shine. There is a great selection of locally grown produce, nuts, rice, and more, as well as all sorts of great locally made goodies such as apple juice, hummus, breads, dried fruits/jams, and more. Samples abound, and if that isn't enough food, there are good stands that offer lots of great vegan options, like my favorite vegan tamales (there are also veggie dogs, Indian food, and much more). If you go Wednesday night, the mood is more of a family night out, with more food stands and entertainment and fewer farmers. Saturday morning is the best time to go to get your groceries if that is what you're looking for (although I'd still go Wednesday if I happened to be around).

213 G St, Davis, USA

Get there early!

25 Sep 2007

Fuji Sushi is one of the most popular restaurants in Davis. Their all-you-can-eat boat sushi is a good price, and in a college town, if you mix that price with good food, you have a long line. On Saturday for lunch, if you want to sit at the bar, try to get there a couple hours early. My friends and I got there at 9:45 (opens at 11:30) and we were the last 3 spots at the bar. The all-you-can-eat sushi is lunch only, dinner is ala carte. For those who eat raw but not vegan there is sashimi along with other options. For vegans there are plenty of veggies rolls, tempura, etc that is ready to go or can be ordered (all included in price of course). This restaurant is fun for dinner, too, but the prices add up really fast.

709 N Pacific Coast Hwy, Redondo Beach, USA

Everything I Hoped it Would be

17 Mar 2008

With Happy Veggie being number one on the list of top rates restaurants on happycow, when I was staying in Redondo Beach, I made it a point to make darn sure I got to go to Happy Veggie. I went in with very high expectations....and they were completely blown away! The attention to detail for the whole experience from extrememly fresh lemon water to the amazingly fresh foods, Happy Veggie deserves 5/5 happy cows over and over again. The owner is a wonderful, friendly woman, who said she was born and raised vegan. I took a nonveg friend with me, so I let him choose what we'd order. We shared potstickers and fried tofu for appetizers, and pho soup and the 1000 layer tofu for entrees. The food was just amazing. The potstickers came with great lightly pickled veggies. The fried tofu was so unique, it was so crispy but not at all greasy. I would say it was like a vegan version of a pork rind. It came with an amazing citrus dipping sauce and a leafy green (I'm not sure what is was, but it was delicious!) that you wrapped each piece of tofu with. The pho was simply incredible. The broth was so fantastic I slurped down my entire bowl. The 1000 layer tofu ended up becoming my next day's dinner, as we'd ordered a bit more than we could handle! The portion sizes were very good and the freshness was great. This place was so amazing, I wish I lived anywhere closeby so I could go more often. I can't say enough nice things about this place. If you are ever anywhere near the LA area, make the trip to Happy Veggie, you won't regret it!!!!

Westfield Mall, 845 Market St, San Francisco, USA

Hit the spot!

18 Apr 2011

After a crazy down in downtown San Francisco, to walk into the food court and find Loving Hut was a blessing! I got a papaya salad and Thai iced tea, and it was so refreshing and light but satisfying. The menu had a lot of variety and the items on the steam table also looks delicious and fresh. Service was quick and everything was clean. I'll definitely stop back by next time I'm in the area.

624 4th St, Davis, USA


14 Nov 2008

Natural Food Works is a small health food store connected to a cafe (all same ownership, uses same products). The owner was incredibly friendly and helpful. The shop contains a selection of supplements, a wall of herbs, spices, etc, and a small freezer/refrigerator section. They did have a few meat/dairy items, but the majority of their cold section was dedicated to gluten free products made in house and local, organic produce. There were a few vegan products like creamer, cream cheese, and sour cream, and some natural drinks (the stevia root beer was really good). They also carried a small selection of energy bars, including raw ones like Larabar and Smart Monkey. You can check out their website at www.naturalfoodworks.com.

4315 Arden Way, Sacramento, USA

Fun once in a while

28 Dec 2007

I've been to the Sacramento Whole Foods probably 10 times since it opened. This trip was mostly for my mom as she has newly diagnosed Celiac Sprue and Whole Foods is really good about carrying gluten free products. It was packed (Sunday before Christmas) but the staff was super friendly and more than willing to help. They also had a nice selection of mock meats. Yes, the meat and fish counters are unavoidable but I think overall it's a very vegetarian friendly company. They are really good at labeling items with ingredients and many items are labeled vegan so you don't have to guess if something has lurking animal products in it. They also have a decent selection of raw items (bars, bulk bin items, etc). I always get a salad on the way out and they had an awesome vinegared fava bean salad, yummy! The biggest downside to Whole Foods is the high prices. I don't do the bulk of my shopping here by any means but it is a fun place to get specialty items or a better selection of many vegetarian products. The produce is also nice but expensive. I get organic produce delivered to my home weekly so I didn't get any but I do like how everything is labeled very clearly organic or conventional. By the way there will be a Whole Foods opening in Napa next month!

3682 Bel Aire Plaza, Napa, USA

Finally a reasonably close location!

22 Jan 2008

The closest location so far, opened last week. Being in Napa, it has a huge deli/bakery/preprepared foods section. It was gigantic. There is a coffee bar, cold deli, hot deli, taqueria, pizza, bakery, specialty chocolates, sushi, and a large by the pound self serve hot/cold deli bar. On Saturday night this section was totally packed. I got the self serve hot/cold deli bar, where there was an awesome vegan Indian style burrito (garbanzo beans and rice in a tortilla). The store also had a large wine section with wine tasting (I did not go through it, so I'm not sure how many vegan alcohol choices they had). Also, one side of the store was a large natural body section. Definitely a standard Whole Foods market, with some nice touches to appeal to a lot of the local population who would shop at this type of market.

3000 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, USA

Decent Whole Foods

15 Sep 2008

Since I was already in Berkeley, I decided to stop off at Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping. It is on the corner of Ashby and Telegraph, so there was quite a bit of traffic, and parking was not too fun (well at least there was a parking lot, lol). The store had your basic stuff available at Whole Foods, I did notice a slightly larger selection of refrigerated mock meats, but fewer frozen mock meats, than at other locations. There were some neat new things I hadn't seen at other locations. The preprepared and deli areas are smaller than other stores I've been to. This store is just fine as far as Whole Foods go, if it was my local shop I'd go there (although there are lots of other options if you live in Berkeley, but since I don't live there I'm not sure what is available at all the other places). The two negatives I'd say were that the store is overall fairly cramped, and that the checker forgot to give me my credit for bringing my own bags (although my friend got hers at another checker). So not major drawbacks, overall a good experience.

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