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222 North End Road, West Kensington, West London, England

Food heaven for vegans

27 Jul 2013

A wonderful balance between fine dining and hearty homemade food. There is a good variation in their options and all deliver great flavour combinations and well-thought-out ingredients. After dining here, you really get the sense that there is no excuse for vegetarian restaurants not to be fully vegan.

108 Stokes Croft, Bristol, England

Fun, relaxed, ethical dining

27 Jul 2013

Having already been to Maitreya for lunch, Cafe Kino was quite a contrast. It was much more laid back and unrefined, yet it was great to know that everything on the menu was suitable for us to eat as vegans.

We were greeted by a lovely, friendly server who was very helpful and chatty.

As it was a boiling hot day, I opted to have a cold meal. I had a platter of three salads and a red pepper/potato frittata. It was the perfect, healthy, wholesome dish for the weather, though the frittata could have had more flavour and moisture. My boyfriend opted for the classic Kino burger, with sweet potato chips and homemade coleslaw. I tasted his and it was lovely. The coleslaw could have easily passed as a regular non-vegan version.

We couldn't resist having the brownie sundaes for dessert. The brownies were homemade and yummy though unfortunately no comparison to Maitreya's. I was disappointed to see a tub of Swedish Glace come out, having (maybe unfairly) expected them to have perhaps made their own ice cream too, and because of the questionable ethics of the company.

I wasn't keen on the drinks, but on the whole I really enjoyed the experience and would always recommend it to other vegans.

The Barkers Building, 63/97 High Street, Kensington, West London, England


27 Jul 2013

I have only been to Saf once and that is due to the cost and not having enough birthdays. I sometimes treat myself to their products in my local health food shop though, but it is not the same as having their fresh produce.

It is wonderful feeling that every bite you take of your meal is healthy, while still being delicious and special. I love how being dairy-free is not a barrier for their creativeness - they make fantastic cheeses and puddings regardless and I feel vegetarian restaurants should take note.

Fab cocktails.

Surrey Street, Croydon, England

A jewel in the heart of a very un-vegan town

20 May 2015

Not only is everything at this stall vegan, but it's all made with good health in mind. Everything is wholesome and fresh with no added cane sugar in any of the items, including the sweet treats. There is no compromise on flavour.

There is always one hot dish (£4) and one salad (£2.20) which changes daily on a kind of rotation. There are also dessert items, such as berry cheesecake and raw chocolate brownies, and all-day breakfast items, such as banana bread.

Great food and very friendly service!

24 Boulevard de La Bastille, Paris, France

A refreshing alternative to the rest of France

21 Aug 2013

I had been looking forward to going to Gentle Gourmet for a long time and, as often happens when you have high expectations and are looking forward to something, it was slightly underwhelming. I only say this though because it was heavily talked up and I live in London with the likes of Manna, etc.

The service was lovely, helpful and welcoming. There were loads of naughty treats to choose from and feel as though you aren't vegan! It felt good to be served a hot chocolate with a huge dollop of 'cream' on top.

It was a shame that they had no croissants/pain au chocolats when we went but it seemed that it was out of their control (though I had expected they would have made croissants themselves). We had been especially looking forward to that. They were also out of lemonade which seemed strange. They were also out of some other items.

I would have liked to have been able to try some other options but we were only in Paris for one day. I had a ricotta-based starter and main and knew it would be samey but I didn't realise how samey (the ricotta fillings both had the same flavours and olives/vegetables in them, and the dishes were served with the same pesto accompaniment). I don't know if they made their own ricotta but I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised that they used Vegusto on top of the cannelloni just because Manna make all their own cheese. I wasn't that enthralled with the cannelloni as it wasn't as saucy and tasty as what I have already made at home but my boyfriend's meal (seitan in fig sauce with polenta) was superb.

I think I am more critical than I would have been because there are now so many vegan restaurants and puddings out there that I am once again used to having food I can rave about. The dessert (chocolate bavarois) was good but unfortunately not as special as it could have been.

I feel bad to be so negatively comparing this lovely restaurant. I imagine it is a godsend for a vegan living in France. I enjoyed the food and would definitely go back.

61120 Ticheville, Vimoutiers, Normandie, Ticheville, France

Tres belle

21 Aug 2013

I have only recently returned from a week at La Maison and I really miss everything about it, from the large, picturesque gardens to the pretty hotel room; the delicious, fresh meals and the rescued animals who share the land.

We wanted a relaxing, quiet holiday in an attractive location and that is what we got. The garden is big and interesting enough to spend considerable time just relaxing in it, sipping a cocktail and enjoying the sunshine and wildlife that visits it. It is also easy and enjoyable to walk or cycle to surrounding villages or the nearest town. There are many public gardens within a reasonable driving distance and the region is full of orchards which makes for green scenery and plenty of cider and Calvados!

