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5901 Hillcroft St, Houston, USA

Not your boring old Indian buffet!

04 May 2008

I was getting so bored with the constant chicken tikka masala, chana dal, tandoori fare at other buffets in town (bored with Indian food? Wow) and I was so glad to hear about Bhojan.

This is the same restaurant, in the same location, as the Thali vegetarian restaurant. It is still a buffet and the food is just as good. They've redecorated a little, with a hilarious Bollywood-style silk-scarf-and-sequin theme applied lavishly right on top of the old earth-tone early 70's hotel breakfast room decor. The buffet is not as extensive as it used to be, but it was sufficient for all the guests at dinner, and definitely more than enough for my fiance and me. Once you pile your thali tray with bowls of dal and curry, basmati rice, puris, and pakoras, and accept fresh rotis from Patel, who walks around with a smile handing them out, you WILL, guaranteed, be full and happy for your $11.95 dinner (lunch is less).

Last night's fare included a variety of aggressively spiced, authentic Gujarati dishes, including a sumptuous eggplant, moong, and dumpling dish and a vegetable new to me, the finger-sized "tindora" in a dry curry sauce, that I enjoyed very much and am looking forward to having again. There was a sort of citrus-flavored sweet pudding that I thought was sweet enough to make your teeth retreat into your jaw, but my fiance had two bowls of it and wished we could make it at home.

Patel was friendly and observant, explaining things to us and making sure everything was fine (as the only non-Eastern faces in the room, we appreciated that!). We also appreciated having a full water pitcher left on the table, though American diners used to ice water will want more ice. A large party was in a room to the side where we could see them, but their laughter and talking was pleasantly muted to where we could enjoy the sound of others enjoying themselves without being bothered by it.

We recommend bringing non-vegetarian guests here if they enjoy curry and want true, authentic, homemade-style food. The people of Gujarat are mostly vegetarians, so you are not dealing with the awkward workarounds some vegetarian restaurants exhibit. This is real food, plenty of it, and some of the best cooking in town.

5827 Hillcroft St, Houston, USA

Not going back ever

03 May 2008

I have friends who eat here regularly because it's cheap. Well, the food is mediocre but I thought it was good enough for budget eating. I can't eat here anymore and I can't recommend it to anyone since the time I lifted a forkful of pullao almost to my mouth and saw a roach, fried right into the rice. EWWWWW. Don't eat here. There are too many clean, good places to eat in this town for close enough to the same price.

6401 Woodway, Houston, USA

Hardly trying

03 May 2008

This location is too small for a Whole Foods. It does not have half the things we expect from a Whole Foods Market, and the store is cramped and inefficient. They do not cater to vegetarians at this store; I've asked them to order me a case of something as a special order and if they don't lie about being able to get it, they always "lose" my request. I caught them passing off something homemade as "Field Roast," which is the brand name of an excellent vegan mock meat from Seattle that they don't carry either. I'm amazed they even bothered. I've learned to go to other Whole Foods instead.

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