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310 Wood St, Whitehorse, Canada


08 Jul 2013

I was always impressed with the selection of cruelty free vegan products. Service was good. Prices not bad for type of store.

2 Ochterloney Street, Dartmouth, Canada


14 Mar 2015

Edit: Vendors change so often but usually you can find something special.

It's an okay market, wish there were more specialty vegan products offered. Lots of fresh produce and bread though.
Also "In the Raw" makes fresh almond milk which is delicious.
And they always have live entertainment.

Updated from previous review on Saturday April 26, 2014

411 Alexander St, Whitehorse, Canada


25 Jun 2016

I lived in the Yukon for 5 years and was vegan for 2 of those years and vegetarian the whole time and only visited Alpine Bakery a handful of times and purchased something twice. The prices were extremely high, even for being in the Yukon. I had a piece of raw cheesecake one time and that was good but nothing special for the cost and also had a vegan slice of pizza and it was again okay, nothing special. I think it is far more economical to make your own items but it's still nice Whitehorse has a place that offers vegan/vegetarian food.

6139 Quinpool, Halifax, Canada

Good Selections

09 Jan 2015

I finally got to this Superstore location last weekend. My first impression was that it's definitely one of the best Superstore's as far as vegan options go.

You walk right in to the natural food section. I love that the natural food and international food aisles are in one big area together. You can basically do most of your shopping without going anywhere else in the store. I love that you can completely avoid the meat section in this store too.

They had a good selection of everything vegan really but particularly happy with their frozen section as they offer a few different Gardein products other places don't have and they are also much cheaper here as well.

It was worth the bus trip and frigid temperatures.

21 Davidson Dr, Bridgewater, Canada

Natural Foods

22 Jun 2013

This location is a good size natural foods selection which is very helpful for vegans as Bridgewater itself is not overly vegan-friendly. Offers some great specialty items like vegan pudding and Gardein.

108-100 Main St, Whitehorse, Canada

Vegan Muffins

19 Aug 2013

Baked Cafe is an intimate little coffee shop that offers a lot of vegans. They have daily soups and sandwiches that are often vegan-friendly and always has a selection of vegan muffins, which are delicious. I like atmosphere and service but it's often times crowded and noisy.

Pearson Airport, Toronto, Canada

It's the airport...

14 Jun 2016

In this wing of the airport there's not a lot to choose from when it comes to vegan options. I got a hummus platter at Bar 120 that had pita, cucumber and peppers. They also have fresh fruit trays, macro bars, K's NRG bars (which I believe is a local company) and a couple other grab and go snacks. Airport food is expensive and this wasn't really an exception. Choices are limited so better than nothing.

I did not see a vegan wrap though as written in description.

4161 4th ave, Whitehorse, Canada

Cute spot with good falafels

14 Jun 2016

I am giving it 5 stars for service, atmosphere and food quality. The selection for vegans is limited but the falafels are pretty tasty and filling. They offer hummus and siracha for vegan sauces. Was hoping for tahini but it was still yummy with just the hummus.

The decor is nice and fits well with the Yukon. Everyone working was really nice. Price is a bit high but low compared to most restaurants here.

There's also a beautiful patio for outside dining. A+

84 Portland St, Dartmouth, Canada


02 Aug 2014

I actually had fairly low expectations going in here as I had heard it was extremely expensive and the food was just okay. It's a cozy little eat-in or take out bakery/cafe. The menu is small but still has lots of options for vegans. The gentleman working was really friendly and was happy to tell us the vegan products they offer. The menu includes a seitan sandwich and lentil burger, as well as other items more for breakfast as well. All their baked goods are also vegan and they offer both soy and almond milk for coffee drinks.

We both ordered a seitan sandwich, which does normally come with mayo and honey mustard, so he made it without and added dijon instead. We also ordered a chocolate chip cookie and a oatmeal raisin cookie, 2 organic root beers and a bag of hot cross buns. We were actually really happy with the total amount of the meal. It's also nice because tax is included in all the prices so their no guessing games.

The food was tasty and I definitely will be back to try some other products they sell.

5228 Blowers Street, Halifax, Canada

Vegan love

21 Jun 2015

What a lovely space Blue Apples has. Such a nice vibe and with the incense burning also a lovely smell. They have a wall with shelves of herbs and alike, a fridge full of delicious vegan food and treats from enVie and In The Raw and also offer tea. Great spot to get some goodies to take out or eat in. The owners are very sweet and helpful. I highly recommend this new vegan spot!