The menu is not marked with items that are suitable for vegans but don't let that put you off if you are vegan. Many of the dishes are vegan and the others are readily adapted for you with generosity. Much of the produce comes from the garden and so the freshness is a huge selling point. The restaurant appears to be very popular with the (meat-eating) locals as well as people from further afield. I can particularly recommend the chocolate and apricot pudding - absolutely divine!

The only thing I didn't like (as a wildlife-orientated person) was the resident cats always trying to catch things (sometimes successfully) in a place that is otherwise a haven for creatures. That has always been a personal bugbear of mine though and one that isn't shared by most. On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised to see they allow dogs to stay so it is possible to have a proper family holiday! :)

I hope I will go back one day.

89 St Mark's Rd, Easton, Bristol, England

High quality dining - impressive desserts

27 Jul 2013

Maitreya is a cafe but apart from the well-lit, relaxed surroundings you wouldn't really think it. The food is restaurant quality and, in my opinion, reaches fine dining standards.

There were plenty of vegan options on the menu so it was great to have a choice. Having only been once perhaps I cannot give an accurate representation of the main courses but the desserts were the real winner. My boyfriend and I couldn't choose which to have so decided to share two, the chocolate cranberry brownie and the baklava. The brownie was gooey and rich and decadent, just as a good brownie should be, and came with wonderful "creamy" vanilla vegan ice cream and raspberry reduction. The baklava really stood out though as it was so different: beautifully presented and combining the delicately sweet nut flavours with passionfruit sauce and chocolate ganache. I am salivating just thinking about it.

I wish I lived nearer to be able to go back soon!

4 Erskine Rd, Primrose Hill, North West London, England

Blown away

27 Jul 2013

I was literally amazed the first time I visited Manna. Everything was perfect. Everything was delicious and it seemed incredible that it was vegan. I had a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake that was faultless. The same thing happened the next time I visited, though the last time was a bit of a let down after the previous two visits (only in the dessert area - the only chocolatey option was a not very chocolatey brownie with a strange consistency).

I think this restaurant leads the way for vegan cuisine. I am disappointed not to be able to go more often but I cannot justify going because of the price. It is the most expensive vegetarian/vegan restaurant and despite its top quality food I don't know if it should be quite that pricey.

It truly is something special though.

Shepherds Bush Market, 11-13 Uxbridge Rd, West London, England

The best falafel in town?

10 Jan 2015

This is my boyfriend's favourite falafel place. He will travel to get a wrap from here if the mood takes him. That is how good it must be!

I've never been the biggest falafel fan, but this place has so many different possible additions to your wrap. A great lunch.

The staff are friendly and helpful too.

157 King Street, Hammersmith, West London, England

Not impressed :(

27 Jul 2013

I was excited to be going to an Indian restaurant that was actually fully vegetarian for a change, but my excitement soon waned when I saw the menu. It disappeared completely when I finally ate my meal.

It seemed like pretty much every dish (at least the vegan ones) were based around the same thing - a wheat, rice or corn item, some potato if you wanted it and the same sambar and chutney. A lot of carbs and not much flavour.

Usually the dishes are the same across Indian restaurants and I ordered puri with chickpeas, expecting the same delicious feast I was used to. It turned out to be rock hard flavourless hollow balls made of some kind of flour and a few chickpeas floating in a COLD clear liquid. It was inedible and if someone else hadn't said they would pay for the whole meal regardless I would have asked if I could not have to pay for that.

I am not someone who likes to say negative things about places (I came on here to write positive reviews) but I was so disappointed in this place I felt I should be honest. I have never had a problem getting vegan food in a regular Indian restaurant (and indeed they even have more choice for vegans than Sagar!) and have had far, far better meals in ones that also serve meat, sad as it is to admit that.

51 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, West London, England

Vegetarians will love it, vegans less so...

27 Jul 2013

When my boyfriend was still vegetarian rather than vegan, he asked to go here for his birthday. He had a great dining experience but, as a vegan, I didn't. There weren't many options and it seemed like they couldn't be bothered with being imaginative for vegan food. Having been to Manna and seeing what could be done it was extremely disappointing. The worst thing is the vegan options of meals are just the same meals with the dairy/egg item removed!

On the plus side, the restaurant itself is really beautifully decorated (or was before it closed for refurbishment! ;) ) and you really feel you are somewhere upmarket - moreso than any other vegetarian restaurant I have been to.

25 Upper Mall, Hammersmith, West London, England

Good to have choices

07 Aug 2016

It was very busy when we went so the long wait for food was understandable. However it was disappointing that the vegan menu was more limited than the website portrayed. There were no vegan dessert options. We had the burger, which was nice, but maybe a bit pricey for what it was.

13 Arwenack St, Falmouth, England

Food doesn't get much better than this...

26 Sep 2015

Food doesn't get much better than this... and it happens to be vegan. This restaurant attracts and pleases vegans and meat eaters alike. The food is beautifully presented and prepared to a high standard.

It is also a great place to visit just for a drink. The hot chocolate is the best ever (someone who isn't vegan even said so). The decor is fun and inviting.

I've visited several times now and have never been disappointed!

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