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6223 N Guilford Ave, Indianapolis, USA

Pretty good

I like this place, and my omni-parents enjoy the food here. I've had good and bad visits. They have some good vegan options, and plenty for vegetarians. Service is hit or miss. If they're busy you tend to be ignored a bit. I have generally been pleased with my food, but not blown away by it. I was disturbed to read below that vegan options are cooked on the same grills as meat options. I will certainly ask about this before I go back. The food tends to taste fresh. I like the three grains scramble a lot. I also like the interior of the place; it feels very homey. So while I wouldn't put it at the top of my Indy dining list, I would still say check it out.

Santa Croce 1159, Calle Larga dei Bari, Venice, Italy

Refreshing, inspired gelato flavors

We had a lot of vegan gelato while in Italy, but Alaska stands out as the most memorable and unique experience. The owner can point out the vegan options and knew that the cones were also vegan. I had a combo of rose, mint, and blackberry, but there were a number of other equally interesting vegan options (I had a taste of my partner's celery gelato and it was surprisingly good.) All three flavors were terrific, but the rose really stood out. The taste of the gelato is hard to describe, but the best I can do is to say that it tasted homemade in the best possible way, with fresh ingredients. It was really light and airy, too--very refreshing for a hot day. A must for any vegan (or non vegan looking for something different) in Venice.

2201 Silver Ave SE, Albuquerque, USA

Loved it

We ate here a couple of times during our stay in ABQ and had to resist a third trip in order to add a little variety to our visit. The food is hearty and really different from other vegan options I've found elsewhere (different in a good way). The tofu scramble was particularly good, and I couldn't get enough of the Masala fries. The portions are huge and the prices very reasonable. Plenty of vegan desserts to choose from, too. You really can't go wrong at this place, and if anything the amount of vegan options is pleasantly overwhelming.

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

Elegant and delicious

I was excited to eat at Blossom, but forgot to make reservations for a Friday night dinner. The host was incredibly nice and squeezed us in, and even though we knew we couldn't have a lingering dinner because someone had the table reserved in a little over an hour, the staff never made us feel like we had to rush our meal. We had the porcini cigars for an app and loved them. Beautiful presentation. My brother had the lasagna and declared it the best he'd had (and he's not veg.) I had the pistachio and pepper crusted tofu with lemon reduction served over a sweet potato-filled crepe. The presentation for the mains was also gorgeous, and both tasted incredible. The serving sizes were just right; I felt satisfied but not overly stuffed. We didn't have room for dessert, but, from the looks of the dessert on other patrons' tables, they seemed guaranteed to be delicious. This is definitely a place to celebrate a special occasion and treat yourself to some fine vegan cuisine.

Piazza sant Eustachio, 47, Rome, Italy

good selection, central location

This was located right by the Pantheon and offered several vegan options. We ate a lot of gelato and sorbetto in Italy, so some of it blurs together, and I don't remember which flavors I had here. I do remember that it was tasty and I would recommend stopping in while you're in Rome!

842 E 65th St, Indianapolis, USA

Good variety of vegan options

I've been here a couple of times and have tried a new vegan option each time: shepherd's pie, sloppy joe's (have to ask for vegan bun) and a special menu item, the potato/spinach patty-thing with apple chutney sauce. I enjoyed everything. The shepherd's pie was really dense, and I wasn't that hungry at the time, so I would like to try it again sometime. When I ordered the sloppy joe's the waiter informed me the buns weren't vegan, and offered to serve it on a vegan bread. And the potato patties were a special of the week and you could tell they were made fresh--delicious. There were plenty of other options to choose from, which is nice and was unexpected. Service has always been fine. I would recommend this place. They have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, too.

1307 3rd Ave, New York City, USA

enjoyed it!

I had a good experience here and really enjoyed my food. We shared the crystal rolls and grilled focaccia for starters, then I had the Tuscan seitan parmesan sandwich and my friend had the BBQ seitan sandwich. Everything was delicious, but I am glad I ordered the Tuscan seitan, and I highly recommend it. Since we ordered sandwiches instead of entrees, we were able to afford two apps and not break the bank. The staff was also friendly. I also enjoyed the fries served with my meal. Overall, a pleasant dining experience.

6634 S Lewis Ave, Tulsa, USA


What a find! We stopped in Tulsa just to eat here on our way through, and it was well worth the stop. Totally veg, and mostly vegan. I had the Peking Duck and it was unusual and amazingly good. Great appetizers and the vegan marble cake was good too. Everyone was friendly. There were lots of locals dining there. We overheard one group say they just had to stop in and get their fix--always a good sign. I would highly recommend this place.

516 E 6th St, New York City, USA

vegan ice cream parlor: need I say more?!

