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382 4th Ave, Salt Lake City, USA

Loved it!

I had never had Tibetan food before, and it was simply delicious. The restaurant looks simple but the food is unbelievably good and very cheap. Try the lentil soup!

405 E 6th St, New York City, USA


Writing this review saddens me. I went there because I'm a huge NY HC fan and John Joseph of the Cro Mags loves this place so I had high hopes (sorry to bore you with my love for hardcore at this point). It was a cold and rainy day so I thought a lentil soup would be perfect. It was good but honestly something I throw together on a Tuesday night when I'm uninspired and have some leftover broth suitable veggies. But ok, the far bigger disappointment was the Applewood Smoked Tofu which strongly reminded me of back when I first started using tofu and desperately tried to get some taste in that stuff. It was two pieces of (excellent bread) with giant and very greasy slabs of tofu. Not great, sorry. Not fun to eat either. The salad was the highlight of the meal for me. I do want to add though that from overhearing the conversation of the server with the people next to me I fear I might have ordered the wrong thing and that other dishes are far better than that greasy uninspired mess.

516 E 6th St, New York City, USA

Go there!

As a heads up: This place is so tiny I walked passed it even though I was looking for it. I don't even want to spend a lot of time on this review because there is really just one thing to say about it: Go there!
Some of the best ice cream I have ever had. And it's not your usual soy stuff. The atmosphere is super sweet, it's like you are stepping back in time, and a time I at least didn't see coming. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and you want my advice go there... and if it's between this and Babycakes which is almost around the corner: Go to Lula's.

930 S Robertson Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Skip the sweet crepes

My experience was similar to those others made and described above. I first came here for breakfast and ordered the tofu scramble which was good and a vanilla latte with almond milk. Didn't tast any vanilla (maybe they forgot) but it was good coffee and the biggest latte ever for a really good price. I skipped the sweet stuff because it was just too expensive. So off we went and everyone was happy with their breakfast.
I returned a few days later because I had to work and the place was so nice and the people so welcoming that I knew they would let me work. Also, my husband always makes crepes for breakfast and I wanted to see how a French pro makes the same dish. I ordered the pina colada crepe. I was told the ice cream wasn't ready yet but should be soon and then I'd get it. I told her that it was important to me to try it. I'm so sorry to say that the crepe was awful. It had nothing but pineapple (some of it already brown) and completely uninspired and not even roasted coconut shreds in it and it came with what was supposedly a mango sauce. It was so sour I could not taste any mango and if you poured it over the crepe it disintegrated. Not good and over all so tangy that my tongue was still somewhat numb (you knwo the way it gets with sour pineapple) 2 hours later. The kicker was that I never got my ice cream and was charged full price!
I'm not saying don't go there because it's a lovely place and they obviously try very hard. Just skip the sweet crepes.... and be smarter than I was and ask not to pay for what you didn't receive ;)

1522 1st Ave, New York City, USA

A little hit or miss

I have to say I had great expectations coming here. I liked the space and the service quite a bit. The entrée, however, was very disappointing. I ordered the Seitan Schnitzel and I can honestly say I can throw that together myself in no time. Overall, and for me that is a deal breaker, it lacked taste (blueberry reduction had none worth mentioning) and spicing. For the main course I ordered the Pistachio & Pepper Dusted Tofu which was a different story altogether. Spectacular would be my choice of word for that dish. The lemon truffle emulsion was amazing and the perfect combination with the crepe. Here, too, there is a "but". The portion was tiny which I was quite peeved at considering the prices. The next day I tried Café Blossom and given the choice, I am sorry to say, I would definitely go there instead.

18625 Sherman Way Ste 101, Reseda, USA

best fake meats ever

Let me just say, i moved away 4 years. When I came back this was one of my first stops. Yes, this place is that good. And yes, I stocked up. I love the soy fish and the ham rolls.

8284 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Great atmosphere but prices don't match the food

I have to say first that I am a huge fan of Tal Ronnen's cookbook. I love it and every meal that came out of it. Therefore, I had been waiting for the opening of this restaurant for a while and my expectations were admittedly high. It was announced as upper scale dining at moderate prices. That it indeed is an upper scale dining experience is immediately apparent and the decoration is unbelievably bautiful and classy and the staff is simply outstanding. When you look at the menu you are surprised at the prices ranging from $8-$14, and you are surprised even more when the waitress then tells you you will be needing 4 to 5of those because they want you to "experience as many flavors as possible". Oh well. It was a special evening so it was ok. We ordered the crab cakes, marinated olives, lasagna,lentil flatbread,rissotto stuffed banana peppers, red quinoa and one more I can't remember.
I know it is not a popular thing to say but I was not impressed. Like I said, I had high expectations but still, is that a reason that dishes that I made out of his book and that were extraordinary such as the crab cakes or the stuffed peppers were nowhere near as good in the restaurant and some things were bordering on being bland. I am very disappointed because this restaurant stikes me as the the next fad, a place where everyone flocks for a while and then it dies a quiet death because there are other vegan restaurants that deliver at least the same quality at lower prices (minus the outstanding ambience).
So my advice is, go try it out, be aware that you will be sampling different small dishes rather than eat one full meal and only go if you don't have to watch every buck.

