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Schivelbeiner Strasse 35, Berlin, Germany

Great place with very friendly staff

23 Sep 2012

Really enjoyed shopping here. Great selection of vegan shoes, including Novacas, Macbeth, Vegetarian Shoes, and Marco Tozzi. They also have a good selection of Vibram Five Fingers. The staff were incredibly friendly, and very helpful indeed in helping us make a decision about which shoes to buy.

The store is very conveniently next to a vegan grocery store/cafe called Veganz, and you get a free hot drink up to the value of EUR2.50 with every purchase.

Piazza Bra, 20, Verona, Italy

Very pleasant find

16 Nov 2012

I was in Verona for an afternoon after spending 5 days in Venice. As a vegan, this place was an excellent break from the usual Pizza and Pasta.

There was a large salad bar with lots of vegan options. A rice bar, a pasta bar, and meat bar (where it was possible to take vegetables only).

Possible to get full up with healthy food at a very reasonable price. Very much enjoyed this place.

Right in the centre of Verona - in the square of the Arena.

Wipperstr. 14, Berlin, Germany

Absolutely fantastic Sunday Brunch

23 Sep 2012

Cafe Vux was the first place we went to eat in Berlin, and we certainly weren't disappointed at all. We arrived early afternoon on a Sunday, and so decided to go for the all-you-can-eat brunch for EUR9.50. There was a great variety of vegan foods on offer including:
- a selection of german breads
- focaccia and fried polenta
- wontons filled with seaweed salad
- tomato with smoked vegan cheese, basil and a vinaigrette dressing
- german style potato salad
- lemon seitan
- a variety of fresh salads, including green salad (with spinach, broccoli, toasted almonds and a delicious dressing), japanese style wakame (with fine strips of seaweed, carrot and sesame seeds), cooked celery, apple/potato,
- a selection of spreads including hummus, basil infused vegan ricotta, cranberry ricotta and a several others with german names I couldn't quite translate.
- several sweets, including fruit cake, chocolate cake, and a semolina based fruit pudding, and cut fruits.

The food was all delicious (especially the potato salad, ricotta salad, and chocolate cake) and I ended up going back several times for more. But because most of the food was very light and healthy (as opposed to lots of heavy fake meats), I felt pretty good afterwards despite absolutely stuffing myself. I was also very impressed by the uniqueness of dishes on offer - I had never tried many of the dishes in a restaurant before, and I've been to over 80 vegetarian/vegan restaurants around the world, and spend a serious amount of my free time tracking down delicious veg*n foods.

Outside the brunch buffet, there was a massive selection of cakes on offer. We opted to go for the chocolate coconut cake (which was great) and a raspberry cheesecake (which was nice, but not spectacular). We also ordered a caffe latte macchiato, which was better than any coffee I've ever had in the UK - incredibly smooth and delicious.

The staff were really friendly and helped us decide on which drinks to get. The decor was clean, fresh and airy, and the ambience inside the restaurant was great.

Overall - I was extremely impressed with cafe vux. If there was a place like this in London, I would go there for brunch every weekend I could.

A must for a any vegan that visits Berlin.

Borsov 2, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic


23 Oct 2012

This place is located very centrally (very close to Charles Bridge), but is hidden away in a little alley so can be a little tricky to find. It also gets booked up very quickly - so advance booking is definitely recommended.

The interior decor is very nice - the walls are covered with stencil art, one of the rooms has a starry sky with fairy lights, and the tables were specially designed by a czech artist with glass beads and lights. Staff were friendly too.

We came as a group of five and ordered the sun-dried tomato/peanut pesto, coconut lentil soup, and tabbouleh to start, and for mains ordered the quesadilla, bulgur wheat/tempeh risotto, thai curry and stir fry dish. The dishes were tasty and we left feeling very full - and we'd be happy to go again. That said, we are quite fussy eaters, and compared to Maitrea (Clear head's sister restaurant, where our experience was close to perfect) we had a couple of qualms with dishes...the pesto was a little too sharp in taste, the stir fry sauce tasted a little bit-too much like ketchup, the thai curry was nice but tasted almost identical to the lentil soup, and the flavour of the tempeh and the pesto slightly overpowered the risotto.

