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517 Frenchmen St, New Orleans, USA

Thought it was safe

16 Jul 2009

We were in NOLA last year before Cafe Bamboo opened, so our choices were limited. We had not looked into 13 before coming, so when someone on Frenchmen St told us that they had vegan food, we had to go. We checked at 13 and everything seemed fine. We enjoyed having a beer and having some sandwiches with tator tots. I'm now disturbed to read the review below. :-(

2800 Leavenworth St, San Francisco, USA

yummy potatoes

27 Jul 2016

My friends and I stopped in for a quick bite. The woman behind the counter said they are all vegan now, but we saw an iced tea in the fridge with honey. In any case, the sauces are vegan and we sampled many of them. I shared a large potato serving with one friend with curry mayo and garlic ketchup sauces. Very good potatoes and sauces. My other friend got one of their breakfast burritos and was less impressed although she liked the "honey" mustard sauce (we confirmed it was agave). Overall, a good shop for a quick bite in the Wharf area.

Pilestaede 32, Copenhagen, Denmark

good lunch

27 Jul 2016

We stopped in for lunch while sightseeing. It's order at the counter and then choose a seat at the long communal tables. We both got the burger with sweet potato fries, but with different sauces. We also ordered juices/shakes along with desserts. It was good and the staff were friendly. Good central location.

Burbank area, Burbank, USA

vegan brunch options

07 Nov 2015

We came with another couple when they first opened at 11am. Seating was no problem then, but it did begin to fill up pretty quickly. The menu had both sweet and savory options, but they no longer had the crepes which we originally came for. Dirk and I shared the French Toast and Tempeh Reuben with sides of coleslaw, potato hash, toast and lentil soup. The Reuben was quite good as was the coleslaw, but the rest was just average. Our friends ordered the apple cinnamon pancakes and tofu scramble. They enjoyed the pancakes, but not the scramble which was too bland. Overall, it was nice to have a place for brunch in Burbank, but we really wish it was all vegan.

1301 Manhattan Ave, Hermosa Beach, USA

limited vegan at brunch

21 Sep 2015

We went to brunch with a friend who said they have a separate vegan menu section. Apparently, that is on the regular menu as the brunch menu had limited choices which weren't labeled either. It was either the heirloom tomato salad or the Buddha belly feast. We all got the feast which was good and we did enjoy having some good beers with it too. We liked the brewery atmosphere, but we would not return unless the regular menu was available with more choices.

Rataskaevu 8, Harju, Tallinn, Estonia


30 Jul 2011

As Tallinn doesn't have many choices, we were pleasantly surprised by how much we liked this place. It's close to the main town square, but just far enough away from it to have prices dramatically drop (our plates were like 4 euro each). They have a few tables out front, but the courtyard in the back is very nice although we sat inside. The inside has a very nice rustic decor. The menu lists the vegetarian items separately and per conversation with the waitress, we learned that the "creams" are vegan. We ordered the rice fusilli pasta, a green salad and the beet patties. It was all so delicious. Really excellent quality and presentation. We both wanted to go back again, but sadly, we were only in Tallinn for the day.

340 E 4th St, Long Beach, USA

Slow service

09 Jun 2016

We came with a group of friends after the Long Beach Vegan Food and Music Festival. We all ordered separately, one right after the other. We got the tempeh reuben, fiesta bowl and sweet potato fries. They were good, but not special. Our food came fairly quickly, but other members of our party had to repeatedly ask about their food. One person did not receive her sandwich until the rest of us were already done. Another person's smoothie was finally given at the end in a to-go cup as we were leaving and it was poorly blended. We all really wanted to like this place as it's all vegan, but the poor service, with no apology or anything, left a sour taste.

57 Penestanan Klod, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

delicious and raw

13 Jun 2014

Several members of our VegVoyages tour group wanted to go here on our night off as they have ice cream and none of us were disappointed by Alchemy. We came for ice cream, but stayed for dinner. Everyone loved having fresh and organic raw food after so much cooked Indonesian food. As a group, we tried nearly all the main entrees (quiche, BLT, rolls, etc) as well as make your own salads. The desserts were heavenly too. A couple of people got juices too as they have a long list of available drinks. And it was super convenient that everyone was given their own running bill to keep (and it's only expensive in comparison to local prices). A definite winner in all our books.

Recavarren 298, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Lovely place

26 Aug 2010

While on our trip to Peru, we were able to eat at AlmaZen for dinner and it was just lovely. We arrived just after 6pm, but dinner did not start until 7pm, so we waited in their "tea shop". We ordered a chai tea, coffee and a baked apple dessert. The menu listed which items were vegan (vegano) and the waitress spoke English.

We moved into the dining room for dinner which was a small space with only 4 tables, but it was cozy. The whole restaurant has a very nice, clean and contemporary feel (with a very nice restroom too!). For dinner entrees, we chose to share the quinoa curry and the hamburger patty plate with potatoes and salad. Both were beautifully presented, fresh, colorful and tasty! We also had a pecan tort for dessert. The juices were very good too. We just loved this place and wish we could have gone back as it was the best place we ate at during our trip. The prices are expensive in relation to local prices (my chai cost more than a set lunch menu at another place), but the quality is high and we would definitely recommend this place to anyone visiting Lima.

1242 Fourth St, San Rafael, USA

Daiya pizza!

