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3450 S Clack, Abilene, USA

viable vegan option

15 Dec 2011

good food, friendly service, reasonable prices.

they will accommodate you if you ask... and if they understand what you want.

(it was a while before i realized the spring rolls had some chicken or pork in them ... since the menu only mentioned veggies... the waiter was very taken aback when i realized it. it's only a *little*, he said, shaking his head in disbelief.)

they have a few vegan items on the menu, but not many. i'm not a big Thai restaurant food fan, but the hubs loves it. he'd be a better person to review it. (he makes us great Thai food at home - vegan, of course - and i love that!!)

we had so few eating out choices in Abilene ... this was one, so i nominated it for any visiting who's looking for non-chain vegan fare.

8407 Broadway Ste 1, San Antonio, USA

(STILL!) so happy you're here!

20 Jun 2014

(original review posted Dec 15, 2011)
fun, cozy, artzy-fartzy, welcoming atmosphere! so happy this little place opened, esp on Sat which is when we are most likely to be on that side of town.

tamales!!!!! hummus!!!! love love love your creativity and willingness to try new stuff and ask for feedback.

super friendly staff, refreshing teas and lemonades, filling and delish vegan fare.

good music, good company, amazing local artwork make the yummy food even more enjoyable. and new longer hours already!

you burst on the scene and became an instant favorite for hungry vegans (esp on Saturdays!)

thanks for finally being the first vegan restaurant in town!

UPDATE: Vegeria has come sooo far since your grand opening as our very first ALL VEGAN GLUTEN FREE restaurant in SATX. Everything we loved you for from the get-go is even better now. The menu is *always* upgrading, always improving ... the food is tastier, healthier and even more creative now. YUM!! Raw menu offerings are filling and fabulous! (I'm working my way thru those.) All gluten free menu means you don't have to worry about a single thing if you're living GF. Baked goods have evolved past that "oh, it's GF texture" stage, to be such luscious works of culinary art!! Too pretty to eat! Too delicious not to scarf! Gorgeous desserts, some raw, all rich and wholesome to satisfy the sweetest tooth. (Yeah, mine!) Weekdays after 5 pm... buy 2 desserts and get 1 free! I have sooo many favorite Vegeria dishes, it's hard to choose from the menu. And there's always something NEW to try! (more choices!) One solution is to come on Saturdays and nosh on everything on the Brunch Buffet. One price... all you can eat. Come Hungry! The atmosphere is cozy and homey as ever. Did i mention those amazing desserts? My taste buds are talking raw raspberry torte ("cheesecake") with blueberries on top right about now... GO!! Sit, Dine and Enjoy!! :D

8085 Callaghan Rd, San Antonio, USA

BEST Thai food anywhere (except in Thailand?)

02 Jul 2014

In a seriously carnivorous city where vegan and veggie are still pretty novel, Yaya's serves some really outstanding vegan foods. Many fresh, delicious vegan choices show up on Yaya's menu. It's one of my favorite places to dine!

ALL of the entrees and curry dishes can be made vegan. Some of my favorites are Eggplant Delight, Tom Kha (soup) and Green Curry. (Totally addictive they are!) A glass of plum wine can be a nice complement to the meal.

Yaya closes this restaurant from 3pm - 4:30pm weekdays. Sometimes she goes grocery shopping during that time. Everything is super fresh, cooked to perfection and beautifully served. Quality control is top notch.

Yaya's serves three different locations in San Antonio. I haven't visited the newest one in Stone Oak yet. The other two restaurants offer patrons a clean, comfortable, relaxing and romantic dining experience in a beautifully Feng Shui'd space. You'll enjoy your meal and be in no rush to leave.

Our local San Antonio Vegetarian Society (SAVS) once had a spectacular dinner meeting there. Yaya provided us the most wonderful family-style meal, serving us bowls and bowls of many different vegan dishes. Then she generously offered us the scrumptious leftovers to take home. My husband and I have been regulars ever since. And we bring friends and family, too.

Asian restaurants don't often have a large dessert menu and Yaya's is no exception. We often share sticky rice with mango. We enjoyed the homemade coconut ice cream until we found out it had *dairy* in it along with the coconut milk.

