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204 Washington St, Hoboken, USA

Excellent Place!

I miss working in Hoboken because of this place! They have a huge selection of groceries and lots of vegan stuff. The service is good and every time I go there I find items I haven't tried before.

1107 Inman Ave, Edison, USA

Excellent service

I love Jack's because he's a great guy and he always seems to hire help with excellent personalities. I love that they carry some brands of kombucha that I haven't seen elsewhere. They have a decent selection of raw food treats and fresh, organic produce. The prices are fantastic too, lots of sales.

54 Irving Place, New York City, USA

Best Restaurant in NYC

I absolutely adore Pure Food & Wine. It spoils you for any other restaurant. The food is excellent and so is the service. If you want the most delicious food and to be treated like a king/queen -- go here! In the summer they have a beautiful garden to sit in too. It's wonderful that they have organic, non-filtered wines and sake.

36 W High St, Carlisle, USA


Last week was my second time there. It's my favorite restaurant when I go to Pennsylvania. The staff is super friend and the food is always excellent! They have homemade kombucha that is absolutely amazing. And last week I had the best dessert of my life -- a mango/coconut chia pudding!

6 Old Forge Rd, Woodstock, USA

Tried again and enjoyed it!

Hi, this is "Healthy" but my old account got hacked into, so I started a new account.

I had a bad experience at Garden Cafe back in 2007, but decided to try again after reading the good reviews.

I went there yesterday with my boyfriend and both the food and service was fantastic! The waitstaff were extremely friendly and attentive. The food was amazing too.

Also noticed this time that they used healthy soap that didn't test on animals (in the bathroom).

I was so impressed that I wrote them a nice email this morning. I hope they continue this trend of expertise. Service with a smile means just as much as good food.


1859 Springfield Ave, Maplewood, USA

Hit or Miss

The first time I went here I loved it, but two times afterwards I got food that was lousy -- kinda funky tasting (maybe the vegan stuff imitated meat too much? I can't pinpoint it, but I wasn't pleased). Sometimes they play music too loud and you can't enjoy the place.

The vegan cupcakes were delicious.

30 Moran St Ste 1, Newton, USA

Large store, many options!

I was thrilled to stumble across this gem of a store when I was in the area. They had a great selection of pre-made vegetarian foods from various companies I've loved over the years. (Actually the seaweed product expired and it was still delicious and fresh). Prices are reasonable, especially if you are a "member" but I live too far to become one. I'll probably not be in the area again for a long time. Great service and free samples too!

155 Elm St, Westfield, USA

I LOVE This Store!

There is not much of an organic selection, but I love this store so much because the workers are SO NICE (unlike Whole Foods in my area).

Plus, I got a whole bag of groceries for $25!!!!

I just wish they had some sort of cruelty free beauty selection and Kombucha. Then I'd be here every day and forget Whole Foods altogether.

631 Valley Rd, Montclair, USA


I love Veggie Heaven in Montclair! The service is great and fast. There is a great variety of foods to select from. It's clean and everyone I've brought there, vegetarian or not -- loves it! They are so reasonably priced too. And there's parking along the side streets near the restaurant.

2245 Springfield Ave, Union, USA


This is the closest health food place to my home, so I have no choice but to go here, but the service isn't always great. Most of the cashiers and deli people act like they hate their jobs. I try to go on the lines when I see Tameka or Jamie because they are SUPER employees; as for the rest, I can't say much. One pro is the 365 brand that is very reasonably priced. Also happy about many of the sales. I just wish they would hire more people who are passionate about health rather than those who have the "it's just a job" attitude. The world needs more good old fashioned customer service. Shopping here frequently is making me jaded :(
Updated from previous review on Sunday July 01, 2012

I'm updating my review to say I will NEVER go back to this store again. Today I politely told a bagger not to make the bags too heavy and she barked at me: BAG THEM YOURSELF!

Ewww!! I'm too classy a lady to shop in this trashy facility. That was rock bottom to me. Never again!

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