05 Apr 2010

We tried Amici's while visiting Dirk's parents and we loved the veggie brick oven pizza with Daiya cheese! The crust gets a little blackened, but we like that. We also had the artichoke panzanella salad (they claim the bread in it was vegan). Tasty. We ate in this time (the place is nice and clean), but they also deliver with the distance determining how much you need to spend to get free delivery. We can't wait to try that next time as they say it's "half baked", so you can finish baking at home to make sure it's hot and fresh after being delivered. Overall, we're always excited to have a pizza chain carry Daiya, but what differentiates Amici's is the brick oven.

1624 University Ave, Berkeley, USA

vegan boutique

19 Oct 2015

We stopped in to check out Vegan Republic and it's definitely a specialty item boutique as opposed to a grocery store. There were lots of snack items and refrigerated/frozen items like cheese, meats and convenience foods. They also had some beauty and clothing merchandise as well. It was great buying some hard to find vegan items while supporting a wonderful sanctuary. Definitely stop by to support them.

2201 Silver Ave SE, Albuquerque, USA

Slow service, but good food

06 Jul 2010

We stopped here around 2pm before heading to Santa Fe as it was close to the airport and I-25. The decor is bright and cheerful and the menu has color photos. The service was slow. It took over a half hour to get our food even though we ordered at the counter. The people who ordered right before us had pretty much finished all their food by the time ours showed up. Except for the service, the place was good. We ordered the utthapam, brunch burrito w/fries and chipotle ranch sauce, a samosa with a side of beet soup and the sweet potato pie for dessert. The utthapam had too much cilantro for Dirk's taste, but otherwise it was tasty with two chutneys included (coconut and date-tamarind). The burrito had an Indian twist to it and was excellent. The fries were awesome as they tasted baked, not oily. The samosa was good, but the soup was really good. Lastly, the pie tasted more like pumpkin pie, but good nonetheless. Overall, we are glad we went, but good thing we weren't in a hurry!

5601 Melrose Ave, Hollywood, USA

quick meal

06 Dec 2011

We finally ate at Astroburger as we needed to have a quick meal in the area. The vegetarian menu is fairly extensive, but the vegan items are far fewer. The menu board notes which items are vegan. We had the flame grilled burger and the chik'n burger as well as a side of chili fries. You could make the burgers at home, so nothing special. The chili on the fries was bean and lentil based, so something different. Overall, I wouldn't go out of my way, but it's convenient and quick if you're in the neighborhood.

710 W 1st St, Los Angeles, USA

nice new location

15 Feb 2015

We stopped in for lunch and actually ran into some other friends who were already there. They were finishing their meals and were quite pleased with them. We were excited to check out the menu. The inside space is much nicer than I anticipated. Considering it's near the financial district, I would be very comfortable bringing non-vegans for a business lunch. Also, it's across the street from the Disney Concert Hall, so great for a nice pre-show dinner too.

We ordered the stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer and the pho and sweet & spicy tempeh as entrees. Dirk loves mushrooms and pho, so he was quite pleased. My tempeh was lovely with potatoes, Brussels sprouts and tempeh served on puffy crackers. Just beware of eating of any of the peppers as they are very hot. We got the tiramisu for dessert. Slightly different from the original, but tasty nonetheless. The service was nice and friendly. We look forward to returning.

65 Moonmuang Road / Mun Mueang Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

good location

28 Dec 2015

We stopped in for dinner after checking out the Sunday night market, so the location was very convenient. The menu is large, but not all vegan. We started off with smoothies and dumplings. We tried a noodle dish and various stir fry type dishes. Everything was good. The service was friendly enough too. Worth a stop if in the area anyways.

126 King St, Newtown

vegan pizza with cheezly

01 Dec 2009

We stopped in Newtown one evening after sightseeing as we were craving vegan pizza. It was a bit of a walk from the train station, but you can take a bus too. We got a family size pizza with half roasted vegetable and half something I can't remember the name of (with yummy sun dried tomatoes though)! It was delicious all piping hot. Dirk liked it so much that he wanted to order a pizza to go as well and have it for breakfast (he likes cold pizza for breakfast). We got the veggie pepperoni which is really more like Canadian bacon. I had a piece hot and thought it was much better that way, but it was still a tasty breakfast in our hotel room. Oh, and while we were there, we saw the Naked Expresso menu and wish we could have gone as it looked absolutely yummy.

1030 E 22nd Ave, Denver, USA

all vegan bakery

16 Feb 2015

We loved Beet Box. Delicious pastries, friendly staff, coffee, lunch options, free wifi and more! For breakfast, we shared a tomato basil tart, a spinach mushroom croissant, a muffin, a donut, and a slice of cake with lattes. Yum! We came back for lunch to have the cremini panini and the avocado melt along with another donut. We took two mini cakes to go, a raspberry chocolate and a lavender lemon. And I came back on my way to the airport to grab a mushroom tart and latte. Can't get enough of this place!

1212 Royal St, New Orleans, USA

Yummy African food

16 Jul 2009

We went to Bennechin's on our first night in NOLA last year and we were very pleased. We went kind of early, so there weren't many people. We had no problem with service or noise. We got the table looking out the front window and liked the people watching. We tried different dishes (tomato and spinach stews) and enjoyed both. My friend had a spicy dish and she wants it REALLY hot, so she was pleased with her food as well. We were grateful to have a place to eat!

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