If you're looking for a wonderful, healthy vegan meal in an easy, spacious and very comfortable (romantic, even!) setting, try Yaya's. And tell her Happy Cow sent you. (She's not really sure what the Happy Cow sticker I gave her means!) She smiled and seemed pleased, however. And she put it on the front door!

Your turn to let her know and leave your own comments here. Thanks!

818 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, USA

** THE BEST... Fishless sandwiches!! **

14 Dec 2014

People ask me all the time... don't you miss eating meat?

That's easy. NO! I never liked eating cows, pigs, lambs... ever. So no, i don't. (And no, i don't miss dairy either ... not even cheese.)

However... i grew up on the east coast, and did love me some seafood. I chowed down way more than my share of baked fish, fish chowder and fish sandwiches. That was long ago.

Enter Earth Burger serving THE TASTIEST FISHLESS SANDWICH ON THE PLANET!! (Well, at least here in SATX.) I'm not a large person. I could still eat THREE of them in one sitting. Every day. Easily.

And that's all i have to say about that.

Oh, wait! There's more. I have never been a soda person. Earth Burger serves the freshest (and healthiest!) root beer, ginger ale and i forget what other wonderful thirst quenchers. I could drink a quart of any of them along with my fishless sandwiches. Every day. Easily.

Good thing i don't live close-by.

Kickstarter's Green Gift to Fast Food... right here in SATX!! I'd bring my carnivorous family anytime... and bet they'd love it, too.

200 E Grayson St Ste 120, San Antonio, USA

better and better!

15 Dec 2011

love this funky place!! green kitchen gardens out front, rain barrels and lots of other fun stuff make this a great place to chow when you're hungry. decent prices with point system rewards loyal customers. :D

food is good, often great... staff is friendly and helpful and they're almost always coming up with even better dishes.

do like the new place in Alon, but downtown is def my favorite. Sunday brunch is always fun. Monday pizza nights with excellent handmade whole grain crust and vegan cheese mmmmm.... and desserts are *always* a treat!! also love 'egg' salad sandwich that Mama Lulu created, but guess it's not popular enough so they said it's coming off the menu. (sigh)

you've come a long way, baby... it's a pleasure to stop by, for a filling, healthy meal and find out what's new and improved on the menu!

8474 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, USA

a regular stop for me

15 Dec 2011

good comfort food, reasonably priced, consistent and authentic, lots of wonderful vegetarian (some vegan) dishes on the buffet every day.

i loved this place long before i lived here. we used to make a point of eating here before heading home when we'd come to visit every month or two. we needed our 'fix'.

downside: lots of salt, oil and cheese in many dishes that might be even better without ... tho when India Palace recently hosted San Antonio Vegetarian Society monthly meeting, they served us *all vegan* foods ... even more delicious than their standard yummy fare... esp the spinach paneer with soft non-dairy cheese. mmmmmmmm... tastier than the usual soft (dairy) cheese. wish they offered *that* all the time on their buffet!

love the super fresh naan, tho i wish they didn't spread any butter or ghee on it. fun to watch it cook on the big round tandoor(?)

would also love their creamy, rich desserts -- mango and rice puddings -- to be made vegan instead of with dairy.

i'd eat there much more often if my favorites were vegan (and they can be, easily). so i learn to make and enjoy vegan versions of these dishes at home, instead. even the naan.

ironically, we eat here less often than before we moved here. still... i love this place!

194 Middle St, Lowell, USA

Funky Fare in Lowell!!

16 Feb 2014

We haven't lived in New England for nearly 20 yrs. Hubs and i were visiting for family reasons Oct 2013. My octogenarian father and some of his younger church friends wanted to treat us to a Friday night meal out that they thought *we'd* enjoy. Turned out none of them were veg*n or anything remotely like that.(They didn't even know what Braggs' Aminos were --> my first clue!) So naturally, they didn't know about HappyCow. Somehow they found this place and all wanted to check it out!

