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1298 Market St, San Francisco, USA

A good place for lunch near Civic Center.

Not a lot of vegan options here, which I'm not crazy about, especially from a vegetarian restaurant, but they do have a few that they do well. I like the hummus wrap (vegan), LOVE the veggie burger (vegan on request), and there is usually a vegan option or two on the daily specials board. The soups are usually vegan and almost always excellent, but I can not recommend the curries.

1900 S First St, Austin, USA

Veg Cafe in the Heart Of Texas

I didn't think anyone used more nutritional yeast in their cooking until I ate at this place. The Tofu Scram is literally caked in it! It is an interesting take on the dish, a little dry, but good.

This is a pretty good veg diner. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful to vegans. The food is good, the coffee is good and they have lots of vegan pastries, cookies and such. I will definitely revisit this place when I am in Austin again.

204 W 4th St, Royal Oak, USA

Raw in Royal Oak

Was really stoked on this place on my first couple visits, but am sad to say that it has gone downhill. Still has a nice menu for elixirs and smoothies, fresh juices etc, but I feel that the quality of a lot of their other options has declined. They used to do really good daily specials, and they didn't have one this time. I asked the girl at the counter and she said they weren't doing them anymore. Bummer. The desserts were my favorite part of the menu before, and that is where I felt I saw the steepest droop in quality. Not a bad option, but not as good as I remember it being.

247 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley, USA

Veg Friendly?

I don't want completely slam this place, because I feel that the owners may have good intentions, but I would be very careful if you are vegan. While some of the employees here are nice and helpful, others have NO idea what is in the food they are serving and will tell you something is vegan when it in fact contains eggs or dairy. For instance; my girlfriend and I had been told that the house dip was vegan. We ate it a couple of times, only to find out later that it contains egg!!! I would always recommend asking a lot of questions with any place that isn't 100% vegan, but with this place..... well, if you want to give it a chance, go for it, but I'd advise caution. If the staff tells you the dip is vegan, leave!

762 Valencia St, San Francisco, USA

Great Japanese goes vegan!

This place is great! I've had almost everything on the menu and have had very few disapointments. My favorites include the Cha-Ya nabe (vegan sukiyaki), the Shattuck roll and the seaweed salad. Also, it is a fact: they have the best Miso soup ANYWHERE! Fanstastic service, too!

end of Calle Santander next to Casa Alegre, Panajachel, Solola, Panajachel, Guatemala

Vegan in Pana!

Great spot! We were surprised to find that they have a decent amount of vegan dishes which are clearly marked on the menu! You gotta love that. Try the Tofu pan sandwich or the Pepian Negra: a traditional Guatemalen dish of veggies in a sauce of cinnamon, pumpkin and sesame seeds with rice. Very good!

2400 Harrison St, San Francisco, USA

Good Food, But NOT Raw...

I am sick of this place being called a "raw vegan restaurant". I am not even a raw foodie, but it irks me because it is not an accurate description. Many of the dishes are cooked, and most of the desserts have soy lecithin in them, which REAL raw foodies don't even eat. Oh, and they have honey on the menu, which isn't vegan, so, technically, it isn't even a vegan restaurant!!

That off my chest, I love this place! Always check the specials board (usually really good). I love the live nachos, the raw pizza, and almost everything I've had here, but my favorite is the sunflower burger. I love it with the cheddar "cheese" and avocado (PRICEY but I like to spoil myself). But the best thing about this place is the desserts. AMAZING vegan cheesecakes and such. My favorite is the key lime pie. Oh, their drinks are good too.

I am not crazy about the names of the menu items. I won't order anything by it's name (i.e. "I am elated", "I am celebrating") I find the whole thing phony and pretentious. It seems like they encourage their wait staff to adopt a certain attitude of enlightened grandeur that I find very off putting as well. Not every server I have encountered here has this attitude but more than half, which makes it seem like more than a coincidence. Another downside is the price. Flippin' expensive!

295 Grand St, Brooklyn, USA

Vegan Fast Food For The Punks

I have noticed that this place gets a pretty good mix of very positive reviews and very negative. Not sure why that is but...

I personally had a good experience. I thought the staff was nice enough. The room is small, but looks like it should: pretty much like a classic fast food restaurant that's been overthrown by renegade employees. It's not sparkling clean with a fresh paint job or fancy furniture, but it's definitely clean enough to relax and eat a meal in.

The food is about the same. Pretty basic fast food, but vegan. I went with some friends and everyone left happy. I had the mock fish (fillet o sole? or whatever it's called) sandwich. Pretty good. Also the chili con seitan was great, as well as the buffulo wings. The milkshakes are good as well. The side salad is pretty much what you'd expect from a place like this. Not an elaborate celebration of vegetables that you might find at a regular veg restaurant. Just a basic diner type salad, which brings me to my point:

Don't go to a place like this expecting something healthy or unique. It tastes like the junk food you grew up on. The shite you ate before you were vegan. HOWEVER, if you ever do get a craving for that kinda stuff, I'd say it's worth a trip. It's not organic- it's not good for the planet, it's not good for you, but it tastes good, and it's animal product free.