6169 Quninpool Rd, Halifax, Canada

Awesome pizza!

14 Jun 2014

Even though this place is pretty cramped, the service and pizza is incredible! The waiter we had was awesome, friendly and can I say, has an amazing memory with the complicated orders we made and he got it all right! The pizza was delicious and I love that they offer a vegan cheese option. Fresh veggies, unique toppings, delicious all around. The atmosphere is great despite the cramped areas (it was packed in there today so I can forgive them). The prices are even really reasonable for a gourmet pizza place. I will definitely be back for more!

128 Church St, Moncton, Canada

My New Favourite!

23 Jun 2013

So this is probably my new favourite restaurant I have ever been to for vegan cuisine. The atmosphere is really nice, I love the decor and how warm and cheery it feels. The service was prompt and friendly and the food is to die for. My husband and I, being vegan, ordered all the options veganized since this is something they offer. I believe almost everything on the menu can be made vegan. We started with a banana chocolate shake, followed by the Texan nachos and finishing with a big marc burger. Everything was incredible and as I said, probably the best vegan food I have ever eaten. Definitely will be back.

1496 Lower Water St, Halifax, Canada

Great Vegan Options

27 Sep 2015

I was randomly walking through the Historic Market, my husband and I like to look at menus and scope out places to see if anything is vegan. They had a good size vegetarian menu so we decided to ask. The server was fantastic and pointed out that almost everything in that section can be made vegan except the egg foo yong and chow mein noodles (there may be one more but I can't recall). Their veggie spring rolls are also vegan-friendly.

The portion sizes are massive and prices are very good. The food was delicious, quick to come out and well worth the money. We got 3 big dishes of food to share between 3 people and it was more than enough. We actually had leftovers which fed the 3 of us again today.

The dining room is nothing fancy but I love Asian music playing and some of the decor. The waitress was sweet and accommodating and we will definitely return.

530 Portland Street, Dartmouth, Canada

Nice Cafe

22 Aug 2013

Cafe Brea is a very nice little cafe with a great atmosphere. It's very comfortable and nicely decorated. The lady working was also very nice. They offer almond milk which is wonderful and have a few edible options for vegans as well. I got an oatcake and chai latte with almond milk and my husband got a pakora with mango chutney and a double espresso with almond milk. I really enjoyed my chai latte and the oatcake was good as well. However, my husband said the espresso tasted a bit burnt so wasn't all that impressed with that but the pakora was good.

It would be nice to see Cafe Brea bring in more vegan-friendly baked goods though as while several are dairy-free, all but the oatcake have eggs. I am still very happy almond milk is a choice and that something to eat can still be had.

Overall, a nice comfortable cafe with great service.

6024 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, Canada


11 May 2014

Cherryberry is light, colourful, cute and great on the eyes. It's a happy place to walk into. They have 2 sorbet flavours that are vegan-friendly and a huge selection of fruit and other vegan options for toppings. The sorbet I got, raspberry and blueberry pomegranate, was delicious and the prices are fairly reasonable too.

251 St-George St Unit 1, Moncton, Canada


30 Nov 2015

First off, we didn't eat at the actual sushi bar, just went in to check out the market area which had a very poor selection for vegans. I am not sure if the bar area has more but I didn't don't recommend the shopping area for vegan folks, besides some produce and a couple little things, it was mostly cheese and meat.

158a Portland St, Dartmouth, Canada

Dartmouth love

05 Jan 2016

Guess who's gone vegetarian?! That's right Food Noise and Tanessa herself. Almost everything is also vegan!

Ventured down to Food Noise's storefront today. I met her previously at one of the foodtruck parties and was so excited that she offers vegan options. The storefront is small but very cute. She sells not only her own food but products from Blue Apples and a couple other local companies. Both the lady working there and owner are very nice and helpful. The owner even gave us a mini muffin to try when she pulled them out of the oven. I am just so thrilled to have another business in Dartmouth that offers vegan food!
Updated from previous review on Wednesday September 16, 2015

436 Richards Street, Vancouver, Canada


28 Feb 2012

So, I'm not a raw vegan, I don't plan to be but my husband and I decided to try this raw vegan restaurant on a whim. Walking in I get the overwhelming vibe or pretension. It's a very small restaurant with limited seating in a basement building. It felt dark, crowded and unwelcoming. We ordered something that sounded somewhat appetizing. Neither of us were impressed with our dishes nor the service.

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