I ordered a yummy lentil soup (very tiny bowl) and got served pretty fast. Everyone else had to wait a good long while and we were all pretty hungry. Local musicians played non-stop *loud* '60s live music. *I* loved it!! Perfectly fit the fun mood of the place, tho we couldn't talk, so didn't get to know each other very well.

I don't believe anyone but me enjoyed their meal. And we were ALL still hungry when we left. This is NO criticism of Life Alive!!

I would say this cafe serves pretty hardcore fare... VERY healthy and VERY green... but not a great choice for a bunch of Friday night hungry meat-eaters or even veggie newbies or wannabes who really have NO experience eating this way at all.(Or those of us out-of-town vegans who hadn't eaten all day...)

That said... Hubs and i would likely frequent the place if we lived up there... sans the rest of that crew. Life Alive was comfy and funky and everyone working there smiled and seemed pleased with what they were contributing. Everything was top-notch (if pricey) and the feeling that the entire staff was on a delightful *mission* to make and serve the very healthiest dishes in Lowell simply permeated the atmosphere!

Now, i hadn't been in Lowell for a very long time, but this really WAS an urban oasis to me!! What a delight to find this place ... even if it wasn't the best experience for the rest of the gang! (Maybe we can *ease* them into it a little when we go back?) ;D

Thanks for a really entertaining evening on sooo many levels, Life Alive Cafe!! Will be back next visit for sure!

303 Pearl Pkwy Unit 109, San Antonio, USA

Fun Surprise!

21 Jun 2014

I do love surprises! Stopped in this funky little place, new at the Pearl, to catch up with two special friends on a (rare) chilly and rainy springtime afternoon. Had no idea what One Lucky Duck served. I was hungry and looking for something warm. Like soup. Or coffee.

Turns out they serve some killer raw juices and wonderful salads among other things. (Perfect HOT weather fare!)

I had a tasty salad and later swigged down their best-selling drink... an intense concoction called Hot Pink. Beet, pineapple, pear and ginger... all freshly peeled, cut and juiced to order while i watched. They handed me a cup of mesmerizing, deep jewel-toned liquid. Hot Pink was right.

Healthy, delicious and *energizing*, I practically floated up like a cartoon character in a red bull commercial!

Had a fun chat with my friends in a cheery little shop with no warm foods or drinks and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Check it out!! Summertime is serious in SATX... and you'll be One Lucky Duck if you stop in for some healthy refreshment!

Be sure to leave YOUR comments here, too! Thanks!

5755 Evers Rd, San Antonio, USA

not my favorite

15 Dec 2011

fast, reasonably priced, very spicy, no explanations of what's in the dishes if you don't happen to know what the Indian ingredients are. i'm very into Indian food, so was extremely disappointed when this place opened about the time we moved here (within walking distance of our house!). even the dal was sooo spicy hot, i couldn't eat it. never went back.

my husband likes this place and would eat there sometimes, but he likes much spicier food than i do. he doesn't care about atmosphere. he's brought home some samosas i liked.

7959 Broadway Unit 507, San Antonio, USA

Perfect spot!! NEW *5* star/cow rating!!

08 May 2014

A super place to meet, greet, read or study (wi-fi, of course). So settle in, enjoy some tasty snacks and sip your hot or cold drink. Coffee? Tea? (Only the BEST!) Wonderful veggie tamales and more -- all local. Delicious healthy fruit and veggie juices, creamy nut milks... all made fresh right there behind the counter. (pssst... almond milk? sooo yummy and rich in your coffee!!) Smiley staff will welcome and serve you right. Promise! See ya there! :D

Note: Recently upgraded status to ALL vegan/vegetarian --> *5* Stars/Cows even if our system hasn't caught up yet.-- S:D

620 S Presa, San Antonio, USA

Friendly *new* addition to vegan fare in SATX!!

17 Apr 2014

Open for just 3 months so far, cheery Senor Veggie promises another favorite hangout for hungry and thirsty vegan people in SATX. Using fresh, local, organic produce as often as possible, Senor Veggie serves up generous portions of colorful and creative *vegan only* fare to surprise and delight your senses every visit! Many (but not all) foods are also Gluten Free. (ask if you're not sure)

Order and pay up front at the counter. Servers bring drinks and food to your table.

