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14601 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, USA

Underated place, great food, good vegan choices!

29 Mar 2010

We didn't even know this place existed until a few months ago and now we can't stop going. Vegan burgers there are DELICIOUS, I love the fact they serve Veganaise (which I am addicted to), and they have lots of bowls with vegan substitutes/options. Their yumm bowls are amazing and the staff there is friendly. The only cons are that you have to specifically ask for the condiments to be given to you with your meal (it is served dry) which often results in us walking back up to the counter to ask for items for our sandwiches/burger, etc.
LOVE the fact they have liquid aminos that you can help yourself to, I usually drench my yumm bowls in it! I think if more vegans visited this place and gave the owner feedback they would be further inspired to add even more veg selections. :)
BBQ Tempeh and tofu skewers are terrific at $3.00 a piece!

11137 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, USA

If you love Vegetarian House, try Green Wok!!

17 Nov 2009

The food here is absolutely amazing - it is so well worth the drive out there! The staff is courteous, and the BEST part is how down to Earth they are. The greet you and make you feel like you're actually welcome there, as opposed to feeling like you just committed some party foul. The prices are very reasonable. Never very crowded, I don't think anyone really knows about this place which works well for us, no reservations needed. :)

4888 NW Bethany Blvd Ste K6, Portland, USA

AMAZING Kabobs!!!

15 May 2011

This place has THE BEST food. The wraps are a good price and very good. I recommend the wrap with faux ham, vegan cheese, and veganaise, mmmm. The Heavenly kabobs are mouthwatering. The drumsticks are VERY good. Pretty much anything you order is going to hit the spot. The flavored rice is interesting and a nice addition. The owners are very sweet couple, they will remember your name and face and talk to your kids. Portions are a little small and prices are a little high for most dishes, but this place is WELL worth it.
Updated from previous review on Monday November 16, 2009

8446 SE Division St, Portland, USA


17 Nov 2009

I love this place! The staff is very shy but very sweet too. The food is really well priced and absolutely delicious. The spare ribs ROCK. The lemongrass chik'n is FABULOUS, I could eat that stuff til I'm busted full. The glass noodle dish is delicious. Just thinking about this place seriously makes my mouth water.

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