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Santa Croce 1159, Calle Larga dei Bari, Venice, Italy

I read the reviews first, but...

23 Jun 2012

But I was not prepared for my vegan Rose, Mint, Celery gelato cone! The one man cringed as I ordered it, but it was such a fresh tasting treat on a hot day involving a lot of walking. Excellent, creative options that you won't find anywhere else and not heavy like regular gelato. Friendly, helpful staff. Stop in!

Via Petroni 9/b, Bologna, Italy

A very refreshing lunch

23 Jun 2012

This restaurant is located next to a small deli and behind a local/healthy grocery store. It was a terribly refreshing buffet after consuming so many carb-focused foods over the past four days. Lots of fresh vegetables and light pastas cooked in interesting and varied ways. There were only two non-vegan options on the whole buffet table. We filled up our plates and ate very well. They also offer three (!?) types of water. The store also has some great options if you plan to stay longer or prepare your own food.
The staff was extremely helpful with our lack of Italian and pointed out everything that was vegan and how the process (buffet/dessert/drinks/payment) worked.

2201 Silver Ave SE, Albuquerque, USA

Great place, especially if you are into the spirit

30 Mar 2009

Great location in ABQ, right across from the University.
Plenty of vegan options including desserts.
The food may NOT be for everyone, but the servings are always abundant. The food is usually heavy on spice, but it gives this place a unique taste. The tofu scramble plate is awesome with lots on it. I also suggest getting the diesel curry fries with that wicked veganaisse. The curried ketchup is good too, but that other sauce is a real treat. Definitely check out if you are in town for a conference.

Piazza sant Eustachio, 47, Rome, Italy

These are all over Rome

23 Jun 2012

If you are touring the sites of Rome, you are likely to be doing it walking and in the warm weather. The Blue Ice locations are very pleasant to have nearby. Great variety of good-tasting soy gelato options. The location mentioned here is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the Pantheon!

860 Rue St Jean, Quebec, Canada

Thank you for this place

30 Mar 2009

Quebec City is rather incredible save for the lack of non-dairy milk alternative and vegan eateries. Le Commensal is a real treat. Rotating options. I've gone three times. And while the buffet option can be a bit annoying with food sitting out for a bit and such but, it provides the opportunity to try several different things. Sometimes the noodles and other entrees can be a tad greasier than desired, but overall the food is solid. Be careful how much you add to your plate because you may want to go overboard and will end up paying $16 USD for a plate to your surprise!! Always a dessert option for vegans as well.

Via Giovannipoli 18, Rome, Italy

The Vegan Cheese and Cold Cuts Plate

23 Jun 2012

If you are worried about the 15 Euro charge for the vegan cheese and cold cut appetizer, don't be. It is worth it. It is also almost enough for a meal for two.
I complemented it though with a shared appetizer of ravioli which I enjoyed and a huge sausage sandwich (which I fear I was too filled to properly enjoy but can assure you is good). This menu is HUGE. The unfortunate things are that there was only ONE person waiting on the whole restaurant. The place was packed about halfway through the meal, so it was hard to get her attention always. Also, the place is covered in rather sad animal welfare cartoons which was a bit troubling in order to enjoy a meal (many of us are already vegan, so this just seems a bit too much). Also, the semi-terrorist images on the walls were weird. But, other than that, it was a great, filling and pleasant experience. The staff was very helpful and called us a cab. The restaurant is located well outside of any tourist region of Rome so our cab driver (who we picked up at the Pantheon!) needed a map to be sure of where he was going. I would defintely suggest it for those wanting to get out of the tourist areas of Rome.

2201 Cherokee St, St Louis, USA

Great place, great fun, makes me consider moving!

30 Mar 2009

Great veggie burger, as it says.
Very helpful, friendly staff. The hostess cupcakes, as it says are really amazing. The pecan pie is GREAT!
The atmosphere is a lot of fun and they specify whether is something is veggie (not vegan) or vegan. If you have questions, everyone there seems to be well aware of the menu for assistance.

602 Fawcett Ave, Tacoma, USA

Usually great options

27 Oct 2014

I will often stop in here before work as the coffee is usually very good here and it is nice to get a treat after working out and going in for a long day at work.

The vegan options can range from minimal (pumpkin loaf, quinoa cookies, energy bar only) to plentiful with many cake and treat options that are always huge and really great.
The staff is only friendly. They may let you know if something vegan is about to come out of the kitchen. They also have a day-old table and you can sometimes find a really good vegan option on the table for half-price which just means I end up eating more.

