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Bissenkamp 11-13, Dortmund, Germany

my fav in germany

28 Oct 2011

i have never eat so much cakes and sweets since the cakes n treats opened in dortmund. i could eat there everyday. the location is a really loving place vor vegans, vegetarians and everyone else. the ingredient that is used most frequently at the "products" is love and compassion. you can not only eat there sweets. just try the chickin bagel oder something. 5 meters away there is a vegan supermarket from the same owner - a really lovely person.

Via Catania, Caltanissetta, Italy

did not found the location

28 Oct 2011

we walked the street 3 times but did not found the location. there isnt a location like this.

via Quintino Sella, 28, Catania-Catane, Catania, Italy

very nice place

28 Oct 2011

haiku cucine naturale is a very nice place in catania. haiku offers vegan (and only vegan!) dishes. they have some unusual options like breaded tofusticks but they are extrem tasty (i love it). the only thing i've missed is some cakes or sweets (they have only fruits and a pudding). the location is central in catania but you have to ring the bell if you want in. in the evenig haiku opens around 8pm.

price: its a little bit expensive, but vegan food is expensive, too at the island of sicily :(

just for info: 2 streets away there is an organic market with tofu (taifun) and soy milk.

Le Hong Phong, Hoi An, Vietnam

nice cat cafe

20 May 2016

its behind a large door. you have to ring. they wont advertise it much because of the neighbors

2 B Street, Al Karama, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

good food, tasty rolls

06 Jul 2016

i love their rolls with soy-meat. price is okay

Via Monsignore Ventimiglia, 204, angolo Via G. Verdi, Catania, Italy

a "must see"-location in sicily

28 Oct 2011

suribachy is the best location at catania for veggies. they offer very very good dishes and all vegan. the dont use a normal menue - you have to say what you want and the extremly friendly staff cook the food like you want it. they have really good scrambled tofu and pasta with a vegan "cheese"sauce. and also reeeaaallly good desserts and cakes. the cook can english and will help you out. wine is from sicily.

its a little bit expensive (much more then in germany) but its worth every penny!

we were 8 days in catania and 3 times in suribachy and 3 times in haiku (another vegan restaurant in catania). both are very good.

Karama Al Sahaya Building, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

cheap but hard to explain for vegans

27 Nov 2011

the restaurant dont has vegan options at the menu, so you have to tell them, what you can eat and what not (dont forget ghee - this is mostly used in the indian cuisine). the prices are very small. you start at 10 dirham for a curry with vegetables. ~5 dirham for bread and ~5 dirham for rice, so you pay 20 dirham for a full menu :)

the food is fine, but we had some piece of cheese in our vegan-ordered food. so be sure to explain it several times.

Admiral Str. 97, Bremen, Germany

very good meat free döner

28 Oct 2011

i used to love döner a few years ago. but since i live vegan, i'm not really missing döner. i've already tried other vegan kebab (döner of döner-man in munich), but the kebab from the veganbar is the best! the seitan tastes so good and the sauces are very good. love it!

the dönerman also have some sweets (dunno how to say in english but its with nuts and a triangle :))

Graf-Moltke-Str.26, Bremen, Germany

the veggie house is ok

28 Oct 2011

its a good place to eat some veggie stuff. it has a large selection (also of vegan dishes). vegan dishes are declared as vegan. they have fake-meat but not fake-cheese (for baguettes or something) cause they dont like "fakefood" (words of the employeer/owner?). dont know why the have fake-meat, so what? :)

76 Peck Seah St, Central Singapore, Singapore

Good food but did not know what vegan means

09 Feb 2012

was there a few days before. the staff did not know, what vegan mean. i have to describe it and then i taked a easy meni, where i can be sure, that it was vegan. the food is nice, but location is very expensive.

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