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3-8-9, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Great Pancakes!

16 Oct 2014

The location is slightly different than on the map. It is located on the main street directly at the metro exit C5.
A place with quite some guests. Great salad and amazing pancakes.

130 E 7th St, New York City, USA

Best experience in NYC

20 Mar 2016

The perfect place to go out. Every meal is served seperately so you get the right amount of time to try out everything together. The meals are very good, especially the presentation but also taste-wise. The price is higher of course, but still OK regarding the experience. We especially liked the juice with champaign. The kitchen is open so you can see most of the preparation as well. The only downside was the strong smell of the kitchen that stays in the clothing.

Winterfeldtstr. 37, Nollendorplatz U-bahn, Berlin-Schaneberg, Berlin, Germany

Good and nice

09 Sep 2010

Just a small falafel point, no toilets whatsoever, but tasty falafels and most things are vegan. Very friendly, food is good.

89-1 Sanjo-dori, Ohashi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan

Delicious Food, Worth Coming Back!

12 Oct 2014

The location is very central. The location on the HappyCow map was not too acurate though. There is a sign now however, so you should be able to find it.

The food was delicious. It was special also with yummie vegan cheeses.

The staff was very friendly.

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

Never again!

09 Sep 2010

We were there at 12 o'clock, when the restaurant was supposed to open. At 5 past 12 we knocked at the door and a woman opened to tell us that it will take a little longer because the service was not there yet. She locked the door again and we waited in the cold and rainy weather. At 10 past 12 a woman came, we greeted her and wanted to tell her we also had to wait. She only replied with "I work here", blocked the communication we wanted to start, ignored our talking and went in, closing and locking the door behind her again. No sorry whatsoever. At 20 past 12 we decided to leave...
Never before have we been treated this unfriendly at any restaurant. Never again!

Barnabitengasse 6, Vienna, Austria

My favourite place in whole Austria!

04 Nov 2011

We went to Vienna some years ago and wanted to visit all veggie restaurants there. We ended up going to the Formosa every day, simply because it's that good. They have lots of meat-like dishes and a fantastic potato salad. Plus the staff is friendly. This is one of our favourite places ever.

Sihlstrasse 28, Zurich, Switzerland

Must Go in Zurich

25 Oct 2014

I live in Zurich since some years. Thanks to the big and great buffet I go here several times a week.

The Buffet is great, the ambiance is nice. This is a place to take your omnivore friends to as well.

One of the best places in Zurich.
If you eat one kilogram (57 Fr.) you can go for all-you-can-eat (you don't pay more than 1 kg).

21-5, Sugigamachi, Nara, Japan

A Must-Go if you are near Nara!

12 Oct 2014

This has been one of the best experiences in Japan. The food is excellent! You can also take some with you which we did. The owner is a lovely lady which can speak English. We spent quite some time talking to her and her husband that joined as well later. She even drove us to the temple afterwoods!
Definitely a big recommendation.

8-2 Kanda Neribeicho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Excellent food

07 Oct 2014

Excellent zen food. Definitely a recommendation if you are in Tokyo.

Wilhelmstr. 77, Berlin, Germany

Almost vegan, tasty, very friendly

10 Sep 2010

The food is good, the ambiente very nice and the waiter was extremely friendly and talkative.
Most things are vegan and there are lots of things on the card, the rest can be made vegan.
Very nice, we would eat there again if close to the Brandenburger Tor.

Langstrasse 231, Zurich, Switzerland

My favourite place in Zurich

12 Sep 2010

We live in Zurich and so we know well the different places here. The Samses is our favourite place. The food is good, the staff friendly, prices are good. Sadly there is no completely vegan place in Zurich (at least no regular restaurant), but the vegan options are clearly marked at the Samses and at the buffet you can always ask the staff.

LUZ Jiyugaoka Building 1F, Tokyo, Meguro-ku, Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan

One of the best in Tokyo

16 Oct 2014

The location on the Happycow map is not correct. It is one block further away.
The food is excellent! Completely vegan except for honey (declaration on card). Style is western / chinese.
Creamy salad and mayo chicken were our favourites.

Tokyo Station, 1F, Keiyo Street, Tokyo, Japan

Tasty Ramen in Tokyo Station

16 Oct 2014

Good food in a convenient location. Menu varies: From 7 to 11 and from 11 to 23. We also loved T's Restaurant (other place a little more outside).

100 Maiden Ln, New York City, USA

Awesome fast food!

21 Mar 2016

The best fast food I had in NYC!

Loved the Southwestern Chicken Melt! That was the best sandwich I had in a very long time.

685 3rd Ave, Manhattan, New York City, USA

Awesome fast food!

21 Mar 2016

The best fast food I had in NYC!

Loved the Southwestern Chicken Melt! That was the best sandwich I had in a very long time.

67-7 Kitashirakawa Oiwakecho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan

Good Food, Friendly Staff

09 Oct 2014

A nice mix between Japanese and western food. Great variety of special beverages. Very friendly staff, they even gave us an umbrella since it was raining. Card is im English also and English can be spoken, especially by the owners.
Definitely a recommendation.

Nishikiinokuma-cho 537, Nakagyoku, Kyoto, Japan

A Must-Go if you are in Kyoto!

12 Oct 2014

A small restaurant with a great owner. We visited quite some vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Kyoto and they were all great. This is the only one we came back to on another day.

Sadly it does not get the attention it should. We were the only customers here both times.

The food is great. The portions are quite small as usual for Japan. The owner is a lovely man who does all on its own. The food is fast-food style but fresh.

Lychener Strasse 63, Berlin, Germany

Good food, friendly staff

09 Sep 2010

We went there two times. They have a lot of different burger options and as well pizza, gyros, fries, salad, sweets etc.
The food is delicious and is served fast. The staff is very friendly and talkative if spoken to. I would definitely go there again and recommend the place. The best place we have been in Berlin so far.

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