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10810 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, USA

Indian Food at Bombay Spice

13 Apr 2009

There are plenty of good quality Indian restaurants in Phoenix (not necessarily advertised). For one entree and one drink-- it cost 18 dollars (without tip). I was able to choose 2 Veg options for my entree and have a choice of brown or Jasmine rice. Once my order arrived: one of my Veg options looked & tasted just like a tofu scramble and a serving of rice. Each Veg option probably equaled 1/8- 1/4 cup--- with more rice than I could consume in one sitting.

4426 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, USA

Good Middle-Eastern Food

11 May 2008

I recommend this place and it is honestly one of the better places to eat in Phoenix. The service is always prompt and personable. And the food is just consistently GOOD. I can take my meat-eating friends there and they are happy AND I can get a good amount of food at a decent price but more importantly is that it tastes good and looks appetizing.
**I recommend calling your order in during lunch hours.

13802 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, USA

Feelin' Fresh Mint

07 Sep 2008

I heard about this place from my mom in Chicago...
Thanks mom!
If it wasn't for her I don't know when I would have ventured out to Fresh Mint?
What a great find---although I am located in downtown Phoenix--this place is well worth the drive.
So many choices...fresh veggie stuffed spring rolls with peanut sauce, a good variety of entrees including stuffed tomatos, "spare ribs" and "soy fish" with choice of steamed white rice or brown.
I look forward to going again and sampling more from their menu.

2240 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 8, Tempe, USA

Good "Fast Food" without the Drive-Thru Window

04 Mar 2009

Update: I just wanted to add/ make a note to my July 2008 review---
To my surprise and delight-- the service & staff has become more friendly, alive...and conscious of their customers. Due to this new attitude, I will give Green five cows--hooray! Keep it up! (Now--if only Green could move out of that ugly location...)

Original Post: Sunday, July 20, 2008
Review: Green is a very much hyped up Veg place however it fails to deliver the whole package.
What is good: Green satisfies my "fast-food/ junk food" craving (the vegan way). I enjoy the mock BBQ beef sandwich with thyme fries or have an appetizer of crab puffs or spinach-artichoke dip. However, high calorie/ carbohydrate items like these are not things I ate during my days as a carnivore...so I suppose I can say "Green is like my vision of a vegan McDonalds" (unfortunately there aren't more scattered around Phoenix with a drive-thru window :). With that said, I recommend calling in your order for pick-up.
What is bad: Green staff is typically aloof and far from personable. After several times of being told the lunch special was sold out, I came at 1130am one time and was told the SPECIAL was not made yet and although I said I could wait-- I was told the cooks are too busy to make the posted special of the day!

Also, please don't waste your time on any of the Asian Bowls... go to somewhere else for that.

1901 N Halsted St, Chicago, USA

The Good About Karyn's Cooked....

02 Sep 2008

I have ate at Karyn's 3 separate times
and after reading some reviews and some thought.....
I am very appreciate of Karyn's Cooked for the many menu selections, meals that aren't too extravagant (but they don't need to be.) The liberal use of mock meat makes it a GREAT place to take your meat-lovin' friends to show them they can eat something that didn't require the slaughter of an animal and enjoy it.
Another thing I like is the decor; clean and simple compared to many veg-places I've been to across the USA-- which have a grungy-feel, hippy appeal with random-odd-art all over the walls (unless it is an Indian/ Ethiopian restuarant). Sometimes it comforting to find food I enjoy in an environment I am comfortable in. Karyn's is a place I can take my grandma, boss or co-workers, or my girlfriend without having to beg.

However, one thing is true.. I cannot recall ever having good service at Karyn's Cooked, whether lunch or dinner, whether crowded or not. The waiter seemed uninterested and too preoccupied (and not with other customers).

234 West 900 South, Salt Lake City, USA

Need More Sage Cafes

02 Sep 2008

During my roadtrip from Cali to Chicago, Sage Cafe became a very welcome discovery....so much I wouldn't mind making a trip back to SLC just to eat there!

My carnivore friend and I loved every morsel and moment there. I'd the Tacos with tempeh....
The server even went above and beyond to recommend some not-to-be missed non-tourist spots in SLC. Thanks!

1636 N Scottsdale Rd, Tempe, USA

Eat like a Cow...

11 May 2008

I love this place for Indian food. Honestly I don't know what I've ordered here by it's "official name" maybe "thali" but I tell the server I'm vegan and would like the veg combo plate.... and so far it has been fabulous each time. Sooo many little dishes that are all vegan AND tasty. I feel like a cow, so much to taste, so much I want to eat! The service is friendly and prompt. I live about 30 minutes away but the commute is worth it...everytime.
I must do the lunch buffet someday : )

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