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330 E 7th St, Tucson, USA

Excellent lunch spot in cool neighborhood

02 Jan 2015

All-organic, mainly local food, much of which is grown on their own farm south of town. My root and seed burger was delicious and satisfying, with a freshly made, seeded bun, roasted garlic aioli and a fresh spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette. My spouse's calzone had a crisp, potato-bread crust and was filled with fresh vegetables cooked the right amount -- still crisp. Excellent coffee, too. Friendly, attentive service. Attractive interior with high ceiling, lots of wood, and art on the walls. Subdued, relaxing atmosphere. In the heart of the lively and fun Fourth Avenue neighborhood.

611 S 7th Street, Philadelphia, USA

Our favorite restaurant in Philadelphia

08 Aug 2010

Horizons gives as near to a perfect restaurant experience as I could hope for. Excellent, creative and interesting vegan offerings that change frequently. Amazing appetizers, entrees and desserts. An outstanding selection of superb beers and wines. Flawless service. An interesting neighborhood for pre- or post-prandial wanderings. Book your reservations well in advance, because this is a deservedly popular eating spot.

140 State St, New London, USA

Excellent lunch spot for I-95 pass-through

02 Aug 2014

A pleasant place with an excellent selection of lunch items. I thoroughly enjoyed the edamame hummus and crunchy veggies wrap and the soup of the day, both of which were vegan. My spouse was satisfied with the falafel wrap, although he did say it was bland. We got the front window table, the best in the house, so no complaints about crowding. Friendly, efficient service.

We stopped here because it was midway on a long drive, as always using HappyCow as our information source. It's quick and easy to get to from I-95, in a nice part of New London.

466 Ashford Ave, Ardsley, USA

Good vegetarian selection

08 Aug 2010

A perfect place to stop on the way past New York City on trips between New England and the Mid-Atlantic states because it's just a couple hundred feet from both the Saw Mill Parkway and I-87 and fairly close to the Sprain Brook Parkway, in the middle of Westchester County just north of the city. Easy off, easy on. We found the food to be very good and the service friendly, respectful and efficient. There are two pages of vegetarian items on the varied menu. The food was tasty and reasonably priced. Over-the-top ornate, traditional Thai decor in this second-floor restaurant adds to the pleasant atmosphere.

212 E 9th St, New York City, USA

Great food, tranquil atmosphere

13 Aug 2012

If you like Indian or Thai food, you should give Tibetan cuisine a try and Tsampa is an excellent place to start. Besides the fascinating selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, it's an island of serenity in the bustling East Village. An all-Tibetan wait staff gives charming, competent, calm and overall first-rate service in an attractive, low-key, roomy (for Manhattan) space beneath a large portrait of the Dalai Lama. On a recent visit, an all-vegan meal of the squash-corn soup and tse gyathuk ngopa (baked noodles with garlic and ginger topped with vegetables) were superb. The spiced sauce of the tse gyathuk ngopa was subtle and delectable. All in all, a near-perfect restaurant experience.

2339 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, USA

Vegan + barbecue + gas-station theme -- it works!

05 Aug 2015

Unique and fun. It's an old gas station and the layout and paraphernalia, including a 1950s-era pickup truck over the bar, are a riot. The gas-pumping area is now outdoor seating, including a "man and beast" compound for parties with dogs that has special accommodations for the four-legged customers. Terrific draft craft beer selection. A wide variety of unusual vegan menu selections right alongside a full menu of beef and pork barbecue items. Nice venue for vegans to dine out with their extreme-carnivore friends. Terrific place to dawdle at the table, European-café style. The seitan "wings" were delicious, and so much less messy (and unhealthful) than their avian counterparts. The wood-grilled veggies with multigrain bread were wonderful, too. These are appetizers but the portions were so ample that I didn't have room for anything else. All in all a very satisfying experience. Would give it five cows if I could, despite the fact that cow is on the menu.

