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44 Cloth Fair, London, England

Amico Blanco

16 Jun 2010

Fantastic place! Wonderful fresh ingredients and imaginative menu. The mozzarella is to die for. I was sorry to see its predecessor go, but not remotely sorry to find a new vegetarian haven. Very friendly owner. Wonderful.

48 Eastcastle St, London, England

Ethos... not at all disappointed

05 Jan 2015

I was very excited to hear that this had opened, especially in the touristy, good-food desert that is the Oxford circus area. Ok my expectations of vegetarian restaurants are generally not that high, but I thought the food here was delicious. It was simple, unpretentious (unlike so many vegetarian restaurants where if you forget what you ordered, it's often hard to tell just by looking at it or even tasting it what it is)and of good-high quality. I was genuinely thrilled to have a choice, let alone so much choice. I did wonder if having food from different regions of the world together would work, but nothing on my mixed plate jarred. Yes, it was quite expensive, and yes the music was awful (but that's just a reflection of my taste, and it wasn't horribly loud.) but I shall definitely be going back, hopefully in the near future.

18 rue Cardinal Lemoine, Paris, France

healthy feeling, generously portioned food

03 Jul 2013

My husband and I ate here last Saturday (29th July, 2013). What I ate quite old style, rather 'worthy'/healthy vegetarian food, but nonetheless good. I started with gazpacho, which was absolutely delicious, and was served with lovely brown bread. To follow I had vegetable couscous, which contained some kind of meat-free sausage. I am not sure if it was tofu or seitan. It was satisfying and very filling, if not terribly sophisticated. To be honest, I wouldn't serve such a thing to guests, were I having people round for dinner. But that's kind of beside the point. It is always a relief to have something besides pizza and omelette when in France!

Am Graf-Adolf-Platz 6, Dusseldorf, Germany

Sattgrun Dusseldorf

28 May 2014

This is an vegetarian oasis in a meat eating city. Well perhaps that's a bit unfair, but it was lovely not to have to worry about whether I could eat something or not (as always.) It's very meat substitute orientated, which hit the spot on the occasion I visited. Very reasonably priced. Will definitely be going back next time I am in Dusseldorf.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday May 28, 2014

1 Shubbery Road, Streatham, London, UK, South West London, England

Whole Meal Cafe

28 May 2014

Very reasonably priced friendly cafe with delicious, healthy comfort food.

17-18 Tooks Court, London, England

Vanilla Black

09 Feb 2012

There are a lot of negative reviews here which do not reflect my experience of the place (I have been twice.) Yes it is expensive, but they are hardly opffering mushroom risotto and goats cheese tart here. I thought the food was delicious, and refreshingly different without being unidentifiable as the offerings of some vegetarian restaurants seem to be. The service was impeccable. I am very happy to be able to go somewhere upmarket for a change, as few of the more well-known 'posh' restaurants in London cater satisfactorily for vegetarians.

19 Sydenham Rd, Lewisham, South East London, England

Wonderful Well Being!

03 Jul 2013

This is my local health food shop, and it's a gem. They stock all sorts of ingredients that one cannot find readily elsewhere (sauces, condiments et.), have and extensive stock of vitamins and supplements. Also a well-stocked selection of chilled and frozen meat and cheese alternatives, plus fresh bread, cheese etc.
Friendly, knowledgable staff. I wish they were open on Sundays, but I can't begrduge them a day off!

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