They take the vegan food and gluten free options very seriously here. You won't get half-sized or dry cakes like some other places. Definitely worth checking out with nice outdoor seating and a great view of the South Sound.

Via San Gallo, 92/r, Florence, Italy

Excellent food, a fun time, and a great welcome

23 Jun 2012

This was the first Happy Cow destination I had on our trip to Italy and it was wonderful.
We walked in on a Saturday evening and took a table as it was empty save one other person. We were then asked if we had reservations which was odd because it was essentially empty. Within an hour, the place was completely packed (it is one relatively small room with about ten tables), with people waiting to get a seat.
That Saturday night we ordered about four courses starting with three large raviolis that were filled with a faux meat and great cheese substitute. For an entree, I had a breaded seitan that came with a side of fresh seasonal vegetables. and, for dessert, we had the chocolate cheesecake. The desserts seem to rotate frequently and the menu, overall, was wide and varied enough that it would take weeks to get through everything I wanted to try.
We had such a great time that we ended up making reservations for the following night assuming that no other place in the area could possibly compare! The next night we had sandwiches. I had a breaded seitan-like burger that was great and similar to my meal the night prior but on a burger setting. The seitan here is unlike seitan that I have ever had or made myself. It was extremely moist and tender, very good.
I would highly reccommend this place to any vegan, vegetarian, or anybody who wants quality fresh food and is visiting Florence. One of the common complaints on here is the use of compostable materials for dining, but I don't know enough of the specifics to know why that is used as I know that it may be an issue of space and, in the end, may use less resources as this is not the only environmentally-conscious restaurant that employed the same policy on silverware.
I will conclude with the final highlight of the meal which was a tiny cup of espresso topped by a non-dairy whip cream. As it is rather difficult to find soy milk at cafes in Italy, this was wonderful and a great way to end each evening.

This restaurant also has English-language menus and the owner also speaks very good English if that is a concern.

2603 6th Ave, Tacoma, USA

a Vegan-positive Indian restaurant

27 Oct 2014

I have been to many Indian restaurants but the vegan options are not always that positive -- even at the vegetarian restaurants. Gateway takes this seriously as I believe one of the owners is also a vegan. Everything vegan-friendly is well- marked. If there is something that you want that may be vegetarian but not vegan, they will modify it for you. They do use the same fryer for all foods so be conscious of that. They may be able to bake some options instead of frying if you want and they are available to do so.
The food is also really good quality. There is always a large wait staff to help and check on you and always friendly.

34 Via Marcantonio Colonna, Rome, Italy

Soy Whipped Cream

23 Jun 2012

We had visited about five gelaterias from Happy Cow during our stay in Italy. This was the final one and the best. You have to go to the back to get the soy options, but they are plentiful and hard to choose. It is a bit further removed from the tourist zones and about 2 miles north of the Vatican. The whipped cream on top (something we saw at no other gelateria) was so light and wonderful. I think I had caffe, choco-hazlenut, and coconut. Definitely worth the out-of-the-way walk!

San Martino, Borgo Val Di Taro, Italy

A Great Experience

23 Jun 2012

I titled this "A Great Experience" because this adventure was more than about the food -- obvious as it is a bed and breakfast located near the Apuan Alps or foothills.
This adorable country bed and breakfast is located in the mountains of greater Borgo val di Taro, Italy and takes about a 15-20 minute drive (mostly vertical!) from the train station. It is run by two animal-loving people who make you feel very welcome.
I will focus on the food for the sake of space and interest. The location of dinner (and breakfast) was in a gorgeous glass dining room that overlooked the low rolling mountains next to us. Grape vines that came in from the outside garden adorned the inside of the dining room.
Our first course were these light, puffed, friend pieces of bread with a strongly lemon hummus. It was a great way to start and a very interesting combination of flavors. Then came the porcini risotto. The porcinis were local and this risotto was the only risotto we had during our stay in Italy but it was excellent and we went through it very quickly. Our main course was a chickpea frittata with onions which had this wild taste. Unfortunately, by this time we were starting to fill up and had trouble making it through our meal with ease! Then came the dessert which was relatively light and was something like a shortbread pie topped with fruit (perhaps elderberries??) preserves on top. This was a great way to end the evening though we were both filled beyond belief.