1445 Washington Rd, Washington, USA

Vegan marvel near Little Washington

09 Sep 2015

I knew my spouse and I would be passing through on the interstate at lunchtime and I checked Happy Cow just in case, not really expecting any listings along our rural route. What a happy surprise to find Fortuitea Cafe. Fortuity indeed! Off the beaten track, to say the least.

The food was outstanding in both taste and presentation. It soon became clear that the chef is talented and imaginative, probably even brilliant. I was much intrigued to find French onion soup on the menu, a favorite of mine in the days when I ate dairy but it's been more than 25 years since I've had a taste. My expectations weren't high -- I thought it might be interesting to see how "mock" French onion soup would look and taste. There was nothing mock about it. One of the all-time best French onion soups I've ever had, if not THE best. Incredibly satisfying. We went on to have the Mexican black bean hummus wrap and the tomato and mozzarella panini. Both beautifully presented and delicious. The chips were unusual and very good.

A highlight was meeting and having a low-key, warm conversation with the chef, who made a brief foray out of the kitchen to chat with the clientele. I wish I'd gotten his name. I assume he's the owner or co-owner of the restaurant. If this place were near my home I'd be a frequent guest. It's a real treasure.

6 Old Forge Rd, Woodstock, USA

Serves organic beers and wines

07 Aug 2010

Not BYOB as the description indicates. Excellent, low-key vegan restaurant in a beautiful little Catskill town of world-wide renown. We had a very relaxing dinner in the outdoor seating area in a garden of trees and shrubs overlooking the town green. The floor of the outdoor seating area is pea-gravel, which is easy on the feet and makes for a rock-solid stable eating surface (few things are more annoying than a table that rocks or is easily jostled by an accidental bump, causing drinks to splash or worse). Halfway through our pre-dinner local organic dark ale (superb), an 8-person klezmer band began playing on the green and kept us very pleasantly entertained throughout our meal. There is a wide selection of imaginative, tasty dishes, including daily specials. The experience was enjoyable from start to finish. Good, friendly, efficient service and an extraordinarily pleasant atmosphere. Its informal charm and idiosyncrasies (the bathrooms are in a separate building, to which you must borrow a key) fit in nicely with the Woodstock Festival-inspired, 1960s/70s hippie-scene retrospective theme of the town. A+

153 College Ave, Blacksburg, USA

Well worth the detour off I-81!

05 Aug 2015

Gillie's was a truly refreshing and delicious stop on a 12-hour drive from Pennsylvania to Asheville, well worth the 20-mile round-trip excursion off of I-81. Very pleasant atmosphere in the outdoor seating area on a street with almost no car traffic but bustling with students and other college-town residents on foot. Great selection of regional microbrews to start off. Excellent attentive service by two tag-teaming waiters. Interesting and imaginative vegan dishes. I wanted to try the Moroccan seitan Napoleon but they were out of it, so I had the gado-gado, in which they accommodatingly substituted seitan for tofu for me. Nicely prepared and presented. The peanut sauce was very good, but would have been even better with more tamari in the recipe. My husband had the fresh basil pesto on penne and vegetables, which was outstanding, and that's saying something coming from someone (me) who's been making homemade pesto from home-grown basil for 20 years. An hour at Gillie's helped make a 12-hour drive much more bearable. I'd give five cows if I could, but they're disqualified by the salmon and catfish on the menu.

4445 E Broadway, Tucson, USA

Varied menu includes unusual dishes

02 Jan 2015

On a 10-day visit to Tucson, we ate at Guilin twice, partly because they were one of the few HappyCow listings open on New Year's Day. Both of my vegan entrees were excellent: stir-fried three types of mushrooms and gluten flowers with vegetables in brown sauce and brown rice. My spouse enjoyed his non-vegetarian entrees, too. A really wide vegan selection including lots of vegetable-only dishes without soy (my personal preference), tofu dishes, and dishes with faux chicken, beef, pork, fish and shrimp. A somewhat larger imported beer selection than I ordinarily expect in a Chinese restaurant. Cheerful, friendly, efficient service. Comfortable atmosphere -- brightly lighted, spacious and clean. Good food at a moderate price. Obviously a popular spot, with a fairly diverse clientele. Grungy restroom a somewhat jarring note, out of keeping with the rest of what the place has to offer.