I loved Lulu's! The young man working behind the counter seemed to genuinely love his job and was proud of his product. I appreciate that. Plus, as others noted, he eagerly offered to let me try any flavors. I went with the blueberry and strawberry, and my brother got the chocolate. All three flavors were cashew-based (the menu board notes what the base of each flavor is) and I enjoyed this immensely. The cashew base added a subtle, yet rich, element to the flavor, which was incredibly delicious. There's really not much space in the actual store, and the few seats were already occupied, so we had to get ours to go (and that would have made a sundae difficult I think.) But there's a nice little park nearby, plus the neighborhood is fun for a stroll, so it worked out fine. The guy in line behind us came in and said "Make me whatever you want!" The young man behind the counter asked if he had any allergies or dislikes, and the customer said no, make whatever you want and surprise me! How cool is it, vegans, to be able to do this? On my next visit I am going to order this way!

134 Kingsland ave, Brooklyn, USA

My favorite spot in NYC!

I spent a week in New York, and I ate here four times. It's nothing fancy, but the food is consistently great, the staff are very friendly and helpful (my experiences were much, much different than the other reviewer's) and I like the space. It's a nice little cafe with no pretension. It's laid back and a nice place to chat over a meal or to read if by yourself. I love all of the natural light, too. The Sag breakfast sandwich (scrambled tofu, sausage (or tempeh, I had both) and daiya cheddar on a kaiser roll. Wow, I loved it (and had it twice). I also enjoyed the Reuben and the hummus. I had the pleasure of stopping in for Sunday brunch, and devoured the tofu benny. Their coffee drinks and chai were also nice. I didn't get a chance to try the Polish sausage sandwich, but saw someone else enjoying it, and I look forward to ordering that on my next trip. I typically don't give five happy cows to a non-100% vegan establishment, but I'm going to make an exception here because I enjoyed my time at Boneshakers so much.

174 Ninth Ave, New York City, USA

A must for all chocolate lovers

I was floored by the gorgeous case of chocolates that greeted me when I stepped into Cocoa V. The amount of flavors and types of chocolates available was overwhelming. How often do we vegans get to walk into a store filled with chocolate and have the option of ordering anything we see?! I sat in the sweet little cafe side of the place and ordered the choose-you-own chocolate sampler plate and a glass of the hot chocolate (iced). The young man who helped me was, as another reviewer noted, very sincere and shared my excitement about the menu and options. He truly made this feel like a special experience, and even seemed to get a kick out of me snapping pictures of the plate before I took a bite. I loved the presentation of the chocolates-simple yet elegant- and I also loved the little bamboo trays that were used as plates. Everything I tried was incredible, and I am glad I had the hot chocolate iced. I highly recommend the Earl Grey bonbon. So unique. If you love chocolate, I highly recommend you put Cocoa V on your NYC to-do list.

328 East 14th St, New York City, USA

give me pizza fries, or give me death

Please order the vegan pizza fries when you go to Curly's. I could have just ordered them and been happy. It was a huge bowl filled with curly fries and topped with marinara and daiya cheddar (I think it typically comes with teese mozz, but I'm not a fan of their mozz flavor, so I requested the cheddar and LOVED it!) I also enjoyed the creamsickle drink drizzled with chocolate. I order the blue plate special, chili cheeze corn doggies, and wish I hadn't. The waitress had made several other recommendations, and I should have listened to her, but I was a little seduced by the complete junk food nature of this plate, and had to order it. I just didn't like it. I am not sure which type of hotdog was used, but I didn't like whatever it was, and the chili was just ok. I think the waitress was trying to steer me away from it (although she did say that the plate gets good reviews) but I was set on it anyway. Oh well. The pizza fries more than made up for it. My brother enjoyed the fauxphilly cheese steak and his friend enjoyed the buffalo style salad. They ordered regular cheese, so I didn't get to sample them. Overall a good experience with really terrific staff, but I will not go for the chili doggies next time.

247 King Ave, Columbus, USA

Elegant and delicious

I was quite impressed by Dragonfly. The interior is very classy (we weren't able to sit on the lovely patio) and the staff made you feel welcome and made the entire meal a real event. Delicious appetizers, plus the chef brought us a small sample of another dish while we waited for our entrees. While they had a wide range of gourmet dishes, I couldn't help myself and ordered the pizza (a gourmet pizza of course, with delicious almond cheese). We also had some refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails. Dessert was heavenly: a cookie sandwich filled with chocolate mousse. This is a great place for a romantic meal, but we also saw larger groups while there. The ladies at the table next to us were clearly not vegan and kept expressing their delight (and surprise) over the quality of the vegan dishes. The price was appropriate for the quality and amount of food we received. We left very satisfied after our special dinner at Dragonfly. Highly recommended!