832 Clement St, San Francisco, USA

Tasty Veg Fare In The Richmond

If you have been to Golden Lotus or especially Golden Era you know what to expect (they have almost the exact same menu as Golden Era). Good Vietnamese and Chinese food at a reasonable price. Almost everything on the menu is good except for a few misses. I like the Buddha Bun (or "Steamed Vege Bun" or whatever they are calling it these days) and the Vegetable Fu Young as far as appetizers go. I love the Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Soup and the Wonton Soup is decent as well. The Pho is good for a cheap one dish meal... The entrees can be a little soy heavy,(they even put soy meat in the Stir Fry Mixed Vegetables for Chrissake) but most are pretty tasty. I would recommend AVOIDING: the "specials" menu,the Tay Ho rolls(appetizer), the Seaweed Soup,the Indian Rice and the Curry Vegetables. Lastly a word on the "fish" dishes: many people dislike them, but a few people I know love them (they don't taste like fish just more processed soy) Oh and the Shrimp is not vegan (eww!).

2154 Mission St, San Francisco, USA

Best Vegan Sushi You Will Ever Have

*****! I LOVE MINAKO! All organic sushi with large, delicious, innovative rolls served up in a warm friendly atmosphere. The vegan eel is amazing! Another of my favorites is the fried eggplant appetizer. Also available is homemade udon, and many other vegan treats. They do serve meat, but all the sauces and broths are vegan and they are extremely accommodating to vegans. More so than many "vegetarian" restaurants that I have been to that only have a limited few vegan options. I'd give it five stars if Happy Cow would let me! (what is that about?)

775 Frederick, San Francisco, USA

Subpar Indian Food, Unsatisfactory Service

I really don't understand how this place stays open. The guy that runs this place is overbearing and very difficult to get along with. While dining in the restaurant he looms about your table while you eat. In my experience, he interrupts frequently to ask if you like certain items, and will try to push unwanted menu items on you. Once, he pleaded with me ("no, no just try it") to the extent that I felt he was giving me a sample of an entree hoping I'd order it next time. When I got the bill he had CHARGED me for it. The only reason I have given this place so many chances is I like that it is vegetarian and Indian and I want that in SF. Also I've read many positive reviews from other members and had assumed that they had gotten there act together. NOT THE CASE. I wouldn't recommend dining here. Oh, and once we got delivery and it took him TWO HOURS LONGER than what he said it would. He wouldn't take directions and wasn't listening when we gave him our cross street. By the time our food got there it was cold. He discounted it but if he'd had any business sense he'd of given it to us free. DEFINITELY the last straw.

498 Sanchez St, San Francisco, USA

Tea Time? Maybe not.

A tea restaurant with a couple of vegetarian/vegan options. The tofu jook is really good. The tea is great. I can't recommend this place due to the price. For what you get, it is WAY to expensive.

317 S Washington Ave, Royal Oak, USA


Really good vegan crepes are available at What Crepe. I got one with exotic mushrooms and asparagus, and it was fantastic. The sauce they served on the side was really good... kinda had a truffle oil flavor to it. Also, they serve beer- which is nice. The staff was very friendly as well.

995 Valencia St, San Francisco, USA

Unfortunately, I can't recommend it.

While I really enjoyed the experience here the first time I went, the second time was so bad that I have got to recommend it be avoided by vegans. Go to Udupi Palace one block away instead. Neither restaurant is completely vegan but Udupi it is cheaper, vegetarian, better tasting and I would say much more understanding of your dietary restrictions.

311 S 5th Ave, Ann Arbor, USA

Delicious and cheap!

This place is amazing! A nice sized buffet, mostly vegan but everything is clearly marked, and the dairy dishes are easy to spot. The owner is very nice and helpful/proud of his food without being pushy. I went three times on my last visit to Michigan, can't wait to go again-- and I live in the vegan haven that is San Francisco!

839 Kearny St, San Francisco, USA

Downtown Chinatownish Lunch Time!

I like the Enjoy in the Avenues better, but it's nice to have another vegan restaurant downtown. The lunch special is a good deal. I like the Kung Pao "chicken". The spring roll is good and the soup... well last time I went it was the creamy corn soup which I am not a fan of, but they do other soups on different days. I am a big fan of their wonton soup.

756 Kirkham St, San Francisco, USA

Another Great Vegan Restaurant in the Sunset

This place is great! I was bummed when Hulu house went out of business, but when it was replaced by Enjoy I was relieved- it is much better! The service is good, the atmosphere relaxed... The food is great! I have had a few things that I wouldn't order again: the sweet corn tofu soup is bland. The taro with gluten puff is not very good.
I like their mock chicken. I like the Kung Pao and I love the wonton soup. Their soups are a great deal- HUGE portions and CHEAP

Oh, and weekdays 11-2pm except on Mondays, (they are closed Mondays!) they have a cheap lunch special that includes spring roll, soup, rice and a full sized entree!

395 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, USA

Veg Viet in the 'Loin

Decent Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant in the 'Loin. Their largely vegan menu is good except for a few misses. I like the Buddha Bun, the Vegetable Fu Young, and the Vietnamese crepe as far as appetizers go (the Spring Rolls and Pot Stickers too). The Wonton Soup is good, and the Vietnamese Sweet and Sour soup is incredible. The Pho is good, cheap and filling. Most of the entrees are pretty soy heavy, (a good number of them have tofu PLUS two or three types of soymeat) but most are pretty tasty. My favorite is the Eggplant Mushroom. I would recommend AVOIDING: the Tay Ho rolls(appetizer), the Seaweed Soup,the Indian Rice and the Curry Vegetables. The fish isn't very oceany in flavor, but it ranks high with many of the processed soy enthusiasts I know. Oh, and the Shrimp is not vegan, but the Carrot Cake is and it is delicious!

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