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Rua Joao Cachoeira, 275, Sao Paulo, Brazil

good vegetarian option in great location

11 Feb 2012

complete buffet including juice (1 with sugar and 1 natural), full dessert bar, and a complete salad and hot meal bar. It's a great value for the money, that's for sure. As of this writing, it's R$18,00 during the week and R$20,00 on Saturday. Parking is tough to find in this busy Itaim Bibi neighborhood but it's one of the safest and most fun in Sao Paulo. The variety is outstanding, the quality pretty good. There's food for kids (french fries are a regular option), ice cream and fresh fruit on the dessert bar, and Brasilian-style vegetarian offerings for a low price.

Rua Antonio Carlos, 413, Sao Paulo, Brazil

not what I expected

11 Feb 2012

I read several reviews suggesting this was good Indian food. Have lived in NJ (little India), visited India, cooked Indian food, I'd hardly call it Indian. It's true, it was pretty busy. I suspect because of the substantial amount of heavy food (rice, feijao (beans), etc) that give the feeling of fullness with a relatively small São Paulo price tag. The food was ok, the service was less than average. We waited quite some time to get in - no one said a word to us (btw, my portuguas is fine so this isn't the issue). Several tables who were seated after us were served first and we didn't get so much as a hello.
The server knew very little about the menu (all of 2 choices on the menu people). The food was relatively warm and taste was pretty good. I was with a friend and we selected one of each available dishes to sample. She was slightly happier than I (she's non-veg) but in the end, we both felt the same: it was OK.

R. Brig. Tobias, 420, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

great veg lunch in downtown Sao Paulo

13 Feb 2012

I love this place. I am vegetarian but have brought several non-veg folks here and nobody comes close to disliking it, some even request it when they're in town. Lots of variety, some sushi and other Japanese options. There are some traditional Brasilian options. It's a buffet-style lunch-only per-kilo vegetarian's delight. While the theme is predominately Asian with offerings such as berinjela agri-doce (one of my favourites), mixed vegetable curry, and more, they also have soy meatballs, chix nuggets (remember, everything is veg), fish, pastels, and many more. They have a full dessert offering, soups, and salads. The service (except the cashiers) is very good and the price is average for downtown Sao Paulo (as of this writing, Mon-Fri is about R$32/kg). Saturdays are slightly higher. Bargain hunters can go in from 14:30-15:00, just before closing, for a small discount.
Updated from previous review on Saturday February 11, 2012

Av. Getulio Vargas 1220, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

great find in a carne-loaded society

03 May 2015

I went there after having some trouble finding it. I don't know BH well and Apple Maps and Google Maps sent me somewhere else. Be sure to go to Savassi.

It's on a pretty busy street so parking would be tough. We took a taxi so it was pretty easy. We entered after having visited San Ro the day before expecting more or less the same. We were happy to see it was nearly empty, pretty close to closing time (lunch time ends at 15:00.) Most of the self-service offerings were fairly full and the cold was cold yet the hot was warm or hot. There was quite a nice selection. The owner greeted us pretty quickly. We had our choice of seating. The food was great. This is not necessarily what I would call a health food place but it was tasty. The hardcore animal eaters with me delighted in the offerings. I tried a bit of everything from sushi to mock meats to salads and it was all good, some of it excellent. The sauces were rich and flavorfull, the textures were inline or above expectations (not rubbery or overly tough to chew.) The owner and another server quickly answered questions and we had a free juice (abacaxi/pineapple with couve) to wash it all down with (I enjoyed this, my fiancé and her mother ordered juice and water respectively.) It's open for lunch only I believe with limited hours. There isn't a lot of seating so go early or late. The prices were reasonable, the service very friendly, the food fast and fresh with lots of options. This is a GO.

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