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Rue la Vieuville, 24, Paris, France

Quaint, charming, homely - an experience!

23 Nov 2006

Finding the restaurant was a bit of an adventure: along the way we experienced a diverse cultural side of Paris that is not French, cobbled alleyways, steep uphill roads, and of course the stunning Sacre Coeur. The restaurant itself is cosy and quaint, with an open plan kitchen, bags of dried herbs hanging off hooks near the tables, garlic on the walls, and all sorts of other stuff lying around - almost reminiscent of a nutty hippy hangout! As for the meal, while not quite gourmet, it was freshly prepared - including our orange juice - by a lovely chatty young French/ English (thankfully!) waitress, and was tasty and healthy. In a nutshell, if you want a homely experience and don't mind rickety chairs, small spaces, and a bit of clutter, then you will love it. Oh, and you have to use the toilet while you're there -it's quite something!

Carrer Sant Doménec 19, Barcelona, Spain

Large Menu, Tasty Food, Small Portions

14 Nov 2008

The restaurant was relatively easy to find, but we had a local and a map with us so not too much of a hassle. I'm in two minds about the place, but here are my thoughts:

1 Ambience is non-existent, and the atmosphere was relatively cold. It screamed of being a place where pretentious middle class people come to, simply because it seems to be the "in" place to eat. They could do so much more with the decor, while lovely in it's simplicity, that desperately needs a "warm touch".

2. Service - I'll keep it short: it was dismal. The staff were rushed, even though we were the first table there; and not particularly congenial - not a single smile, no more than a few words were spoken, nor at any stage did they ooze warmth and hospitality.

3. The food, however, was a different story, thankfully. A fabulous selection, excellent combinations of flavours, and a lovely taste experience overall. However, the portions are rather small, and for the price, that was a bit disappointing. Dessert was nothing to rave about, so I'm not even going to bother.

Overall, not a bad experience, but I wouldn't recommend it as a must. Go there if you are not fussed about the service or the price, and want to have a tasty meal. Otherwise, there are tons of other lovely places in the city to try out.

83, Joel Street, Northwood Hills, Middlesex, North West London, England

Fantastic, tasty, spoilt for choice!

05 Dec 2006

This restaurant is for certain one of the best in London that we've tried - for Oriental vegan food that is. It's located in Harrow and is quite easy to find, with the restaurant itself being small, quaint and cosy. The family who run it are Bhuddists and their friendliness and warmth is very inviting indeed. The menu is incredibly diverse, with practically every mock meat alternative you can think of, and none of it containing any dairy or eggs. They also do ultra fresh fruit juices, but do not serve alcohol - you may however bring your own. The portions are large, the food is tasty, and all round, it's well worth the visit.

106 Parkway, Camden Town, London, UK, North West London, England


22 May 2007

We came across this restaurant by chance while surfing the web, and decided to be whimsical and try it out. Well, cut a long story short, it's fantastic. We ordered a mixed platter, and believe me, it was a LOT of food, and incredibly delicious. The juices are fresh, and desserts are scrumptious. You won't be sorry. Also, the setting is fantastic, and the decor is very hippie/ indie and really comfortable. Well worth the visit.

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

Interesting layout, but good food...

23 Nov 2006

By the time we got to the restaurant, it was full and we were promised a table within 15 minutes, even though we hadn't reserved. When we returned after walking around the Pompidou area, we were happily seated between French locals and were quite ready to experience our first vegetarian Parisian meal. The very busy waitress was quite charming and patiently went through the options with us, and we settled on Broccoli soup, French Onion soup, and a salad for starters. Main courses were spinach lasagne and a leek pancake, followed by a very rich chocolate mousse and absolutely heavenly cheesecake. While not the tastiest or most superb meal ever eaten, the food was pleasant and had we not been keen on trying the other veggie restaurants in Paris, we probably would have come back again. They also make fresh fruit/ veg cocktails, and overall, it's well worth a visit.

39 Plantation Road, Jericho, Oxford, England

Hidden Gem

24 Aug 2009

The pub is a bit tricky to find without as a map, as it's nestled on a corner amidst a quiet suburban part of Oxford. However, the walk to the pub from the centre of town is very pretty, as you pass a few interesting sights along the way, and is absolutely worth the trek. The pub itself is not particularly glamorous, and initial first impression is that you are entering a regular "local" haunt - complete with typical kitch decor, regular clientele, and of course, the authentic English pub smell. However, while the place could certainly do with a makeover inside, we moved to the quaint garden, nestled amidst the trees, complete with the local pub dog.

The menu itself is not on a par with that of a huge establishment, but the choices are ample and indeed, vast enough to satisfy pretty much most palettes - including fussy children. Here is a quick recap of our meal:
- Veggie burger with mayo and mango chutney, and a basket of fries - the portion was huge but this youngster had no problem gobbling the lot down.
- Tapas platter - portion not huge enough for a really hungry person, but perfect for sharing as a starter or just as a very light meal.
- Sage and red wine mushroom pie - very large portion, served with fresh veg and potatoes, and absolutely delicious - totally recommended.
- Mexican chilli - portion relatively satisfying, very tasty, and served with fresh salad.

Overall, everything was served quickly, and the food itself was fresh, very tasty, and in large enough portions to suit most appetites. Give it a try - you won't regret it.

Escudellers 54, Barcelona, Spain


14 Nov 2008

The restaurant is relatively easy to find, the atmosphere lovely, and the staff very friendly. It's not a huge place, but it's cosy and inviting - perhaps something to do with the massive crystal quartz wall!

The food was excellent, although for my ravenous partner, his portion was a bit small. Nevertheless, everything is fresh, tasty, and you get quality veggie food.

Try it.

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