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8029 Agnes St, Detroit, USA

It's O.K.

I find this place to be just ok. They overcharge for sub-par food, and don't give much for the price they charge. Some of the items are on the salty side as well. I'd say this would be your third option for vegan food in the city.

147 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Canada

Great Pancakes, Bad Service

The atmosphere is pretty neat. I really loved the pancakes and tofu burrito..but it came with a another price-the service was bad.
Took at least 8 mins to take our drink orders..and another 15 for the bill :-/ not to mention it wasn't crowded.

6227 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, USA

Love it - great tasting food & Smoothies!!!!!

My husband & I are vegan and travel quite a bit so to find this place is truly amazing!! Every time we come to Ohio we HAVE to stop in lol!

The food is extremely tasty the wait time is perfect. You will go home satisfied filled and happy. My meat-eater friends gives it two thumbs up.

Wish it were open Sunday and Monday!!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday November 01, 2011

4165 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, USA

First & Last time to visit

The wait time really needs to be improved at this cafe.

We went on a Sunday and waited 10 minutes in line to order food then another 45 minutes for our food to arrive. Unfortunately the food portions was disappointing for the amount of time we waited :/.

Also the way to order your food needs a lot of improving.
For example you have to wait in line to order food then find your own table---if any are available by the time your done waiting in line :(

It was an Interesting experience but we won't return. We found better food and faster ordering + 100% all vegan food at the Loving Cafe.

3408 N Clark St, Chicago, USA

In love with Pick Me Up

Imagine, a 24 restaurant that server vegan AND vegetarian food. Not only can you eat whenever you want, but you are also served an abundant portion....Now open you eyes and go to PICK ME UP CAFE. When i recently visited Chicago-I went there...twice love it to pieces

54-57 Allison Street, Birmingham, England

Great place, but not filling, and overpriced

This place was really eccentric and cool.
I loved the menu options and the atmosphere. Unfortunately I was really disappointed in the amount of food served. I thought hopefully the dessert would fill me up. But that too was very small. It's good place to try out but, definitely not filling and overpriced.

17 Baldwin St, Toronto, Canada

Cute, cozy and SPLIT!

Ahhh...It was so good to find this restaurant. Excellent food-so much so we spent $54 dollars--the banana split is to die for!
First choice for me for vegan food in Toronto!

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