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Rua Mártires da Liberdade,130, Porto, Portugal

Great burgers

05 Sep 2015

This is a fantastic vegan burger cafe and record store. There are six different burgers on offer including soya with cheese, seitan and mushroom, tofu and spinach, and leek and potato with cheese. The prices are very reasonable for such good quality food. A meal deal includes a burger, fries, and a drink for 7.5 euros. Several delicious desserts are offered, including chocolate croissants and a veganised version of 'bolo de bolacha Maria' - Marie’s biscuit cake. I definitely recommend this place.

Kastanienallee 85, Berlin, Germany

friendly, chill atmosphere

08 Aug 2007

This cafe is the only place I found in Berlin to be explicitly vegan-friendly. The pay-what-you-can (between 4-8 Euros), all-you-can-eat vegan/vegetarian breakfast buffet was fresh and well stocked. It is a cold breakfast, with rolls, various spreads, cheeses, veggies, cereal, fruit and puddings. I'll admit coming from Canada I was expecting (and hoping for) a hot breakfast, but the food was tasty and healthy. All items are labeled either vegan or vegetarian. Vegan cake is also available for purchase. There is also a "public" computer with Internet available.

Akersgata 74, Oslo, Norway

Carbs galore

02 Sep 2013

As other reviewers have noted, Oslo is very expensive so the idea of an all-you-can-eat buffet is a promising thing. My partner and I went for dinner. When we got there, the salad bar was pretty much empty and wasn't refilled when we were there. The available veggies were crisp though and the hummus was good. There was only one label indicating a dish had gluten. I had to ask the server to explain which dishes were vegan. The hot vegan food consisted of white rice, TVP chilli, stir fried white rice with veggies, and white noodles with veggies and seitan. For vegetarians there was also pizza with cheese. The food was fine but nothing to write home about. The main problem was the lack of veggies and way too many simple carbohydrates for my tastes. I'd recommend this place if you don't want to spend too much money and want to ensure that you don't leave hungry.

rua de Ceuta 80, Porto, Portugal

Fresh food, friendly service

05 Sep 2015

This restaurant provides an all-you-can-eat buffet with soup, salads, and mains for around 12 euros for dinner. The day I went all of the food was vegan. The carrot soup was delicious, one of the best I've ever had. I found the salads to be a unique combination of vegetables with fruits but all were fresh and there were many different options. Sushi rolls were also part of the salad section. For the main hot dishes, I was pleased to be able to try some vegan versions of what appeared to be Portuguese pastries. The staff was friendly but perhaps overly attentive. I didn't have room for dessert, which wasn't included in the buffet price. There are better places in Porto (Lupin and Black Mamba) but Cultura dos Sabores is good value for fresh, creative food.

Rua Arquitecto Marques da Silva, 74, Porto, Portugal

Great food, friendly people

05 Sep 2015

I went to Lupin twice, once for dinner and once for lunch. Both meals were delicious and the staff were awesome. Most of the menu items for lunch and dinner are vegan. For dinner, we were served olives, lovely olive oil, very tasty hummus, crostini, and perfectly seasoned lupins (a yellow bean) to snack on while the food was prepared. I had the veganised version of Porto's famous dish, the 'Frenchie' ('Francesinha' in Portuguese), which is a sandwich consisting of a tofu steak and sliced vegan sausages between two white pieces of bread, topped with vegan cheese, and smothered in vegan gravy (which was likely made of tomato and beer). The meal was very heavy but delicious. My friend had the vegetarian carrot and parsnip tempura with mashed potatoes which she enjoyed very much. For dessert, she had the vegetarian crepe with apples and almonds and I had the wonderful vegan chocolate mousse atop an orange salad. We came back the next day for the set lunch (7 euros). We both started with a simple but nicely flavoured spinach soup. For the main dish, I had the vegan version of another Portuguese dish, salted cod with cream (‘bacalhau com natas’), which looked like a casserole of shaved potato and onion with tofu pieces in a creamy sauce. It was very good. My friend had the vegan pizza and salad. For dessert we each tried the apple crumble, which wasn’t what I’d call a crumble, but was delicious with perfectly cooked apples and tasty cinnamon. I’d definitely recommend Lupin as the food is beautifully prepared and presented, and is reasonably priced. The space is also welcoming, clean, and nicely decorated, and the staff are friendly and provide excellent service.

24 Friars Entry, Oxford, England

Vegan-friendly cafe

02 Sep 2013

This cafe is very vegan-friendly, with a vegan breakfast and other lunch options like jacket potatoes, salads, and sandwiches. For gluten-free vegetarians, there are even more options. My favourite lunch is a jacket potato with hummus and roasted veggies (trust me, it's really good!). The cafe also offers lots of different non-milk options, such as soy, rice, almond and oat. It also sells some groceries, including flours, dried goods, and teas. The owner is really friendly and helpful for explaining what is and/or can be made vegan. The cafe was recently refurbished and there's a nice seating area upstairs.

The downside is that with a small kitchen and limited number of staff, the service can be slow if the cafe is busy. It's best to go here if you have time to sit and do some work while waiting for your food. Free wifi is available.
Updated from previous review on Monday September 02, 2013

361 Elgin St, Ottawa, Canada


27 Jan 2013

This restaurant has a great atmosphere and is vegan-friendly. The small menu typically has two entrees (a Korean-inspired tofu lettuce wrap and a bento box which changes based on the fresh vegetables available to the chef) that can be made vegan, and several salads can be made vegan as well. I had a veganized beet salad that was so-so and the bento box. The bento box was very good - fried spiced tofu, potato salad, green beens, bok choy, and a great pear-onion relish. There were no vegan dessert options. The food is reasonably priced. I would definitely get the bento box again.
Updated from previous review on Sunday January 27, 2013

Møllergata 32, Oslo, Norway

Good spot to go with non-vegans

02 Sep 2013

Revolver was the first place my partner and I went after arriving in Oslo from the airport. I had the one vegan menu item - the vegan burrito. It was filling and flavourful, albeit a slightly too salty for my tastes. The server was really friendly and helpful to translate the menu in English for my partner (a non-vegan). The restaurant has free wifi, as well as a back area to sit outside (although unfortunately the sitting area is also near the garbage cans that are hidden by a fence but that didn't stop the smell). The inside space is relaxing with large windows that look out on the street. It was definitely nice to find a place that was vegan-friendly.

989 Wellington St West, Ottawa, Canada


27 Jan 2013

The food at SimplyRaw Express is fantastic - delicious, healthy, and creative. The curry kale salad and raw taco are my favourite meals. Must try desserts are the "cheese cakes", particularly the chocolate mint and raspberry lemon flavours, and the raspberry linzer squares. Some people have complained that the food is expensive. I disagree. The creative meals at SimplyRaw are prepared with high quality ingredients and a great deal of care. The prices reflect the quality of the food.

The Market, Market Street, Oxford, England

Cheapest vegan lunch in Oxford

02 Sep 2013

Located in the Covered Market, the Alpha Bar offers the cheapest vegan lunch in central Oxford. The hot vegan meal of the day (usually some type of curry or chilli) to take away is £4.30. The salad bar is good too with lots of vegan salads (e.g., lentils, chick peas, quinoa, butter beans, cous cous, coleslaw, tomato, greens), as well as hummus, falafel, and baked tofu.

As other reviewers have rightly noted, the major downside of the location in the Covered Market the plethora of butchers, fish mongers, and cheese shops. The same food at Alpha Bar, however, can be found at Will's Deli on Woodstock. Additionally, the vegan hot meal can be found at Vaults and Gardens on Catte Street (although it's more expensive and there are less vegan options).

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