11 Hills Ave, Concord, USA

Amazing vegan dessert

07 Aug 2010

Passing through Concord on the interstate at lunchtime, my expectations were low, so lunch at Hermanos Cocina Mexicana was a very pleasant surprise. We found attractive and interesting decor, some of the best, friendliest and most helpful service I've ever received at any restaurant, and a very tasty and satisfying vegan meal. My partner and I had no intention of ordering dessert but had developed a fun relationship with our server, so when she asked if we wanted dessert we jokingly asked if there were any vegan items on the dessert menu, with no expectation of a positive answer in a small-town, non-vegetarian restaurant. She said, "As a matter of fact, there is one," followed by a description of a chocolate cake that was so tempting we broke our never-have-dessert-in-a-restaurant rule and ordered one to split. Well, that chocolate cake was so scrumptious we were in heaven for the next ten minutes and it was a recurring topic of conversation for a couple of days afterward! The only downside of the otherwise entirely delightful lunch experience was the acoustics of the place -- the hard walls and ceilings are very noise-reflecting and other tables' conversations and loud taco chip crunching somehow carry very distinctly. I don't mind even loud noise if it's just a general hubbub but I don't want to hear every word and crunch. "White noise" like that made by a fan would help cover the details of other diners' personal output. Overall, very much worth it and a good value for the money.

2990 N Campbell Ave Ste 120, Tucson, USA

Really good vegan cuisine

02 Jan 2015

This is an elegant place with a bit of a quirky serving style. The initial order is given and paid for at the counter; from then on it's full table service. We started out with a hummus plate. Common vegan restaurant fare, but there was something exceptionally tasty about it here. For my entree I had the "signature" Piccadilly nut loaf, which was outstanding. It’s a cashew, oat and onion loaf, beautifully seasoned, with mashed potatoes, gravy and grilled fresh vegetables. First time I've had mashed potatoes in years. Beautifully prepared and immensely satisfying. My spouse had the Mexicali black beans and rice, which was also very, very good. I ordinarily have a beer (or two) with dinner but the selection was limited to one kind, which didn't particularly appeal to me so I had red wine instead. I know one doesn't usually go to a vegan restaurant for the beer selection but some of my favorite vegan restaurants have a nice selection, which is a real plus in my book. Other than than minor glitch, our experience at Lovin' Spoonfuls was quite satisfying. I hope to go back and sample some more items on their extremely varied menu.

7 Freeman St, Provincetown, USA

Nice veg selection and best local color

13 Aug 2012

Where else can you find vestiges of P-town's early history as a Portuguese fishing village, creative architecture using nearly all recycled materials, a fascinating display of local art and artifacts, a warm and intimate atmosphere, superb service, and a diverse, imaginative, international cuisine including over a dozen gourmet vegan or vegan-convertible dishes? In my decade or more of summer visits sampling a variety of Provincetown restaurants, Napi's is far and away my favorite. On the most recent visit, the cashew vegetable stir fry was awesome. On the regular dinner menu, three of four vegetarian appetizers and five of ten veg entrees are vegan. The daily specials often have vegetarian or vegan offerings and the wait staff and chef are cheerfully accommodating to make several other dishes vegan on request. The clientele is a lively cross-section of P-town regulars, but the seating arrangements make for an intimate, private and relaxing atmosphere.

