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58-60 Marchmont Street, London, England

Bloomsbury delicacies

20 Apr 2009

This is a little-medium vegetarian shop, with good vegan choices: " Laura's ideas" fresh foods are mostly vegan, and absolutely great, like the Spanish bean salad, Deli Salad, Quinoa Salad, vegan " calzone" ( a type of italian pizza, which can be eaten also cold), the soya cheese cake, a good choice of wonderful fresh fruit juices named " Innocent". Actually I've never tried the food cooked at their desk. The staff is kind and helpful. There are also three little table outside where you can eat and drink. Mostly organic. A curiosity: it's near the gay bookshop named " Gay's the word" and in front of another indian vegetarian restaurant ( which I've never tried) " Vegetarian paradise". Russel Square tube is very near.

Bread Street, Penzance, Cornwall, UK, Penzance, England

Excellent food and very kind staff

21 Apr 2009

The food in this restaurant is absolutely great, tasty and light at the same time. I remember a great vegan salad, beans sandwich, great tropical or blueberries smoothies, fantastic vegan chocolate cakes, and a very good breakfast with vegan sausages and bacon. A very nice atmosphere, very smiling waiters and waitresses, always ready to ask you if you enjoyed the meal or you need a help. Mainly vegan.

Drahtgasse 3, Vienna, Austria

Delicious and baroque food

08 Jan 2010

Eaten/ tasted the following dishes:
- exotic curry ( a hot dish: rice with exotic fruits)
- Brown rice with mixed vegetables ( potatoes, cabbage, fennel)
- Ragusa bruschetta ( white bread - I would have preferred whole bread...- with tomato sauce, artichockes)
- multivitaminic drinks
- cold, homemade lemon tea

It is possible to eat inside, it is possible to eat outside, in an intimate and at the same time severe atmosphere of lofty palaces, near the very central Stephans Platz. The food's quality is high, deliciously baroque as the buildings around the restaurants.

Piazza Cioccaro 8, Lugano, Switzerland

In the very heart of Lugano

08 Jan 2010

It's a small health food store, but it offers a good choice of vegan options to cook. If you' re vegan and you have no chance to cook, it might be a bit more difficult, but not impossible: in this case you can try with some sauces to spread, and an excellent, fresh spelt bread whose rule is being crunchy. Also an interesting choice of vegan sweets, like biscuits and English chocholates.

42 Drury Street, Dublin, Ireland

Wonderful tofu pizza

21 Apr 2009

The first thing I remember of this place is the wonderful tofu pizza ( 100% vegan), but also some delicious vegan cakes, and very good sandwiches with tofu and alfa alfa or seitan and alfa alfa. Just a little problem ( at least for me): it's a very little place, and there is no space to sit to eat. Kind and helpful staff. Excellent location near other organic and vegan-friendly shops.

Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Plastic tofu, ( sometimes) macdonald quality...

24 Apr 2009

First of all the service was extremely slow: it took about 50 minutes to have the dinner. A tofu that tasted like plastic or paper;pita was insipid; a dreadful salad with a mysterious soy mayonnaise whose quality could have been perfect for a Mac Donald eater. The cake was good, but not that remarkable. Lonely Planet says that this restaurant is absolutely organic; actually it's - as the restaurant itself says, clearly writing it on the menu- mostly organic. For the " quality" that is offered, this restaurant is overpriced.

La latteria, Via Degli Alfani, 39/r Firenze, Florence, Italy

Good, but it could be better

29 Dec 2009

When I was a vegetarian I used to come here very often and, especially, I couldn't stop enjoying the "Bretone", a cake made with a special cow milk cream, I couldn't stop to court that cake... But since I completely stopped eating animal products I realized that here the vegan options weren't numerous. Of course there is always something vegan to eat, but not much, maybe also because the owner/female cook never uses soy milk or rice milk. Here you can usually find only one vegan option in the cakes menu ( usually made of fruits and pine nuts with jam, very good), only one vegan option in the quiches menu ( very good), and two vegan options in the soups menu. The portions could be bigger ( since the prices are not that cheap!) and, even if all the dishes are home-made, they are not always organic. The atmosphere is very nice ( and it's also in the historical centre of Florence), but, if you need to go the toilet and whas your hand, pay attention to the soap, I guess it's not vegan and it's not cruelty free at all.
My opinion about "Caffélatte" is good, but, if the owner wanted, could be even better. Because if you're a vegan and you're looking for a large ( and exquisite) variety of meals, go to "Tropponais", always here in Florence.

Quartiere Maghetti 10, Lugano, Switzerland

A small place, but something vegan is shining...

08 Jan 2010

A really small place, but with a fairly good attention for vegan food ( mainly to cook). Like in the other Lugano health food store, Biocasa, there is an interesting choice of vegan sweets, rice and soy drinks. Unfortunately here cosmetics and vitamins don't know what the word vegan means...

