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79 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg, Canada

I miss you Boon!

27 Sep 2014

Highly recommended, a definite vegan culinary highlight of my trip to Canada. Relaxed and casual, as you'd expect from a burger place.

So sad I didn't manage to get through the whole menu in the time I was there. I definitely tried over my numerous repeat visits.

I absolutely loved Boon, and I miss it at moments like this when I feel like a bit of vegetarian friendly takeaway. Unfortunately, it's about 15156km away, so not quite walking distance.

A burger with a side of chilli fries was just the right size to share with my gorgeous girlfriend, and have enough room left for ice cream (made in house).

Didn't encounter a negative experience in all my visits. Only negative I could possibly mention was that I found the ice cream to be a bit hit or miss depending on the flavour. That's more to do with personal tastes though, there was nothing wrong with any of them. Highly recommend leaving room to try whatever flavour is on that day and making your own mind up, some were sensational.

Side note: I noticed there were Boon patties available for purchase in some health food stores in the area. I didn't pick any up, but it'd imagine they'd be a nicer choice compared to most of the supermarket-bought vegan patties out there.

141 Bannatyne Ave, Winnipeg, Canada

Great burgers!

07 Oct 2014

A culinary highlight of my trip to Winnipeg...so much to choose from, and all so good.

Multiple visits to both locations were met with great, well presented food.

For a light meal, A burger and chilli fries shared was enough betwen the two of us.

16 Mathers Lane, Hobart

Great for lunch

06 Oct 2014

Always nice, I usually go for the bain-marie for a quick lunch, but I've tried a couple of the cook to order options - they're worth the wait!

No matter what I'm eating, it's always accompanied by a drumstick, my absolute pick of the more snacky menu items.


34 Criterion Street, Hobart

Good range of grocery items

06 Oct 2014

This place has a great range of products, including grocery lines, treats, cosmetics, household cleaning products etc.

They stock quite a few things that are hard to find elsewhere

Have found they're happy to order things in if something's out of stock.

Have recently expanded their fridge/freezer selection, which is great.

115-117 King St, Newtown

Worth going out of your way for

16 Feb 2013

Really good vegan food! Yum Cha is awesome, and the buffet gives you the chance to try a good range of things all in one visit.

If you're only visiting Sydney (like me), it's only a couple of train stops out of the city, and an easy walk from the station. Well worth it, I always try to make time to pop in when I'm in town.

Don't forget to check out next door as well, vegan cakes, ice cream and groceries to go!

Mathers Lane, Liverpool St, Hobart

Give it a go!

01 May 2015

I work in the city, but found myself always forgetting about this place (and their sister store in Trafalgar). I visited again the other day though, and it's firmly reinforced Pulp Friction's place on my lunch-time options list.

The food is tasty, wholesome and filling.

There's an interesting range of drinks available (Faux Hito highly recommended).
Updated from previous review on Thursday April 30, 2015

202 Liverpool Street, Hobart


06 Oct 2014

Came here on a recommendation, and the recommendation was spot on! The food is fantastic - exactly my sort of thing -Healthy, fresh and super tasty.

I tried the roast veg salad and the miso/tahini marinated pumpkin with cauliflower cuscus. Both were absolutely delicious, and I've already got my eye on a few things for next time.

Coffee is to die for, and roasted in house (beans available to take home as well).

They do breads as well apparently, there were none available when I was there, but they look amazing from the pics. Hoping to take home a fruit loaf the next time I'm in.

Officially my new new number one for lunch in the city!

68-70 Liverpool Street, Shop 7 Bank Arcade, Hobart

Love it...

15 Feb 2013

Veggie Hut makes me wish I worked in the city. All those 'bring my lunch to work' habits I've built up over the years would go straight out the window, but with delicious food like this I wouldn't mind one bit.

As things are, it can only make it on weekends - so it's my occasional Saturday treat.

I usually just order from the bain-marie. I'm not usually a precook fan, but the food here turns over pretty quickly, so it's mostly pretty fresh anyway. I've always been tempted to order off the menu, but haven't yet.

Good, quick service. Consistently great food. Give it a go!

179 Karangahape Rd, St Kevins Arcade, Auckland

Just passing through

06 Oct 2014

Happened upon this place accidentally on a warm spring day. Perfect timing too; after walking up the hill from the CBD, a vegan ice cream really hit the spot.

I had a quick browse around while I was there. It's quite small, but it's packed with some pretty awesome products.

I'm not a local, but if I was I'm sure I'd be stopping in here frequently.

Such a pretty little arcade too!

4 Barrack St, Hobart

It's that good!

15 Feb 2013

After lurking on Happy Cow for years, Soup Stop is the place that's compelled me to sign up and start reviewing. It's that good!

Went in specifically for Indian Street Food (Friday night special) - the menu sounded amazing, and the food definitely didn't disappoint. Everything was really yummy, and my two non-vegie table mates agreed.

Looking at the menu, everything looks to be vegetarian but there's plenty of vegan meals to choose from as well. In fact, they make a point of naming up that there are Vegan options available for a pretty good number of the veg menu items as well.

Everything we ordered seemed to be cooked to order, but quite quick to come out and incredibly tasty. Could not fault the food at all, it was everything I was hoping it would be.

The place is impeccably clean, and the service is really, really relaxed and friendly. Not sure if it's a family run business, but it definitely had that vibe about it.

Small dining room, but there were a comfortable number of people in when we were there. If it was ever as busy as it deserves to be, it'd fill up pretty quickly though. The evening opening hours are pretty limited, but as long as you know you have to get in early, it's manageable (and it's worth working around, believe me).

Can't wait to go back, hoping to make it a Monday for Parathas! Highly recommended.
Updated from previous review on Friday February 15, 2013

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