Overall - we were very happy with our experience and would definitely recommend all vegetarians/vegans come here for a meal out in prague - but think that Maitrea has a slight edge over Clear Head as the best v*gan restaurant in Prague.

Plaza de las Descalzas 3, Granada, Spain


16 Jun 2011

Wonderful cafe/bar in central Granada. Great range of herbal teas. Several vegn options (including delicious burger and chips, falafel, and bolivian rice/vegetable dumplings). Tasty wines (2EUR for a glass of house wine + free vegetarian tapas). Friendly staff. Good music. Bar is lively and popular in the evenings. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Granada. Highly recommended.

Corso Porta Nuova, 6, Verona, Italy

Delicious Vegan Icecreams

16 Nov 2012

When I visited this Gelataria, they had three varieties of soya ice cream. I tried the hazelnut and chocolate flavours (but they also had coffee). Delicious.

C/Cardenal Casañas 7, Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain

Absolutely Amazing

18 Dec 2008

I spent four days in Barcelona and ended up eating at this places 4 times!

I am a vegan and so is my girlfriend - and this place amazed us each time we went there.

The branch on Hospital Street is bigger and nicer than the one on Cardenal Street - but a longer walk from La Rambla - and involves walking through a fairly seedy street in El Raval (its quite seedy at nice time).

Food deal is 8.50EUR for a starter (either a soup or a salad), then a main (either an indian thali or a special meal of the day), and then a dessert (either a cake, a cookie or kulfi).

The salads were amongst the freshest and juiciest salads I have eaten and the dressings were amazing. The Soups were nice and rich (one on ocassion the soups were tiny bit too salty for my liking but still tasted amazing) and come with wholemeal bread.

The mains were quite possibly the best mains I have had in my life.

The indian thali comes with three different vegetable curries (typically a mixed veg, a potato / sweet potato and a lentil based currie) - flagrant rice, and some poppadoms with really nice chutney. Honestly - these dishes weer much better than anything I have had in India. Absolutely incredbile.

The other mains weer really good too. Once I got a baked aubergine (with a really nice topping) with some spiced brown rice and a peanut satay sauce, another time some kind of pies which came with french beans and three types of pesto (green, olive, sundried tomato pesto), and another time some seitan and potato balls with tomato sauce. All really nice and tasty. Also got a vegan pizza with vegan cheese wihich was really rasty too.

Cakes weere really nice and moist.

Cookies were nice, but a bit on the sweet size and a bit hard.

Kulfi was a bit sour for my liking on one occassion but other regulars said it was normally a lot nicer.

One the last day, they gave us a packed dinner for our flight home and threw in an extra cookie for free as a present.

The waiting staff were really friendly and helpful.

I would definitely recommend this place if you go to Barcelona. I will definitely be back there if I am ever in Barelona again!

Dalai Lama Temple Road, McLeodGanj, Dharamshala , Dharamshala, India

Absolutely fantastic

19 Dec 2010

My girlfriend and I absolutely loved this place. We were in McLeod Ganj for about 4 days, and we came here about 5 times, despite only discovering it on the 2nd day we were there.

The staff are incredibly friendly (most of them do lots of community work too), the food is a pretty awesome, and very vegan friendly. In fact, it was probably the most vegan-friendly place we went to in North India. Pretty much everything in the menu is vegan, but you can get cheese/cow milk and normally that involves a little surcharge. Menu is varied, but everything was excellent. Their Burritos in particular were divine, and the ferderfer was by a long way the best veggie burger we had in India (most indian veggie burgers are potato based - whereas this one had a real mix of nuts, lentils and seeds and differetn vegetables).

Smoothies were fantastic also. In particular, the simple Sadhu and the date-shakes were awesome. Never got there for breakfast, but can only imagine what the scambled tofu tased like in the morning.

Khana Nirvana is also an excellent place to hang out. It is popular with ex-pats volunteering at NGOs, there are lots of open-mic nights (with great performances), there were film nights and speaker nights too.

The only problem with this place is that is a bit hard to spot. It's up a load of stairs down temple road at the south side of the main market. We never would have seen it if weren't looking for it (it was advertised in the lonely planet as having very good evening entertainment). There is also a bit of a large drain you need to hop over to get onto the stairs which is a little dangerous. Definitely worth the risk in my opinion though.

Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany

Disappointing - couldn't finish our meal

23 Sep 2012

We came to this place for lunch on a Tuesday afternoon, and opted for lunch over dinner because the lunch set-menu seemed to be good value (14.50 for three courses), but the a-la-carte menu was very pricey.

We were very excited to come to my restauarant, as my brother had come a couple of years back and said it was one of the best vegan restaurants he had been to in his life.

The restaurant is really nice inside and the service was excellent, but unfortunately we were quite disappointed both with the menu (which seemed to be very pasta oriented) and the food we ordered.

We ordered one raw lasagne (with pistachio and cashew cream), and one three course meal involving a rocket salad, pasta with Mediterranean vegetables and rocket pesto, and a coconut mouse dessert.

The rocket salad was nice, but nothing spectacular. The raw lasagne was much larger than expected, excellently crafted and presented and was very filling (unlike other raw pastas I've had), but it was so rich (the layers of cashew and coconut cream were very thick) that I felt sick after eating about a quarter of it. I really stubbled to get eat 3/4 of it, and my partner couldn't even eat an eighth of it. The pasta dish tasted really nice, but there was so much oil in the pesto sitting at the bottom of the plate that every piece of pasta was literally dripping with oil when we took it from the dish. After eating about half the dish, my partner felt sick and couldn't eat any more. The coconut moose was nice, but nothing special.

We left feeling really disappointed. The meal wasn't cheap, but eating it was a struggle rather than an enjoyable experience. In general, we really like to support raw vegan restaurants, and don't like giving bad reviews, but given how many other great vegan options there are in Berlin (some of which we never got to visit, I don't think we will be visiting La Mano Verde again.

3 Plender Street, Camden, North West London, England

Friendly and Nice

04 Feb 2010

They do a really nice burger, and they are do really nice cakes.

The food offering appeas to change on a regular basis. You can pay whatever you like.... but you should try and give a fair price for what you eat!!

They also serve a range of drinks including Tropicana!

21 rue Duret, Paris, France

A lovely experience...

31 Dec 2009

This place was a little bit hard to find (it is in an apartment block) - and we were scared we had gone to the wrong place at the beginning... but it was fabulous.

This is definitely not a regular restaurant - its a bed and breakfast where you will sit with other guests (diners) and the hosts, and be able to talk through your meal with your hosts and the other guests.

The decor of the flat was lovely. My girlfriend and I were the only two guests.

We ordered the Bistro meal (30EUR for 3 courses + coffee and wine).

When we were arrived we were given white organic wine with cassis (a classic french aperitif).

Our meal was then as follows:

-Stater: chick peas, rocket, cranberries, red squash, with balsamic sauce
-Main: yuka mash, bruseel sprots, glazed carrots, braised seitan in jus, shallots
-Dessert: brown sugar icecream, dessicated coconut, baked apple with cinammon, calvados
-Tea/Coffee: bon nuit tea

The wine kept flowing throughout the meal.

We had an excellent conversation with the son (alex) and daughter (Caroline) of the owner/chef (Deborah) about the food, about being vegetarian / vegan in france, and a whole load of other interesting topics (including deborah's book writing projects).

Overall an excellent experience. We will definitely be going back next time we go to Paris! Cannot wait to try the 50 EUR Gourmet meal next time!

Brunnen Strasse 196, Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin, Germany

Tasty Food - Big Portions!

23 Sep 2012

We came here on a Monday afternoon, and enjoyed the experience. From what we understood, the venue is a popular bar during the evenings, but also serves vegan lunches during the day from 12-4, but there are plans to serve vegan food during the evenings.

When we arrived (around 1:30pm) we were the only people sitting in the place, which felt a bit weird especially because the decor/ambience was fantastic (very trendy bar with chilled/laid-back music playing).

The lunch menu only had 6 options (a chanterelle soup, a salad, two mains - fried mushrooms in a creamy sauce with couscous, and a grilled cheese sandwich, and two desserts - a cherry smoothie, and vegan ice-cream with flake and whipped cream). All were very reasonably priced - but the soup was an absolute bargain for EUR3.50. We ordered all 6 dishes to share between two of us.