Via Giovannipoli 18, Rome, Italy

Cold cuts and vegan cheeses plate!

This place is definitely off the tourist track, and you will probably need a cab to get there, but it's certainly worth it! It's a fun spot with a progressive, punky vibe and friendly staff. They had an English menu, which was helpful, because there was a lot of options.

We ordered the cold cuts and cheeses (hard and soft) sampler plate for a starter, and it could have been our entire meal. This thing was incredible, if you're into faux versions of meats and cheeses. Definitely the best we had in Italy. There was a lot of variety and the size of it was a meal for two. For a first plate we shared the ravioli; it wasn't quite to my taste, but my partner loved it. I had a cold cuts and cheese panini; maybe not the best choice after eating an entire platter of similar foods, but we don't see this much in the US so I went for it and it was delicious. I was also able to enjoy a local vegan beer on tap. There was, unfortunately, no room left for dessert. The menu is large enough that you could go back several times and still not sample it all. Definitely recommend making the trek; the cab ride from the Pantheon was about 11 euro. There might be public transportation available, but we didn't look into it.The chef kindly called us a cab to get back into central Rome.

One minor complaint is that there is some disturbing imagery on the walls of animal cruelty (to persuade people to adopt a veg diet, I assume.) Since I'm there because I eat a veg diet, I don't really need to be persuaded. Maybe this is a personal taste issue, but it's not what I want to look at as I eat my vegan meal. I would still recommend checking them out, and I would definitely eat here again.

2201 Cherokee St, St Louis, USA

A delight!

The Shangri-La was the light at the end of a long day's drive, and it proved to be all we had hoped. We showed up close to closing time on a Sunday, and the staff welcomed us in anyway, not in the least annoyed that they would have to stick around longer. Everyone was very friendly. The decor is a pop culture-lover's dream. We had yummy vegan shakes to start. I had the St Louis Slugger (vegan version) for my main meal. I was uncertain if the flavor combination would work, but was rewarded with a unique and delicious meal. To say the owner was generous when it came to the desserts would be an understatement. She treated us very well, and we were able to sample a variety of the vegan dessert offerings (I can't choose a favorite; everything was amazing). I had read some mixed reviews about this place, but my experience there was wonderful, and I'm glad we stopped there.

90 Rivington St, New York City, USA

Best chicken salad I've had!

I had a lovely lunch here. I loved the enormous tea selection, and went with the honeybush vanilla--a great choice! I also enjoyed the chicken salad sandwich. It was, hands down, the best chicken salad I've had. The server was very nice and I liked the atmosphere. Sadly, I did not have room for dessert, but they looked incredible. A reason to go back! This is a great relaxed lunch or tea spot.

Via San Gallo, 92/r, Florence, Italy

Prepare yourself for vegan heaven in Italy!

I ate here 3 out of 4 nights in Florence. There's a huge menu of traditional Italian dishes, plus things like burgers, etc. You can have a multi-course meal, Italian style, or just get a sandwich. The menu is quite extensive, and between the two of us over several nights we were able to sample a lot of the offerings without coming close to exhausting the menu. The lemon seitan melts in your mouth, and I'm still dreaming about the gnocchi and tortelli first courses (both with pesto.) The desserts were sublime, but having tiramisu for the first time since going vegan was a real treat. You can't go wrong with anything on this menu and the portions are enough to leave you satisfied. Between two of us we shared an appetizer, a first course, chose two main courses, and then shared a dessert, and we were actually a little too full. I had the vegan red wine which was delicious. Oh, the cold cuts and cheeses appetizer is kind of awesome. American companies haven't figured out how to replicate salami, but the Italians certainly have.

The young woman at the counter was incredibly friendly and helpful. She speaks English, and on our second night she had just finished writing up the English menu. The place is smallish but a very nice and comfortable space. We stayed a couple of hours each time and just enjoyed the meal and atmosphere. It's past the tourist trap district so you get a more authentic feel for the city. There's also a small vegan shop inside. You might want to make a reservation if going on a weekend. We didn't realize this on our first night, but she was able to give us a table anyway which was nice.

I can't recommend this place enough. I found the prices fair for the food received and it's just a nice place to hang out. I didn't realize the first night that you order at the counter, so take note of that. I look forward to returning some day to sample the rest of the menu.

Definitely go here and enjoy a splendid vegan meal!

142 Harvard Dr SE, Albuquerque, USA

Great food but no vegan sopapillas(?)

I was excited to try the vegan sopapillas that everyone here raved about, but our waitress told us that they are not vegan. So I ordered a veggie combo and the bean taco and avocado burrito were the superstars of this platter. Nice outdoor patio. Overall a good experience

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