Kaivokatu 6 / Asematunneli, Helsinki, Finland

Oy= " Life"

08 Jan 2010

There are lots of " Life" health food stores in Helsinki, but I guess this is one of the finest, also because it's located inside the ( beautiful) Helsinki railway station, precisely at the underground level, next to a terrible bloody stinky Mc Donald's and other places for cannibals. Luckily there is entirely vegetarian and vegan food to buy ( and to cook), but not all the vitamins sold here are vegan. There is also a good choice of " Faith in Nature" cosmetics and toiletries ( vegan, mostly organic and Buav approved). Bought:
- Sea salt ( merisuola in Finnish) A. Vegel
- Vegideli Thai fish style cakes made with chickpeas, onions and potatoes, flavoured with lemongrass and lime ( organic, UK)
- Lyme Regis food organic Marzipan ( UK)
- Plamil organics orange chocolate.

Hämeentie 50, Helsinki, Finland

Healthfood store "Punnitse & Saasta" Helsinki

08 Aug 2009

Actually I expected a larger shop, but here precious things to eat have been easily found. The store sells mostly organic and vegan things - and this is positive-, but for the first time, in a healthfood store, I've seen something weird and not very positive: in the fridge, next to some organic and fairtrade Colas ( made by WholeFoods, UK) I've noticed with disappointment some Coca Cola cans ( but isn't Finland one of the most progressive countries in Europe and not only?). Maybe that fridge was a little, cold theatre of the absurde and I was a fleeting spectator in front of that squallid, icy contraddiction. Neither Giorgio De Chirico's metaphysical paintings are able to put together such different objects in th same place like those two different colas...Anyway, bought:
- Vegetable Curry Natura Organic ( UK)
- Wheaty The Vegan Way "La Rossa" wurstel ( organic, Germany)
- Wheaty The Vegan Way wurstel spacebar ( organic, Germany)
- Wheaty The Vegan Way "themp" spacebar ( organic, Germany)
- Flapjacks sweet bar "Date & Walnut", " Apricot and apple", "Original" (UK)
- "Faith In Nature" antiseptic Tea Tree Soap ( UK, vegan, partly organic, Buav approved)
- "Faith In Nature" regenerating Aloe Vera Soap ( Uk, vegan, partly organic, Buav approved)

Salita Chiattone 18, Lugano, Switzerland

The food is all the comfort

09 Jan 2010

One of the best vegan restaurants I've ever been. Food is healthy, filling, light, tasty, it has an eye on italian and swiss cooking tradition ( black cabbage thicksoup , smashed potatoes on a lentil bed, seitan in imitation of tuna) on Maghreb ( vegetable cous-cous), China ( an excellent cantonese rice with spring roll), and excellent squeezed fruits ( " Winter fire" with hot pepper, cinnamon, pear, a piece of orange, banana, some bitter chocolate; " Goodbye virus" with orange, ginger, kiwi, banana, " Youth elisir" with one carrot, apple, orange, aloe vera, " Detox" with one carrot, beetroot, apple, lemon ...). The only - little- shadow is that you have to eat at a table with no chairs...But maybe they want you to understand that this food is good ( and so vegan) that there's no need to sit comfortably, because this food is all the comfort.They also have a small shop ( inside the same place) totally organic and mostly vegan ( there's honey in some sauces to spread, and vitamins must be checked with care, because they sell Omega3 from Fish Oil and the origin of Lactobacillus is not specified). Staff are very kind and helpful. 

c/ Pastor y Landero, 0 S/N, Sevilla, Spain

wild cakes

06 Jan 2010

First of all this is not exactly a health food store. It's a small deli ( they mainly sell fresh cakes and pastries, but also juices, soy and rice drinks and savoury cakes) located in a not very attractive market, but the greatness of this food will make you forget the other shops around it. Cakes here are wild, they tempt you with their silent and vegan opulence. Anyone who tastes these pieces of paradise can easily understand how animal products are actually useless to create original and imaginative cakes. Because these cakes think that milk, eggs ad honey are unwanted guest. ( Not 5 stars for me because here food is not totally organic).

20 Glasshouse Street, London, England

A beautiful, lascivious tofu cheese cake

06 Jan 2010

A great place for vegan people in the heart of Soho, very near to Piccadilly Circus. actually the store is not totally vegetarian ( and neither completely organic), but it's possible to find a large variety of vegan options ( salads, tofu salads, calzone, rice salads, fresh cakes) to eat at the tables outsid or inside, or to take away in recycled plastic boxes; of course a very good choice of vegan food to cook too. Good choice of vegan, cruelty free and high quality cosmetics ( Faith in Nature, Jason...); there are also some vegan vitamins ( especially from Solgar).
Maybe the best food here: a lasciv tofu cheesecake made by Laura's idea, which should make people understand how useful tofu can be and how, actually, heavy and perverse cow milk is.

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