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2001 NW Monroe Ave Ste 109, Corvallis, USA

They have a vegan button on the cash register!

04 Jan 2009

This place has many vegan options, and if you want to veganize a menu item, they even have a vegan button on the register to make sure it gets through to the cooks. They are great about subbing avocado for cheese and other such accommodations, with no extra charge. The Yumm sauces we sampled were tasty--the tempeh was sadly a little bland so I might opt for something else on the menu.

This is a local franchise that started in Eugene. I'm looking forward to more locations across Oregon.

Carrera 49C #82-232, Barranquilla, Colombia

Comfortable little health food restaurant

28 Nov 2009

Went here because I found it on HappyCow, and was very happy with the selection. Even though the 'Indian' food rating is misleading (only one item on the menu, the 'Hindu' sandwich was Indian influenced), Ramy Light presents a nice selection of various international-style dishes, including Arab, Mexican and Chinese, that are light and healthy, as well as very reasonably priced. We had the falafels, hummus and garlic mushrooms as appetizers, and especially enjoyed the falafel. Though the bread is not fresh-baked, it is warm and whole-wheat. The rest was good also, though the mushrooms could have been more pungent in my opinion, as a garlic lover. There were three of us, and after three appetizers, we split two plates--the Mexican plate, which was one hard shell taco, "nachos" which had no cheese, but consisted of a few chips topped with avocado salsa, and two small burritos; and the Arab plate, which had more falafel and hummus as well as a a cabbage roll and a stuffed eggplant, with a similar filling of tomato, rice and fake meat. Altogether this was enough food for all three of us; I personally enjoyed the eggplant and cabbage best, it was flavorful and tender and not overly salty. This place is definitely vegan friendly--I think the owner tried to tell us everything was vegan, but we may have misunderstood, and cheese is listed as an ingredient in the spinach empanada. But there were many delicious vegan options. I encourage any vegetarian or vegan visiting Barranquilla to definitely check this place out! The only thing that would have made it better in my mind was if they served beer, but it is a health food store also, after all.

109 W Main St, Carrboro, USA

Great authentic Mexican, for vegans, too

25 Mar 2010

Though there are numerous meat-heavy dishes on the menu, I've found the owners to be extremely kind and accommodating when I've inquired after vegan options, even subbing in avocado or extra cactus for cheese, etc. Sometimes they have tamales that are vegan also. I highly recommend this place.

2855 NW Grant Ave, Corvallis, USA

Everything a co-op should be

04 Jan 2009

There are two locations in Corvallis--one has a great deli counter and hot bar with many vegan and vegetarian options and one (the North location, I believe) is currently set to expand.

This co-op makes me want to move to Corvallis.

184 NE 2nd St, Gresham, USA

Best falafel ever

28 Aug 2010

I wanted a vegan-friendly place for lunch on the way back to Portland from the Edgefield, and a search on Happy Cow came up with this place, as yet un-reviewed. Checking it on Yelp yielded an overwhelming number of 5-star reviews so we had to give it a try.

The guy working the counter of this clean, new-looking deli in downtown Gresham was friendly and very helpful, cluing me in to what a vegan should try. We ultimately shared the falafel wrap and the mezza platter. After I inquired about a dip in the deli case called mama ganoush (like baba ganoush, but made with peppers), he let us sub it for the hummus in the mezza platter.

The food was reasonably priced with decent portions. The mezza platter came with tabouli, pita, grape leaves and falafel (with tahini sauce) in addition to the mama ganoush. I was most impressed with the falafel. I've had many a falafel, and it's usually pretty good, but this falafel was warm, moist and the most flavorful falafel I've ever had. The grape leaves were also served warm, and were stuffed with chickpeas as well as rice, which I didn't mind, but the dolmas themselves were a little bland and fell apart when trying to eat, making them our least favorite part of the meal. The mama ganoush was as good as imagined, and possibly contained walnuts -- it had an interesting texture, not as creamy as baba ganoush often is, and a little spicy as promised. The tabouli was great too, mostly greens rather than mostly bulgur, which I liked. The falafel wrap only included a couple falafels, but was crammed with crunchy lettuce, pepperocini and pickles, as well as tahini sauce, and was very satisfying at $6.75. Everything tasted incredibly fresh.

All in all, highly recommended. We live in PDX but will probably go out of our way to visit this place again. Great variety of options, on the menu as well as in the deli case.

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