7516 Meade St, Pittsburgh, USA

Great salad bar, but too expensive to shop

I love their hot food and salad bar, which has a smaller selection but is so fantastic, you don't need more choices, I promise. The price is really fair, too. Grocery shopping on the other hand is something average earner can not to there. I have only been of teh opinion that the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle should be for everybody and not some wealthy few. So this is my one big criticism of a place I otherwise love for the idea, the people who work there, and many other things.

1805 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, USA

Meat Central

I'm not sure that this place should even be listed here. I have to admit they added a few vegetrian things since I was there last but that does not go further than cheese sandwhich, veggie burger and some appetizers. Uninspired dishes that definitely are not on that menu becauses someone loves animals or veg cooking but you have to be able to offer the occasional vegetarian something. Skip it or go there for the beer.

3818 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

Hit or miss

I ordered tacos and my friend a comfort food bowl, I believe it was called and we both got the homemade ginger ale which was a little strong but outstanding. The food on the other hand was pretty hit or miss. The comfort food bowl was quite good, especially the quinoa and the veggie. The tacos weren't all that good though. Who serves bland plain brown rice with tacos?! And there was no salsa but a wing sauce which has way to much vinegar for that kind of meal. The coconut macaroon I got to go was also just average. My favorite part about this place is the location for one and the service. Our waiter was great!

5 Broadway St, Asheville, USA

Amazing Mushroom Gravy

I'm very surprised to see the mixed reviews below because our experience there was so outstanding. We both ordered the Sage Plate with scrambled tofu/eggs, sweet potato, biscuit and gravy and kale. The sheer amount of fresh herbs made me giddy and the mushroom gravy was out of this world. Iced tea and hot tea were also great and the place was cozy and the staff super friendly despite having to work early on a Sunday when it was raining cats and dogs. So I can't speak for consistency but our visit was great and we will return when we come back to Asheville. Oh, also their prices are great when compared to other vegetarian/vegan places in Asheville that charge $14 for brunch which is just crazy. We paid $20 for an amazing breakfast for 2.

1 E Broughton St, Savannah, USA

Lovely pet friendly place with good food

I ordered the tofu tacos and loved them. I just think that $11 is somewhat more than necessary; they are tacos after all. I really liked the fact that they also offered beer which I thought was surprising for a place like this. And it should be mentioned that the staff was lovely.

5474 Campbells Run Rd, Pittsburgh, USA

Fantastic! Only all vegan place in Pittsburgh

We love their food and the care with which they prepare it. Never had anything that was not fantastic. Try their rasberry cheesecake. Unfortunately they are not in the city which is the only drawback and makes me a little concerened if they have enought guests out there. So let's support our only all cegan place in the Pittsburgh area!

2102 South Blvd, Charlotte, USA

Excellent food you've probably not seen before

At first I was a little hesitant because of the small menu and the high prices. I ordered their lunasagna. $20 for an iced chai and a "lasagna" (raw food, vegan) seem a lot but when I got my meal I immediately got the price. Everything is fresh and hand-made right there whith the utmost care. This meal was an experience and nothing short of excellent. Also, go there when you have a lot of time. Everything took pretty long.

370 Atwood Ave, Oakland, USA

Everyone will be happy

Mad Mex is great because people from out of town are generally impressed and the food is creative and good. The fact that you are asked whether you want vegan cheese and sour cream without even asking blows my mind every time it happens. Their grilled portabella on the Chopper Salad is delicious just like the dressing that comes with it but the tofu tacos are the vegan highlight not to be missed. Great Margaritas, too. Highly recommended also because they are actually committed to being veg friendly as opposed to so many who throw a frozen burger patty on the menu, "there, now give me my veg friendly sticker for the window". Not here!

142 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, USA

great dogpark, not a vegan/vegetarian highlight

The 2 guys there were very tense and not particularly welcoming. They do not offer a "wide variety" of vegan/vegetarian foods. As I couldn't warm up to a vegan burrito or pancake I went for and espresso drink and a pastry for which they seriously wanted $8.50!!!! I left the pastry but the coffeee was excellent. The surprise is the really nice patio and the phenomenal DOGPARK!!! It's a nice place but the service/mood of the staff and the menue need improvement. Bring your dog, support the great idea, but don't expect too much...except for when it comes to paying.

234 West 900 South, Salt Lake City, USA

vegan food at a friendly place

The place is very inviting and the staff friendly. My one only complaint is that the menu is very limited but what they have is very good, except for the salsa in my opinion which is more a tomatoe sauce than a salsa and the veggie chicken should probably be cut thinner for the sandwich (but that's a question of personal taste). The prices are really great for a strictly vegan restaurant.
I also love that they have animal rights, evironmental, and vegan magazines there.

Sigismundstraße 19, Konstanz, Germany

Beautiful location, excellent food

Love, love, love that place. One of my first stpe when I go to Konstanz. Soups and salads for everyone and not just the typical stuff you get anywhere. You get free water and/or club soda with your meal. It's just a great and different concept and a beautiful place. Try it!

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