The next day was our breakfast at Paradiso dei Gatti and it was equally as refreshing. Freshly brewed coffee (with soy milk!) and a variety of light breakfast cakes.

The place is also surrounded with animals including goats, sheep, dogs, horses, chickens, and, of course, cats. I highly suggest going here if you plan on staying anywhere near Parma or are traveling across the country. It was a nice break from the denser cities and want a greater variety of local foods specific to the area (that are vegan or have a veganized approach).

Via dei Tavolini, 19, Florence, Italy

Great options, friendly staff

23 Jun 2012

This place was wildly busy when we went but we were met with a smile and some healthy helpings of gelato. There were about 8 vegan options and they are right up front. I went two days in a row and had coffee, hazzlenut, and chocolate flavors. Great way to beat the midday heat and I am thankful for these considerations.

9925 SW Bank Rd, Vashon, USA

Looking forward to a return trip

27 Oct 2014

This is a small space with a few seats for eating. I got a massive bowl and a smoothie. The bowl was really bountiful with grains and vegetables and was really great. It was one of those filling meals that makes you feel good after consuming it.
I can't wait to return. Definitely a great place to eat in a really fun environment.

1324 Martin Luther King Wy, Tacoma, USA

A real benefit to Tacoma

27 Oct 2014

This restaurant is always a treat for a visit. It is definitely unique and definitely different in many ways from its affiliate Plum in Seattle. The menu is very large and the portions are always very healthy in size. The proteins variety is strong with an assortment of tempeh, tofu, and seitan.
The brunch is always a great treat. The combination plates are bountiful with grits, potatoes, tempeh, tofu, seitan, biscuits, apples. It is a staple for the area and caters to a wide clientele.
Sometimes the service can be a bit slow and some of the food may have clearly been frozen recently. I've discovered that the best times to go for food and service are always when it is busiest with other customers. Highly recommended.

Dorsoduro 780, Venice, Italy

Gorgeous, Friendly restaurant on the water

23 Jun 2012

Despite not being an entirely vegan affair, this was our favorite restaurant experience of our time in Italy. The staff was friendly and attentive. They have a separate veg-friendly menu with items marked as vegan (and in four different languages). The dining area is ON the water, you are on a floating deck.
The restaurant was very easy to find (for Venice with a map!) and was a very classy affair. The food, as always in Italy, was extremely fresh and creative. As the sun began to set, it was lit up on the water which was quite a gorgeous spectacle.
I had the rice with beans for dinner and meals like this, which may sound rather plain when compared with this being a vegan option in an American restaurant, really stood out on its own and was not something that was just thrown together. The beans were great.
We had a cherry sorbetto/grilled pineapple dessert.
Overall, it was a super experience on the water in the world's most (toursity) romantic city. I recommend it to anyone passing through Venice looking for a long dinner on the water away from the heavy crowds of San Marco.
Updated from previous review on Saturday June 23, 2012

2914 6th Ave, Tacoma, USA

Awesome place, what every town needs

27 Oct 2014

I am headed back there in a few minutes and I can't wait.

Red Hot is right on 6th Avenue in Tacoma. It is a great place to enjoy a variety of vegan hot dogs (there are four very strong options from which to choose) and get a drink (a very large beer menu and root beer on tap and espresso) and watch a baseball game. I can't recommend this place enough.
The service has always been great and having four fun hot dog options where you feel like the vegan options are taken seriously is really great.

Rm 0260, 2/F, Bldg D, Chaowai SOHO, 6B Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, CBD/Guomao, Beijing, China

My favorite veg restaurant in Beijing thus far

25 Apr 2010

Having lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA for seven years, I had a solid idea of what to expect for quality vegan Chinese Food. The food at Tianchu Miaoxiang is comparable to many of the non-veg restaurants I have attended here in scope and breadth of menu options, but tops them in presentation of meals. It also tops every other restaurant on the order of customer service. The staff speaks little English, but are very attentive and not at all loud.
I have been here four times thus far and plan to return this afternoon. I can eat very well (tea, soup, appetizer, and entree) for under 60RMB and have some to take with me.
The atmosphere is quiet and comfortable right in the middle of a SOHO building.
I try to avoid the numbing peppercorns which made everything I tasted afterward taste like detergent. If this sensation does not sound appealing, I suggest that you also avoid the peppercorns.

The offerings are huge and the potential combinations are endless.

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