The soup and salad were both fantastic, and very large and came with some delicious garlic bread. But they were so big that we were pretty much full by the time it came to the main courses. We only realised once we had ordered that both the soup and salad might be considered dishes that are served as light lunches in themselves, rather than separate courses.

The mushroom main was delicious (though a tiny bit too salty for my liking) and worked very well with the couscous, but unfortunately tasted very similar to the main course. We didn't enjoy the the grilled cheese sandwich, partially because we were already stuffed by the time it came to eat them, and partially because we don't think the cheese worked with the rest of the filling (what seemed to be the a bean paste).

The smoothie and ice cream were both delicious. We also ordered a soya latte macchiato, which was as good as the caffe latte macchiato we had at cafe vux, and better than anything we had tasted in London.

Overall - we were very happy with the experience. The service was great, the food was good and it was very light on the wallet. Next time however we will order a little bit less, and hope that it is a little busier - it really ought to be.

Melantrichova 15, Praha 1, Prague, Czech Republic

Really good place for a healthy lunch

23 Sep 2012

Came here for lunch on a Thursday - our first day in Prague, after stumbling upon it en route to the Old Town Hall Square. You pay by weight, and it costs approximately 30Ck for 100g. There is a large selection of salads (including vegetable proteins like tempeh and buckwheat burgers), and two or three hot dishes (broccoli soup, lentil stew, vegetable curry in coconut sauce, and kidney bean/sweetcorn curry). 90% of the dishes on offer were vegan - but there was one curry which contained milk protein and one sandwich which had organic cheese (and the staff / labelling made this very clear).

Everything we took was really nice tasting and healthy - though none of the dishes completely blew us away. Staff were really helpful in explaining what various dishes were. Will definitely be back here again whenever we visit the City Centre of Prague.

Tynska 19, Prague, Czech Republic

Good place for a quick lunch

23 Sep 2012

This place is conveniently located very close to the Old Town Square, but is easy to miss as it is tucked away in a quiet little alley.

Food is pay by weight - working out to about 17ck per 100g, plus extras for things like poppadoms and samosas. On the day we went, two curries and rice (plus extras) were suitable for vegans, several other curries, dal and chappatis were prepared with butter.

Food was nothing to rave about, but was simple, tasty and reasonably priced. Not somewhere for a romantic meal, a good place to nourish your body and gain a respite from the hustle and bustle from the Old Town.

Jalan Raya Basangkasa, 1200A, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Great find

17 May 2015

Great place next to a yoga centre and below a cinema.

We had a dessert which was excellent, some vegan cashew ice cream, some juices (delightful), and a raw pizza which was excellent.

Jalan Guatama Selatan (Jl Gootama), Bali, Indonesia

Nice cafe

17 May 2015

Nice cafe just of Jl Hanuman.

We visited a couple of times during our trip to Ubud. Excellent service and friendly staff, and a great selection of dishes.

We got vegan cashew ice cream which was delicious. We also got a middle eastern plate, which was quite good too.

Desserts are clearly labelled as being vegan friendly, raw, wheat or gluten free. Would be great if the place had mored cooked vegan desserts!

Schivelbeiner Strasse 34, Berlin, Germany

Wish we had Veganz in London

23 Sep 2012

Really enjoyed visiting this place. Had an incredible peanut butter and chocolate latte, really nice warm spiced apple drink and possibly the best vegan blueberry muffin I've tasted in my life here. Also managed to pick up some hard to find vegan goodies - like vanilla waffles. The staff were really friendly, and also very kindly gave us some expiring tomato and lentil soup as we were leaving (which was around the time the restaurant shut).

It's also very conveniently next to a vegan shoe shop (Alesu) which gives you a free drink (up to the value of EUR2.50) at Veganz when you buy a pair of shoes from them.

Carmen Bajo 235, Cusco, Peru


23 Aug 2014

I visited Green Point three times so far in my visit to Cusco and have been delighted with the food each time. The vegan lasagne and ravioli dishes were excellent, and the portion sizes are generous. It also has friendly staff and a very warm atmosphere. Would strongly recommend to all vegans visiting Cusco.

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