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Beckstrasse 17-19, Hamburg, Germany

Good falafel!

09 Nov 2010

A small falafel restaurant with lots of vegan items. Nothing special and really no place to take a date, but nice for a short break inbetween hoping bars or clubs. Cheap too.

Osterstrasse 15, Hamburg, Germany

Best vegan caked ever!

09 Nov 2010

Tons of vegan cakes which are beyond greatness. Doesn't get much better than this.

Lange Reihe 75 / Koppel 66, Hamburg, Germany

Back to the 80s!

09 Nov 2010

I love this place, because it has such an 80s feel to it. Kinda feels like eating at a health food store/veggie place back in the 80s. Great food too.

Wipperstr. 14, Berlin, Germany

best vegan café anywhere in the world

25 Feb 2011

It's plain and simple: this place is so good, it can easily keep up with Baby Cakes in NY. This is the best and nicest vegan cafe I've been to.

Müggenkampstrasse 45, Hamburg, Germany

Great for reading magazines on Sundays

09 Nov 2010

This small cafe offers a small variety of vegetarian dishes as well as cakes. Compfy chairs and tons of magazines (which are free) make for a great place to spend your Sundays!

154 East 79th St, New York City, USA

Biggest disappointment

09 Nov 2010

The biggest disappointment in a long time: Yes, the place is posh and great to bring a date to, but the food was tasteless and actually kinda gross. I mean, who would wanna deep-fry seitan? Seriously, don't deep-fry seitan!! Just don't! We paid $120 for food that tasted like it cost $12. Super cool and friendly service though.

Ruhrstr. 11a, Hamburg, Germany

Super stylish café that serves excellent food!

24 Mar 2014

This place is stylish and cosy at the same time. Friendly staff. The menu changes weekly and everything I had was excellent. Best vegan pizza I ever had.

Lange Reihe 47, Hamburg, Germany

Untasty and overpriced

22 Jul 2013

I had high hopes for this place, but was let down. I tried two different dishes, both lacked about anything that makes for something tasty or special. If you're in St. Georg, I suggest to try Café Koppel (a great vegetarian/vegan place), which is on the same street.

Schuetzenstrasse 21, Hamburg, Germany

Very disappointing

22 Jul 2013

While the vegan supermarket, Veganz, next door is well worth the trip, Fairy Food does disappoint all around. An unfriendly and unorganized staff serves poorly prepared and overpriced food. Next time I'll have the salad bar at Veganz, which looked great, instead.

Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany

Great food, ...

25 Feb 2011

I've eaten at La Mano Verde (LMV) at least 15 times, so of course I love LMV's food. However I have a major complaint: their really bad (!) service! LMV always points out how they are all about haute cuisine (which their food is), but that also should say something about a certain level of service (and theirs isn't). This time around it took two hours for our main dishes to get to the table, and when we complained about all our plates and dishes being cold (they were NOT raw food), the owner just said that it can't be. Great, so five people can't tell if their dishes are cold or not. Really?! And what really disturbs me is that the owner always has his thumb in the dishes he brings to the tables. Gross! Once he even collected a drop from the wine bottle neck at our table with his (unwashed) finger and slurp it up right in front of us (I was lucky that I don't drink wine). Not only that this is not haute cusine-style, it really is gross. We also always had too look after the waiter to serve us, instead of him looking out for us. Since I love LMV's food I will keep going to eat there, but their service is so terrible that I have to warn everybody to not expect a service that comes anything close to what haute cuisine is all about. I just wish LMV would realize how they really need to improve their terrible, terrible service.

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

Great food.... if open.

17 Apr 2011

I love this place: great folks, their food is very good, and the prices are super low. I am not much of a fan of their cakes, but the sandwiches are great!

Warschauer Str.47, Berlin, Germany

Yummy mango sauce

06 May 2011

I love this tiny all vegan falafel restaurant. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the falafel is really real yummy. Plus their mango sauce is perfect. Cheap too.

Marienburger Strasse 38, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

Good & simple

25 Feb 2011

Manna is a really great neighborhood restaurant. Their staff is great, their food is very good, and their prizes are low. It's all very simple, but nice in its very own way. I wouldn't travel miles to eat at Manna, but check this out if you are in the Kiez.

Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 22, Berlin-Mitte, Berlin, Germany

Small but great veg café in Berlin-Mitte

30 Oct 2015

A small café that also serves soups and salads as well as cold-pressed juices. Staff is friendly.

Schauenburger Street 49, Hamburg-Altstadt, Hamburg, Germany

Vegans take note

09 Nov 2010

A buffet restaurant with mostly all vegan items. Nothing special and really no place to take a date, but nice for a short break or emergencies on shopping weekends. Just one block from Season's other location (weird, huh?!).

Sanderstrasse 11, Berlin, Germany

Best breakfast in town!

06 May 2011

This is the best vegan breakfast in town. Plain and simple.

Schützenstr. 21, Hamburg, Germany

Great new place to eat lunch

25 Jan 2014

Luckily Fairy Food (which sucked big time) went out of business to make room for this top notch restaurant/cafe/bistro. Eat here, it's great!

Yorckstrasse 52, Berlin, Germany

Unorganized and unclean

20 Apr 2011

I tried to eat @ York 52 three (!) times, but was send away each time, because the staff was still trying to get organized or whatever. When I asked to use the bathroom before having to leave, I had a glimpse at the kitchen. And damn, I have never seen a kitchen look like a bigger mess than this. Turns out I got lucky to get sent away three times. And I will never come back.

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