5340 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, USA

Very pleasant dinner place

02 Jan 2015

We started out with beer and a nice hummus plate and had falafel pita and falafel salad for entrees. All were tasty and well-prepared, with ample portions. There are just a couple of vegan/vegetarian choices in each category, but there are a lot of categories -- starters, salads, pitas, healthy burgers, pizzas, specials (just one vegan choice under specials). The service was friendly and efficient. It was fun being able to see all the goings-on in the busy kitchen from our table. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

Iturbide 270, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Still very good

02 Jan 2013

I enjoyed Planeta Vegetariano four years ago and again last week (December 2012). It's an all-you-can-eat buffet with a broad selection of all-vegan items, from beverages to soups to main courses to salads, in a pleasant and cheerful dining room. Some of the food is ordinary but some selections are outstanding, interesting and unusual. A delicious vegan chocolate cake was a welcome surprise from the kitchen at the end of our meal. I'm skeptical about the previous reviewer's implication that it was Planeta's food that made her friends sick. Cruise ships bring in noroviruses nearly every week that cause gastrointestinal distress among Vallarta turistas. Planeta is clean and the staff is friendly and conscientious. To blame illness on a business without any evidence beyond the circumstantial borders on libel.

245 E Congress St, Tucson, USA

Cozy coffee place in the heart of downtown

02 Jan 2015

Vegetarian but the menu is a bit cheese-heavy. I had the vegan portobello burger with salad, which was very good. My spouse had the sweet potato tacos with chèvre, purple cabbage and pico de gallo, but "veganized" with avocado instead of the chèvre. Very tasty. Excellent decaf French-roast Americano. Cozy atmosphere with easy chairs, counters with stools, and tables with chairs, scattered at street level and in an upstairs balcony-like loft.

614 N Grande Ave, Tucson, USA

One of a kind, and a real treat

02 Jan 2015

Rudy has a real knack for quickly determining what kind of food you might be interested in. He gave us the full primer on the vegan and vegetarian items. I really appreciated the time and care he took to let us know what was in each dish and how anything could be tailored to our individual tastes and dietary needs. All entrees are customized -- you order from a long list of basic combinations and then choose additional ingredients from another long list. My burrito was hands-down the best I've ever eaten (and I've been eating them for over 50 years) -- cauliflower flash-fried and still fresh and crisp, sweet peppers, mild roasted green chiles, carrots browned on the outside but still fresh and crisp, corn and other fresh vegetables in a perfect tortilla, with beans and rice on the side. It was awesome! My spouse's soy chorizo burrito was amazing too (I tasted it). Funky but pleasant atmosphere. I wish this place were near where I live.

1411 S Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, USA

Lively hot spot and a bargain at Happy Hour!

29 Dec 2015

A high-energy island of vegan-friendly cool in an unlikely, quiet neighborhood. Guided there by HappyCow, my spouse and I were pleasantly surprised to find an extremely popular local hotspot. We like a great many of the quiet places HappyCow has led us to, but very few if any have had the youthful energy of Tap 42. To top it off, for happy hour two of the burgers -- one of them a very tasty falafel veggie burger with roasted red pepper tzatziki -- were only $5, and all six vegetarian or vegan side dishes were only $1. We both enjoyed the falafel burger and two of the generously portioned and flavorful sides, sweet potato fries with three sauces on the side and fried brown rice with scallions, ginger, toasted sesame and edamame. Best vegan fried rice I've ever had. The craft draft beers were awesome, too -- for us who are dark beer aficionados, the Southern Tier Choko and the Sierra Nevada Narwhal were out of this world. Besides the outstanding food and drink, it was great fun watching and interacting with the friendly, helpful and very attractive bar staff (we ate at the bar to shortcut the 45-minute wait for a table) and the friendly and amazingly attractive fellow clientele. The music was great, too, although a bit hard to hear at times in the high-energy ambiance. Not the place to go if you want a quiet dinner experience but can hardly be beat if you're in the mood to enjoy an upbeat, friendly crowd. Hours: Mon-Fri, 11:30am-12am, Saturday, 11:00am-12am, Sunday, 11:00am-11pm. Imaginative and tasty-sounding menu items for fish and fowl "vegetarians," too.

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