Dining room is comfy, spacious and bright, even large enough for group meetings or fun parties. Owners closed the restaurant one evening for our SA Veg Society meeting. They served us an absolutely delicious, healthy and filling meal, complete with drink and dessert for a *very* reasonable price. We enjoyed a well-attended meeting (50+) and easily heard every word from our speaker without interruptions or noise from other patrons. (Best SAVS mtg yet!)

Don't miss Senor Veggie's sweet potato wedges w/Chef Jose Alfredo Cruz's *fabulous* curry ketchup! (Never been a ketchup fan before!) His classical French culinary training shows up in every single sauce and morsel they serve. (and you won't wanna leave *any* to waste!)

Yesterday's offerings included scrumptious sweet potato samosa appetizers with lime cilantro sauce, tasty saag paneer plate, and freshly juiced watermelon/mint beverage. Topped off with 2 different versions of baklava (one w/o nuts), we left happy and looking forward to our next visit!

Next time, we'll sit outside on the lovely raised deck to enjoy the sunshine, potted plants and passers by while we savor whatever masterpieces of vegan culinary pleasure grace the menu.

Hearty homemade soup is always on the menu. (mmmm... good!) And if you come for a special romantic dinner, BYOB. :D

301 Broadway, Oakland, USA

yum!! taking vegan to the next level

15 Dec 2011

visited this wonderful jewel of a place for dinner on recent visit to Bay Area. got off plane at OAK... son had heard this was good eats so we went straight there.

unassuming, comfy atmosphere, great service and delish fare!!

interesting combo of unlikely niches... vegan and soul foods... what a wonderfully successful idea!

gumbo was a *little* too spicy, tho it was really really fabulous once it cooled down. the fried stuff was light and very tasty... i'd have eaten every meal there, but we were visiting for Thanksgiving... so we actually did make our own meals as only a seriously foodie family can.

still... next time we fly into OAK... early January ... i hope to get another chance to enjoy their innovative comfort souley vegan food... tasting as many menu choices as i can without being absolutely obnoxious.

p.s. sign on front door said they were hiring... asked if i could work there. :D

159 1st New Hampshire Turnpike, Northwood, USA

Surprise... Vegan Haven!!

16 Feb 2014

What a GREAT find!! We were visiting NH back in Oct 2013 for family reasons and had some "interesting" culinary experiences before we discovered cute lil' Susty's just up Rte 4 in Northwood. We haven't lived on the NH seacoast for nearly 20 yrs. Susty's was definitely not there last time we were.

We enjoyed a most nutritious, delicious, home-cooked Sunday brunch, featuring (among many other fabulous treats!), the very best tofu scramble EVER (Sorry, Green... yours is really wonderful --> that this one beats even yours says a LOT!!) Hubs and i totally stuffed ourselves and relished every bite!

Susty's Sunday brunch offered up a great variety of colorful and inviting food choices including sweet and cinnamony homemade apple sauce. (of course, it was apple season in NH!!) Everything served was fresh and organic (if possible) and seemed simply and expertly prepared. Gramma couldn't make it any better.

If Susty's were my place... i'd update her dining room decor to match the incredibly high quality homey fare you can expect to feast on when you walk in the door hungry for something scrumptious to eat. (Don't need psychedelic 1960s Bezerkeley to serve excellent vegan eats anymore.) And i'd get more comfy chairs and tables and booths in that space. Nothing fancy, just calming and homey. I wanna hang out and meet all my friends there!! Susty's dining room needs and *deserves* a beauty and comfort makeover!! (ONLY reason for rating 4 cows instead of 5.)

My only real complaint is that my stomach wasn't bigger! i could've happily eaten even more... just because it was ALL sooo tasty and obviously prepared with much love!!

If you're a choosy vegan foodie wandering the wilds of Cow Hampshire in search of a seriously decent meal... get thyself directly to Susty's! (Do not pass GO... Don't need $200!) And enjoy!!

Thanks, Susty's, for being a real highlight in a mostly very stressful visit back up north!! xo
Updated from previous review on Sunday February 16, 2014

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