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68 Masonic St, Northampton, USA

Stale '70's taste

We've been there three times with hopes that each time would be better. However, the veggie protein had a stale '70's taste that one always remembers (Veggie from '75-'06. Vegan now). The third visit was to get some take-out food, which they declined to do. The waitress would have gotten a nice tip. Now, we don't got there anymore.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday July 20, 2011

18 Main St, Northampton, USA

Chinese Food with tofu

We ate there on a Thurs night in June. At 6 pm it should have been packed with people. In an hour's time there were only six people there!
They had been open already for 7 weeks. With fairly high prices and only tofu for a protein source, it looks like the local veggie crowd goes elsewhere. We've found better quality for less $ in the area. Portion size is less than average. You won't have any left to take home. Waiter & waitress had hard time understanding English!

59 Maple St, East Longmeadow, USA


The Jack Chen Chinese Restaurant has Asian Vegetarian Cuisine dinners which come with more texturized veggie soy protein than any other Chinese restaurant we've been to in the USA! You can eat there or get take-out. We've tried all ten of the entrees on their Pan Asian Vegetarian menu. Our favorite is the newest one, which isn't listed except on the wall at the restaurant: Vegan Pad Thai with vegetables. They will make it just the way we like it with low oil, no added salt and less spice. They do not use msg! You can have the veggie Chick-N or veggie beeef substituted in any entree on the menu. Another favorite is V8 with Basil, veggies & soy protein in a delicious sauce. It comes with white or brown (medium grain) rice. They also use separate knives/spoons for vegetarian/vegan items. There have been a number of times when we've been from 10 to 23 miles away and close to other Asian restaurants. However, because of the quality and great service at Jack Chen of East Longmeadow, we've gone out of our way for their food. They are easy to find--next to Dunkin Donuts and are about 500 ft from the town center & Rt 83.

213 Hester St, New York City, USA

may wah

The four large bags of veggie meat we got ($155.00) turned out to be high in an oily fat. The Vege Pepper Steak has 735 mg of sodium per piece (3" x 2" or 165 grams/5.75 oz). They state it as 245 mg per 1/3 piece. Rarely does one find a USA made veggie tv dinner (10+/- oz) or a burger with so much sodium. Having bought low-sodium, dried soy protein chunks, we know that sodium isn't high in the plant. Although, food processors often claim it is. There is 11 grams of protein in a piece. The label does not state that oil is added, which we believe to be a labeling law violation. We found the only way to lower the fat was to boil the mock meat and pour off what oil we could. There will always be more oil left in them. Mah Wah's veggie meats are unlike the texturized soy protein made in America. There is much more of a fiberous texture. Often the meats look like tofu skin was compressed into a shape.

10107 Main St, Bothell, USA


Our party of four found the restaurant packed at dinner time. Pen Thai is one of the best Thai restaurants in the USA. The  atmosphere and seats are nice, although with dozens of people talking, it was a bit loud (likely due to alcohol).  Even for vegetarians one will be very pleased with the food. Click on their website menu and scroll down to the Vegetarian section with about 40 veggie selections. By skipping the usual egg whites, you can make your meal vegan. Always request in any Asian restaurant "no fish sauce"!  Only tofu is listed on the menu. However, if you want texturized soy protein rather than tofu, request the Chick-N soy protein or other mock meats.  We also ask that food preparation knives & serving spoons be washed for us wherever we go. No one ever refuses as they want our repeat business and tips!  One of us also requested no added salt, less spice & oil. The meal was perfect! It was so good, two of went back the next day for lunch. Again we we impressed. And, both times there was enough left over for take home containers. {Note: At any restaurant always put your leftover meal in the container yourself...no mis-steaks that way...pun intended!}  

2 Bridge St, Northampton, USA


The Vegetarian Pad Thai entree is very good. Lunch version is $6.95. Dinner: $10.55 (which we had two of). For a vegetarian or vegan at dinner, the Pad Thai is your only option. And, you must request that it be with "No Fish Sauce"! Even if you just request vegetarian with "no egg whites," they include the fish sauce! Tofu is all they offer for protein (other than the crushed peanut topping). Unfortunately, vegetarians & vegans get the shaft when it comes to protein in Asian restaurants. Meat eaters get a lot of protein in quantity; Veggie eaters get much less & cheap tofu. They wouldn't even consider offering texturized soy protein chunks. Fortunately, the Thai Garden included more tofu chunks than their competition 1/4 mile away. Also, their meal is much better than the competition. We requested less salt, oil, and spice. It was fine. We've eaten there twice and will return. It has a nice atmosphere, ambiance, comfortable seats, and background music. They do serve wines and beers. Waitresses were nice and attentive. At dinner the tables have tablecloths and the napkins are cloth. Parking on-street is free after 6 pm in Northampton. Otherwise, it is 75¢ per hour.

8393 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, USA


We discovered Vegan Glory in West Hollywood in 2009 when staying nearby. On every trip to LA, we eat at Vegan Glory. We were so impressed that when my wife & I got married in Dec. 2010, we paid them to bring their delicious Thai food to the banquet hall in Glendale. Although we were the only vegans there, all the meat eaters liked the food we selected from the menu. We purposely ordered extra food so they could fill the take-home containers we purchased for the event. One suggestion on catered selections...don't order soup, as it won't go as well and what is left over will spill in the trunk on those LA hills, unless you have it in a soup pot.

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