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via dei Vagellai 18r, Florence, Italy

Best Tortellini Ever

16 Jan 2012

Very hard to find, we passed it several times before thinking this may just be the place. Glad we persevered as it had some of the best food I have tasted in Italy. It was a bit slow to serve and it was more quality than quantity, but the staff were friendly enough and I found the decor interesting and comfortable.

Would definitely go there again if I were in Florence, if only for the tortellini which was magnificent.

La latteria, Via Degli Alfani 39/r, Firenze, Florence, Italy

We felt conned

16 Jan 2012

The owner was reasonably friendly and the atmosphere/decor was attractive, so we liked the place and did our best to enjoy ourselves despite the food being the worst we have eaten anywhere in Italy (the quiche that others have mentioned).

But then added 1 euro for every item brought to the table (including drinks) and we felt completely ripped off. Even if the food were good, which it was not, the prices were astronomical. The worst value for anywhere I have ever eaten, and the owner was unembarrassable! She knew very well what she was doing and we clearly were not the irst people to be completely shocked.

It was our worst experience in Italy, so avoid it if you want to enjoy a holiday there!

It also gives a terrible impression of what it means to be vegetarian to non-vegetarians! The happy cow system says the lowest rating I can give for a vegetarian restaurant is 2 stars. This makes the points given here very very misleading. I would give this place zero as it gives vegetarians a bad name, and rips off vegans who can eat cheaper and better anywhere else in the city.

Ekelundsgatan 4, Gothenburg, Sweden

Somewhat limited for vegans

15 Mar 2011

While I would visit it if in the area, it has a limited selection for vegans compared to Fram and Gröna Boden.

I liked some of their sandwich spreads and there is stuff there you don't find elsewhere, but not a place I'd go to in order to stock up.

Olivedalsgatan 23, Gothenburg, Sweden

Vegan waffles!

30 Aug 2012

Friendly small cafe, near Fram (organic store with lots of vegan things) and almost next door to a shop for people with allergies which also stocks lots of vegan stuff.

You might miss it if you don't have the address, as they are on the outskirts of the shopping area and not well advertised.

It has interesting art on the walls, some of them done by the owner. I found the place relaxing. Some of the food was not to everyone's taste, but it is worth trying to see what you think, and give feedback, because I think this is the first and only purely vegan cafe in Gothenburg, so it is in our interest to support it as much as possible.

You can't go wrong with the waffles and ice cream though and I expect the food to improve over time.

Linnegatan 30, Gothenburg, Sweden

Nice Option

16 Jan 2012

It is a bit expensive for what you get, so I only would really go there for coffee, or if there is no other vegan place around. But they are patient about veganism, can make any of the hot drinks or smoothies with soya milk and have options for what to eat, including a vegan muffin for dessert.

Also the coffee is fair trade and you can hang out there as long as you need.

Nordenskioldsg. 18, Olivedal, Linnestaden, Gothenburg, Sweden


03 Mar 2011

It has a good selection of grains and organic food. Not much vegan processed type food, but has some.

Recommend you go for bulk shopping, as they give a 10% discount if your bill is more than 600 kr as long as you are also only using public transport to get the shopping home. My shopping was a bit less than that and the person at the till said if I wanted to get the discount she was happy to wait as I chose other things and serve others in the meantime. I ended up getting more stuff to try and it costing less than originally!

Vasaplatsen 13, Gothenburg, Sweden

Good for meat substitutes

03 Mar 2011

Easy to get to, right outside Vasaplatsen tram/bus stop. Good variety of vegan items, many of which I couldn't find anywhere else in Gothenburg. Chorizos. julskinka and supermelting mozarella. Friendly staff.

Not much space, so be careful walking around, and patient when people are looking at stuff and you can't get past.

Via delle Ruote, 30 r, Florence, Italy

A reliable place to go

16 Jan 2012

Like the other reviewers, we were initially confused by the process, getting in line/in the crowd to make an order and pay the man sitting on the till at the back, then waiting with a receipt to get the food from the kitchen staff.

But once we understood we felt very comfortable and returned there a few times for good value vegan food, including interesting desserts! Plenty of space and good atmosphere.

Kungsportsavenyn 39, Gothenburg, Sweden

Impressive choice

03 Mar 2011

It is a great location, and impresses non-vegans with what it offers.

It takes a bit of time if there is a queue and then you have to think of somewhere to sit and eat, it. On a warm day, why not take it to the steps of Museum of Art on Götaplatsen?

On a cold day, at least it is the kind of food you can eat while you walk. Remember to say you want the vegan version of whatever burger or hot dog you order as they do meat versions as well.

Kaponjärgatan 4A, Gothenburg, Sweden

Relaxed place

03 Mar 2011

I like the atmosphere here. Always has a vegan option or two, as well as a good salad buffet. The obvious place to go to eat if you are in the Haga area.

Via U. Moricca, 100-102, Roma, Rome, Italy

Very friendly and helpful

16 Jan 2012

It was a bit of a trek to get to, but we were made very welcome, despite arriving before they were open. Helpfully went through the menu to help us choose what was vegan and the food was good. We waited in the park and got pizzas take away. Macrobiotic meant no tomatoes on the pizza, which I thought was very interesting to try.

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