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292 Kamehameha Ave, Hilo, USA

Great tasting food

24 Feb 2008

Despite the fact that this is in a cafe setting with limited seating, the food is good although not served quickly if you are in a hurry. We enjoyed a vegan meal here with lots of choice and then ordered a sandwich to go for later. The staff were very accomodating in a rushed atmosphere.

West Bay Rd, Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

Ate at Agua twice

27 Jan 2013

This was a great find and we enjoyed the food and atmosphere. It is great to be offered a separate vegan menu. I had the Vegan Stir Fry and while it sounds ordinary it had an excellent taste. The second visit, I had the Penne Primevera and it had an excellent sauce. I found it interesting that the staff remembered us from our first visit. The restaurant was a short walk from our hotel - The Comfort Suites.

58 Serangoon Rd, Central Singapore, Singapore

Inexpensive and easy to find

19 Nov 2013

Get off the MRT at Little India and a short walk to the end of Buffalo Road will take you to the Ananda Bhavan. It is very much a cafeteria style restaurant; place your order at the window and you are given an order number plate to place on your table. I was lucky enough to be helped by one of the employees to make sure what I ordered was vegan. The meal was fine and not expensive.

1112 S Oceashore Blvd, Flagler Beach, USA

Good lunch spot

01 Feb 2015

We stopped here for lunch during our bike ride. Every vegan item was clearly marked. The black bean burger hit spot and the side of Thai peanut slaw was a nice compliment to the burger. It was nice to have lunch at a restaurant that had a vegan dessert.

42 Drury Street, Dublin, Ireland

All about takeout

03 Nov 2012

Purchased food here on two occasions but despite a great salad bar, there was no place to sit and eat. The first time, I took food back to my hotel room and the second time we purchased food to take on our way out of the city. We ate it as lunch on route.
The food was great and while it was difficult to find, it was great to have it available.

187 9th Ave, New York City, USA

We all enjoyed that meal big time

25 Jun 2015

It would be difficult to say anything negative about this eating experience. There were four of us and we all ordered something different and there were many choices. One of us has a nut allergy and it was good to see the nut free items marked. Despite the large bill, we left feeling it was all worth the great food adventure.

128 Church St, Moncton, Canada

Continues To Get Better

07 Aug 2014

Over the last decade, I have always eaten at the Calactus when travelling through Moncton. The food is always better every time we eat there and it was great to start with. This time, I had the soup of the day, the burger and cheesecake for dessert. Today, there was a line waiting to be seated so the word appears to be out. The place has a nice atmosphere, friendly staff and large portions.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday August 06, 2014

145 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec, Canada

Finding something vegan to eat

11 Sep 2013

Quebec City is a very nice city to visit but don't come for the vegan food. We enjoyed the beer, service and atmosphere of Chez Victor but there was only one item on the menu to order. I had the tofu with lettuce, tomato, and fried portobello mushrooms and onions without the bun which is made with dried milk powder. This order comes with lots of fries, too many really, which were very good. We left full and were pleased that we had found some place to eat within walking distance of our hotel.

1347 NW Highway 101, Lincoln City, USA

. . . and now for something completely different

12 Nov 2008

We found Lincoln City uninteresting but Aunt Mary's was interesting. The restaurant was not busy and Aunt Mary (I assumed) was very friendly and the sandwiches and beer were good. I suppose one could argue that sex and food don't mix but we just wanted to eat so it made little difference to us. Much ado about nothing me thinks.

321 Main St, Bar Harbor, USA

A Bar Harbor treat

02 Sep 2013

We were very pleased with this restaurant; great tasting and well presented food. I decided to make a reservation before we left for Bar Harbor and although the restaurant was busy, it was not overly busy. We split the appetizer - the Fried Korean Cauliflower -excellent. For the main, I had the Grilled Seitan Steak which I enjoyed. They have a good selection of beers and the local one we had was very good. Cheesecake and coffee finished off the meal. It was unfortunate they are not open on Sundays since we would have gone there again.

Krossener Str. 16, Berlin-Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany

Go To Goura

24 Aug 2015

From the reviews, I knew the food would be good and I was surprised that it was much better than that. The portions were more than we could finish and all of the differen tastes blended so nicely together. The place is small and they were busy but we did manage find a spot to eat outside. The restaurant is far from where we stayed but worth the effort.

2222 E 13th St, Eugene, USA

It was a good lunch stop

12 Nov 2008

Not being familiar with the university, the cafe was a little difficult to find. The staff were very friendly and accomodating and made some helpful suggestions. We had a tasty and satisfying lunch. We had to wander around a bit to find a decent place to sit while we ate.

611 S 7th Street, Philadelphia, USA

Fine food

20 Dec 2007

While visiting Philadelphia for the marathon we made reservations at Horizons and we were not disappointed. The vegan food, service and atmosphere are all great. You need to eat here.

11 Lebuh China, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Great for lunch

20 Nov 2013

A five minute walk from our hotel, this informal place is a real find. It is bright and appears clean and we enjoyed our vegan lunch. The meal was very inexpensive and starring at the plate (instead of weighing it) to determine the cost was amusing. That concept would not fly in Canada.
The friendly person running the place hoped we would return and pointed out the chart on the wall which showed which soups would be available on which days.

1016 Kapahulu Ave Ste 180, Honolulu, USA

An out of the way find

24 Feb 2008

This was a pleasant vegan meal although a little on the spicy side but that suited me. The food was different and interesting and the server very pleasant. We had to go out to get our own wine but it was only across the courtyard.

75-1027 Henry St Ste 105, Kailua Kona, USA

Good take out choice

24 Feb 2008

If you are looking for a vegan sandwich then this is a good choice and actually the only choice in the area.

953 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, Canada

Mixed reviews

26 Aug 2010

Four of us ventured in to eat at the Loving Hut. The atmosphere was good except for the TV pronouncing the master's message. My food was very good; I had the Thai Spicy soup, Loving BBQ and finished off with carrot cake. On the other hand, my wife had the Pad Thai and it was not great - I had a taste. The other two thought their food was ok. I think I am the only one of the four of us who would promote this as a place to go. It would appear that your opinion might be shaped by what you order.

1657 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, USA

Great taste

31 Jan 2013

We ate at a maoz in London, England quite some time ago and thought it was very good. So we knew what to expect when we ate at the Maoz in South Beach. We ate there on two occasions. The first time we had the Falafel Sandwich with fries. The second night, we had the Falafel Salad Bowel. It was all very good although the seating was very limited and the fast food atmosphere promoted eating quickly.

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